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I make videos.

New Warehouse
New Warehouse - 17 timer siden
WTF madicines from trash is not good. And she just took the advantage of a persons kindness and stole something you could do better stuff than this to save tons of money
Enclave Remnants
Enclave Remnants - 17 timer siden
That’s not a “classic” American family lol
Bruh - 17 timer siden
sync your shit
rey parra
rey parra - 17 timer siden
hey felix whats the art style for your tattoo that you showed in the video. i really like it
Justin Byers
Justin Byers - 17 timer siden
Wow setup looks dope
ブラックショッカー - 17 timer siden
RaioG_amerNOOB - 17 timer siden
no se ingles :v
Nicky U
Nicky U - 17 timer siden
He said minecraft is uncool
Abiageal Hopper-Tracy
Abiageal Hopper-Tracy - 17 timer siden
I know what its like to live cheaply, most of my childhood was spent below the poverty line. This isn't being cheap, this is child abuse.
Melanie F.M. Pack
Melanie F.M. Pack - 17 timer siden
For the coming to take us away display form what is that say take us away the cavity Pegasus blade blade from heart
Samuel Cordero
Samuel Cordero - 17 timer siden
Congrats dude
Dude Random *official* Steel Panther central
Dude Random *official* Steel Panther central - 17 timer siden
My God Pewds, get rid of this ‘co host.’ He’s f’n annoying!
ihatepictures - 17 timer siden
0:00 a legend was born
Faiz Shaikh
Faiz Shaikh - 17 timer siden
Margaux G
Margaux G - 17 timer siden
Melanie F.M. Pack
Melanie F.M. Pack - 17 timer siden
Water seepage after you PewDiePie
Jasmin Kurta
Jasmin Kurta - 17 timer siden
xXTokoyeonXx - 17 timer siden
Love how the first two people out, are the ones I would have picked.
Nya Smith
Nya Smith - 17 timer siden
Hi pewdiepie just subscribed to you. To me idk why but in this video you sounded like DanTDM for some reason
Destiny irus
Destiny irus - 17 timer siden
This feels like an AAA meeting like why Did you get clean” bro
nightwolf6x - 17 timer siden
XD chain
Simplicity - 17 timer siden
we can all agree that this is the best music video of all time
-Frosty Fire-
-Frosty Fire- - 17 timer siden
Hk Dk
Hk Dk - 17 timer siden
Americans have one mis conception every where except eu North America Japan Korea and Saudi are live in poverty.
Crimson Cookie
Crimson Cookie - 17 timer siden
Everyone: you could use a po- Pewds: DOORS
nightmare foxy
nightmare foxy - 17 timer siden
I was 7 when i first watched this
Demon Xoar
Demon Xoar - 17 timer siden
Jag gillar när han säger ut gå
aevenEaststa - 17 timer siden
his mother isn't crying because her son grew up too fast she's crying because she's disappointed that he married a woman who could be his mother.
PollyPissedMyPants - 17 timer siden
i dont understand the gender reveal one at 8:50 help
Romina Ferez
Romina Ferez - 17 timer siden
This is clearly set up, the breast pump?? PFFF, obviously her mom had to have kept hers, IT WAS THE FAMILY HEIRLOOM
Duck__. - 17 timer siden
the babys gonna come out looking like voldemort lol
Budz buddington
Budz buddington - 17 timer siden
one of my all time favorite movies and books.
Ransel Dave Birjuega
Ransel Dave Birjuega - 17 timer siden
POV: You saw this on ur recommendeddddddddddd
Melanie F.M. Pack
Melanie F.M. Pack - 17 timer siden
What does sheepish look in upon you UFO face
はつ。 - 17 timer siden
日本人ですが、こんなに日本を愛してくれてとても嬉しいです!!! I'm Japanese.and I'm glad to see you enjoy JAPAN!!!!!!
Hayley Libretto
Hayley Libretto - 17 timer siden
Zoe and Alfie watching this: 👁👄👁 👁👄👁
ANDREWS DEJESUS - 17 timer siden
i feel shame for them they have a nice house got a nice backyard a they do this : ? xD
Cookie Man
Cookie Man - 17 timer siden
I’m just back because I use to sing this lol
Melanie F.M. Pack
Melanie F.M. Pack - 17 timer siden
Water sheep will never forget that
Faiza Ahmed
Faiza Ahmed - 17 timer siden
if pewdiepie is playing minecraft at 2010 then why did ,minecraft come ot in 2011
Simplicity - 17 timer siden
im looking at this when there are now ssd's in a computer and not a billion hard drives
SHADOW STUD - 17 timer siden
North Bear
North Bear - 17 timer siden
Pewds should actually set up a charity for that girl with the kid tbh!!!!
North Bear
North Bear - 17 timer siden
I feel so sorry for the girl with the kid, I want to give her a hug.
Ele Joss
Ele Joss - 17 timer siden
Woow the likes
Bruno Vázquez
Bruno Vázquez - 17 timer siden
yes sir
Justin Byers
Justin Byers - 17 timer siden
Cheapskates is setup garbage
Tara Munster
Tara Munster - 17 timer siden
9:07 "I think I did it." Made your own milk pump, or gave yourself a hard one? Cause I would be surprised if it was just the later one. ☠️🚿 *PS. Why does their baby room look like Teddy Fresh?*
Isaac Green
Isaac Green - 17 timer siden
I'm late but that ness shirt
BlackAntoITA - 17 timer siden
Honestly this should be an endless series 😂❤️
Shiroko Kurobane
Shiroko Kurobane - 17 timer siden
1:53 everyone and their ancestors felt that
J - 17 timer siden
Nathan - 17 timer siden
I remember when i was like 8 i failed one of those captchas like 3 times in a row and i went to ask my mom to help me do it, WITH TEARS RUNNING DOWN MY FACE. I was crying bc i thought i wasnt human 😂
Jane Fabella
Jane Fabella - 17 timer siden
i dont like paul he's so creepy..............
MildStupidity - 17 timer siden
Bob - 17 timer siden
Was the old lady drinking G-FUEL?
Simona Georgieva
Simona Georgieva - 17 timer siden
Shit I'm 19 and I look like a premature toddler with blue hair
Lewis McNeil
Lewis McNeil - 17 timer siden
Who is watching in 2021
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos - 17 timer siden
011ie0n1nternet - 17 timer siden
Don't want to be the richest person in the graveyard
OBO Da HOBO - 17 timer siden
Who else saw the staircase that led to the portal and was screaming to go down there as he passed it multiple times
DWNunchuckYT - 17 timer siden
Just before covid ! Lol when things were sweet and simple and I had a life
011ie0n1nternet - 17 timer siden
That child will either be driven insane by those parents or will turn out just as bad as them.
Soulless studio
Soulless studio - 17 timer siden
boi hes a inocent person, damm south park knows the black&wite problems
John anims
John anims - 17 timer siden
1:24 hes voice is about to broke lol
Wollyisboring - 17 timer siden
when he said i call this a swedish name i already knew it was going to be bettan vi som är riktiga svennar kallar allt för bettan
NOT created anything
NOT created anything - 17 timer siden
"I L O V E P E W D I P I E"
Element _
Element _ - 17 timer siden
10:13 plants vs zombies
akoozab - 17 timer siden
leaving a comment for historical purposes
Alex Savard
Alex Savard - 17 timer siden
If you don’t think deviled
Bedhead Killerclown
Bedhead Killerclown - 17 timer siden
121 million views
abbeonscreen - 17 timer siden
What is animal super squad
Fakey_lft - 17 timer siden
im hungry
Kindel - 17 timer siden
1:20 makes me wanna kill myself. Its so awkward.
pappa zmurf
pappa zmurf - 17 timer siden
Blue shirt kid is gonna find the cure for covid watch.
Aaron Lachino Ortiz
Aaron Lachino Ortiz - 17 timer siden
feel like he's gonna take another WEEK to play minecraft and fight ender dragon
daveROBS - 17 timer siden
Felix don't end this series please cries
Æłëx Pro
Æłëx Pro - 17 timer siden
AnonimuS 2chef
AnonimuS 2chef - 17 timer siden
Блять, откуда у них столько денег на эту рекламу