97% of people cant tell what this is #82[REDDIT REVIEW]

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Runtime: 11:52


PewDiePie - 3 måneder siden
YouTube confirmed its a bug and no ban. Hoping it'll be fixed soon anyway. Let me know if any other channel experienced it so I can flag it to them as well.
TORI JOHNSON - Måned siden
Trinity GX
Trinity GX - Måned siden
My channel has been bugged for over a year now. Please flag mine to them. Thanks.
Anhad origami channel
Anhad origami channel - Måned siden
Bro you commented
SamiTheCuber - 2 måneder siden
Turkısh Gamer
Turkısh Gamer - 2 måneder siden
10 years ?! What?
Racer_ X_06
Racer_ X_06 - 14 timer siden
felix should run for president and if he does then he would probably be be cuz everyone would vote for hime
Dr Lampshade
Dr Lampshade - 3 dager siden
Love the little anime wow there 👌🏻
Alexander Dück
Alexander Dück - 4 dager siden
That bird animation killed me
Austin - 6 dager siden
10:00 Don't R/wooooosh me, but Lincoln never owned any slaves, and there were no war crimes committed in the Solomon Islands campaign (because it was literally aerial and naval warfare), so Kennedy most likely never committed a war crimes
The Quiet Kid
The Quiet Kid - Dag siden
Jazmyn Stiller
Jazmyn Stiller - 6 dager siden
Hahaha älskarrrrrt
Stefania - 10 dager siden
La bestemmia in italiano è stata la parte più bella del video 🤣
kk 18
kk 18 - 12 dager siden
Me: guys can we pls hit 35 subz pls
Puds: u all know we need to hit 200m
Eveary - 13 dager siden
8:46 is the moment Felix deepthroated his microphone and almost ate it like a corn dog
I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂
SaltaApor - 13 dager siden
this is the cringeiest intro...
SaltaApor - 13 dager siden
i always try to fastforward it but this time it fked me
Kavithma Pahan
Kavithma Pahan - 14 dager siden
Who looking this 2021
adomas klinga
adomas klinga - 15 dager siden
Tou missed a joke subreddit
The Grim-Reaper
The Grim-Reaper - 17 dager siden
pewds you can be the first person to ever have the grim reaper's comment in your video
don't miss out
O1S YT - 16 dager siden
Es Trella's Vidyas
Es Trella's Vidyas - 17 dager siden
I can't stand these XD
Oskar Orr
Oskar Orr - 17 dager siden
Actually (snort) the calculated percentage of people who can (snort) tell what that is is over (snort) 50%
Bruh 69
Bruh 69 - 20 dager siden
7:49 fuck wrong one
Seline - 20 dager siden
Reddit might just be a test to find the npcs
lol lol
lol lol - 22 dager siden
I thot he missed a day
l27v - 24 dager siden
half of these are double wooshes
Devansh Chauhan
Devansh Chauhan - 25 dager siden
These people commenting on the reddit are the literal children of Captain Obvious
Shuba shuba Omae
Shuba shuba Omae - 25 dager siden
5:01 shark has toes
My mind=𝙖
Houseof Behr
Houseof Behr - 26 dager siden
it's like mildly infuriating but funny.
A Human Being
A Human Being - 26 dager siden
insert joke
Three Kings
Three Kings - 26 dager siden
well done great work nice job
AidenTCE - 26 dager siden
I saw that one clip that said "It was elon musk", and I am thinking Wow it really is! That's cool.
jp 2010
jp 2010 - 29 dager siden
dude : camera man be like
other dude : its called a drone
pewdiepie : o thank you 🙏🏽 😀
Leo A
Leo A - Måned siden
This is basically a regular Reddit Review but all the jokes are ruined
Sam? - Måned siden
I feel like xqc would comments something like those comments
Paper Bag
Paper Bag - Måned siden
7:09 it’s in the future that’s why it makes sense
Adryanna Gadberry
Adryanna Gadberry - Måned siden
Wait wasn't there someone that actually cracked the ending of pi at like 60 million/billion (cant remember of the top of my head) digits? Or was that not real or not a thing? I remember discussing it a couple years ago in biology but I may be wrong
Flame_WitherHeart - Måned siden
Of course I don't shower naked, I shower with socks on.
Buttah - Måned siden
Yall got wooshed, the people are doing this on purpose to get into a famous youtuber's dumb comments video
CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
Who is this enber? you are
Monkey Explorer
Monkey Explorer - Måned siden
8:41 nevermind me just setting up the timeline to watch pewds eating his mic over and over again
Lucky13 YTB
Lucky13 YTB - Måned siden
MarkVlogs - Måned siden
I feel like pewds wants to get woooshed
unknown 5
unknown 5 - Måned siden
They broken
Troy509 - Måned siden
now we know that Felix has legs but merely turned his leg genes off.
بروديØ Broodeø
بروديØ Broodeø - Måned siden
سئودي اريبيا
callum innes
callum innes - Måned siden
1:13 it’s actually 19 hours not 17
Laura Rojo
Laura Rojo - Måned siden
Laura Rojo
Laura Rojo - Måned siden
Boo booBooboo boo Boo
Ryan Braunsdorf
Ryan Braunsdorf - Måned siden
So pewdiepies doing clickbait mobile ads now? 97% oF pEoPLe CaNT TelL WHaT ThIs Is!!!!!! :|
659555406 PK IO汁划裙
659555406 PK IO汁划裙 - Måned siden
The sedate fir conjecturally check because car acutely strap through a wrong flare. whimsical, placid soldier
Reagan Noelle
Reagan Noelle - Måned siden
5:14 I just hid myself on reflex jesus pewds
Eve ONeal
Eve ONeal - Måned siden
Psh what kind of name is "PewDiePie" like what? and also ive never heard the word "Whoosh" in my like.. whole life.... stoopid hoomans.
Zamraz Arif
Zamraz Arif - Måned siden
Uhhhh...guys... I don't get the first meme please help...
Subcribe Do it, you won’t
Felix that isn’t how you sit on a chair😂😉
lilypäd once again stars mepp
The thumbnail, the black hole is a cat
Martina - Måned siden
Mai avrei pensato do sentire Pewdiepie bestemmiare
I don’t really Have a name for this channel
Animal crossing characters turn off there digits
DGemanuelBG - Måned siden
DGemanuelBG - Måned siden
The hope is a but hola
DGemanuelBG - Måned siden
Its a but hole
derpy chaos
derpy chaos - Måned siden
i got wooshed
TheGamingGraff - Måned siden
Rip sives ears
Bogus - Måned siden
I shower with my clothes on...
Ace Enterprises
Ace Enterprises - Måned siden
Alternate title: swedish man cringing for 12 minutes.
sadig hmoudy
sadig hmoudy - Måned siden
but it is a cat ??????!!????!!!!!!!
silverDarren - Måned siden
finding a Karen in the comments is like finding a shiny Pokémon
BeanKid - Måned siden
0:23 just got wooooshed by pewds😔😪
itellyou - Måned siden
Русские есть?)
Noob Da King
Noob Da King - Måned siden
When pewds said he hasn't done anything he regrets I instantly thought of when he was at that bridge and said something he should have regretted but NO! PEWDS NEVER REGRETS ANY ACTION HE MAKES 😂
Neeko - Måned siden
My parents took me to the hospital when I ate a bunch of flinstone vitaminswhen I was little..
Gabellaneous_demo - Måned siden
loli FBI
loli FBI - Måned siden
97% of people don't know what that is.
How about that 3%
ONNI R - Måned siden
dinnis danny
dinnis danny - Måned siden
sleeping is the key to time travel when you sleep hours pass seconds it's fester for surgery
Teona Holban
Teona Holban - Måned siden
Is it sad that I got woodshed by the “just turn of ur toes” thing. I’m high as fuck rn
Stacy Pastry
Stacy Pastry - Måned siden
This guy is an idiot. No offense but he's calling out jokes in comments that anyone would get. Find a new career bro
my hand
my hand - Måned siden
What? What do you mean?
Papyrus Undertale
Papyrus Undertale - Måned siden
6:26 you sound like basketballers shoes moving on the ground
Thor Parker
Thor Parker - Måned siden
Abraham Lincoln slave owner? Someone missed history
Ph1LzA - Måned siden
There should be a r/wooosh that's like wooshing a woosh
my hand
my hand - Måned siden
Reversewhoosh? r/ihavereddit?
Its_Ya_Boi_Aco - Måned siden
the bird part had me dead
Samuel Theriac
Samuel Theriac - Måned siden
عبدالله سيار الشمري
كلهم بواعيص
Morgan C.M
Morgan C.M - Måned siden
2:16 Them are not gummies....them are the chalkiest things you'll ever chew in your life.
I've had to take them flintstone iron crap and they were not good 😂
Tu Abuela
Tu Abuela - Måned siden
Lincoln slave owner? The Man ended slavery
jeffrey lewis
jeffrey lewis - Måned siden
pewdiepie has genes for legs, he just turns them off
diana. - Måned siden
felix, the italian part, i-
Roshan Sell
Roshan Sell - Måned siden
Guys why do you say rwoosh. Is that even Inglesh. Learn to speak bros
Morgan C.M
Morgan C.M - Måned siden
I know someone is going to reply to this and get r/whooshed. I see the bait you just set up here 😂.
Zach Carter
Zach Carter - Måned siden
What's the difference.
Cookiecrisp2789 - Måned siden
Sharks have toes?
Dilek Mısırlı
Dilek Mısırlı - Måned siden
Wesley Przybyłowicz
Wesley Przybyłowicz - Måned siden
Ive been to the castle at Sirmione before and ITS A FUCKING PORT BRUH
FoxWorks - Måned siden
Sd Sd
Sd Sd - Måned siden
Ocelia Bell
Ocelia Bell - Måned siden
Pewds asking if those are toes
Him pointing at my arms
I’m confusion
Brittany Kreider
Brittany Kreider - Måned siden
I feel like maybe the comments in /r/woosh are self aware of it and make obvious comments. Or maybe I'm double wooosh. I've never been to it myself.
mr. ducc
mr. ducc - Måned siden
"are those toes?"
*marzia sitting behind the table*: O-O
mr. ducc
mr. ducc - Måned siden
@cyle tampugao food
cyle tampugao
cyle tampugao - Måned siden
What are toes
Ángel Gómez
Ángel Gómez - Måned siden
I just feel like some of these comments weren't put with sarcasm nor malicious intent. For example, I think the Donkey one in Shrek was just someone trying to be polite
Minecraftminer1734 - Måned siden
Diamond Apple
Diamond Apple - Måned siden
3:26 what cat?
my hand
my hand - Måned siden
What cat?
FoxWorks - Måned siden
What cat?
LeoGiaqui :3
LeoGiaqui :3 - Måned siden
Why dont you review r/iamverysmart
Majus Stankevičius 41
Majus Stankevičius 41 - 2 måneder siden
I got membership today
my hand
my hand - Måned siden
Congrats, i can't 😞
FoxWorks - Måned siden
Donut_man360noscope - 2 måneder siden
it is i kakyoin
Donut_man360noscope - 2 måneder siden
AM D - 2 måneder siden
this video is a perfect example of why even redditors consider r/wooosh to be cringy
my hand
my hand - Måned siden
Understandable, have a great day.
AM D - Måned siden
@my hand no because the subreddit is actual cringey and stupid
my hand
my hand - Måned siden
@AM D because the victims broke the fun not gettin the jokueo
AM D - Måned siden
@my hand no the subreddit itself is cringy
my hand
my hand - Måned siden
Yes, so don't get wooooshd
Hairy GT
Hairy GT - 2 måneder siden
This video has so many 4 eye comments
Pål Frambäck
Pål Frambäck - 2 måneder siden
07:11 *pewds gets double-wooshed*
Trollnicx the Stars's son
Trollnicx the Stars's son - 2 måneder siden
Bantablack lol, easy