Among Us Got Talent - Among Us #13

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Runtime: 23:50


Unwanted Commentary
Unwanted Commentary - Dag siden
Alhaiti - 2 dager siden
i love how corpse j ust laughin at pewds's bad puns and jokes lol
Melich Dániel
Melich Dániel - 4 dager siden
Me Me
Me Me - 5 dager siden
ItsPeggyjawsPuppeh - 5 dager siden
13:09 Imagine Corpse crying XD
Miguel Sebastian Bundalian
Miguel Sebastian Bundalian - 5 dager siden
Felix: *puts flute in his nose and then licks it as nothing happened*
ME: cringing out my way out of this video
Citrine Iris
Citrine Iris - 7 dager siden
Everyone gonna ignore all the bodies laying around.
IlaneAnimation - 8 dager siden
What do you think of my 3D Among Us animations? ;)
jy4741 - 8 dager siden
Try playing with 5, it’s more recommended
Poorvika - 9 dager siden
Pewds and jack: think Jaden is camping the hallway
Also pewds and jack: AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pewds: (Joel) you have to take one for the team
Joel:*intense breath in * AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!
Batya Hey
Batya Hey - 10 dager siden
Фловер [Zloy] メ
Фловер [Zloy] メ - 10 dager siden
In not its dehausonbat😂😂😂
Jarnail Singh
Jarnail Singh - 11 dager siden
Kemari Plummer
Kemari Plummer - 11 dager siden
thats racist( I love ur vids!
Boozy Beauty
Boozy Beauty - 12 dager siden
Dave is such a cut throat judge
Banana - 13 dager siden
0:53 orange standing with a dead body in the right corner 🤨
Akhmad Nurliyanto
Akhmad Nurliyanto - 13 dager siden
Pudidi kontio
Akhmad Nurliyanto
Akhmad Nurliyanto - 13 dager siden
Woy pudidi
The Shroomfruit Channel
The Shroomfruit Channel - 13 dager siden
When you hear the recorder you know that all hope is lost.
Niamh Smith
Niamh Smith - 14 dager siden
Cait Ni Chinneide
Cait Ni Chinneide - 16 dager siden
Pewds; Irish people look like potatoes
Us: How does he know our secret!!!??
Sophia Ysou
Sophia Ysou - 16 dager siden
Kassidy Weller
Kassidy Weller - 16 dager siden
theyre hysterical the fact that corpse was killing them for not knowing his lyrics is killing me
Poorvika - 9 dager siden
I mean not knowing corpse's lyrics is a killable crime 😂😂
Siri Lernberger
Siri Lernberger - 17 dager siden
kan du göra en video som du bara pratar svenska snälla
THE VG ERA - 17 dager siden
this was the best among us video after mrbeast simping for pewds ....
Davino Vlog
Davino Vlog - 17 dager siden
Awasome games
Pro Games
Pro Games - 18 dager siden
who are you most of all you love like mom comment dad subscription of all ignore the enemy
TG Gaming
TG Gaming - 18 dager siden
I remember watching this when he was streaming it
rose biltin
rose biltin - 18 dager siden
Joel: dead
Dave: survived bcuz he said he liked corpse's music
Joel mustve been like: itS a liL BIt PiTChY
卐卍 - 19 dager siden
I hate crows
Marielle Navarro
Marielle Navarro - 19 dager siden
ha gotee
Marielle Navarro
Marielle Navarro - 19 dager siden
thanks ppewdipie.
Fret N
Fret N - 19 dager siden
lieutenant bruhify
lieutenant bruhify - 19 dager siden
Spark Gamer
Spark Gamer - 19 dager siden
Spark Gamer
Spark Gamer - 19 dager siden
𝘎𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘷𝘪𝘥𝘪𝘰𝘴
Ciara - 20 dager siden
Im angry cause im irish and felix said we suck and we stink🍀🍀
Devlin Burke
Devlin Burke - 21 dag siden
I'm irish .so your saying I look like a patato😁😁
Lenthel Desmedt
Lenthel Desmedt - 21 dag siden
You could have win if you didn’t play on your stupid flute
Queenbee192 Rose
Queenbee192 Rose - 23 dager siden
I love this lobby a lot
Simon Barrett
Simon Barrett - 23 dager siden
Hi I’m Irish and I’m GOBSHIT
aichan01 - 23 dager siden
I enjoyed this too much xD
polaiswrong - 23 dager siden
yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy
elisa - 23 dager siden
Emer Connolly
Emer Connolly - 24 dager siden
Somrup Chaudhuri
Somrup Chaudhuri - 24 dager siden
0:53 but the dead body?????
BruhYt - 24 dager siden
I luv pewds Because Im actually pewds
jy4741 - 25 dager siden
What made you lost as impostor in 13:29
BANGPIИK - 25 dager siden
Shantanu Shrivastav
Shantanu Shrivastav - 25 dager siden
10:12 did he mentioned saiman says??🤔
Neha Shahas
Neha Shahas - 25 dager siden
18:00 is when Got talent starts.....and Thank you
Mezzz Da
Mezzz Da - 25 dager siden
Imagine having friends like this
TheAdvertisement - 25 dager siden
Honestly Pewds using the recorder to signal his death-brining was hilarious. xD
TheAdvertisement - 25 dager siden
Unpopular opinion but as funny as Imposter Corpse making them recite his lyrics is, those lyrics sounded basic af.
Jason Bates
Jason Bates - 25 dager siden
It would have been nice if mark were there
egroeG - 26 dager siden
Nice video
Alyssa Rodgers
Alyssa Rodgers - 26 dager siden
Is it just me or does that cat scare you ( 3:15 )
Elwa Esberg
Elwa Esberg - 27 dager siden
Corpse music:⛓️⚔️⚰️🔪🦂
Corpse personality:❤️🎉✨😍
Foxy456 - 28 dager siden
Who want to know my secret I’m not telling you
sarah - 28 dager siden
corpses laugh after pewds jokes is adorable yet hilarious at the same time 🤣
oikawadorable - 28 dager siden
felix as el silbón
helia fathi
helia fathi - 29 dager siden
Suns Gaze
Suns Gaze - Måned siden
What is this gamemode
Helen& BLACKPINK - Måned siden
ok ,so the ad is among us, so i actually thought that the video started when I just lay on the bed comfortable I notice ITS A AD !!!!!!!!!!!
Dojanas Värld
Dojanas Värld - Måned siden
Gör en Among us video med Marzia!!!!!!!:)
Imani loves Fun
Imani loves Fun - Måned siden
I still thought he had 99mill
Amélie Troy
Amélie Troy - Måned siden
3:10 how dare you
Gustavo - Måned siden
AidenTCE - Måned siden
I like the title
Three Kings
Three Kings - Måned siden
nice well done good job
Eyuel Yiferu
Eyuel Yiferu - Måned siden
You all skipped the dead body
Conor Goddard
Conor Goddard - Måned siden
We don't stink:(
Conor Goddard
Conor Goddard - Måned siden
I am Irish
Festus Kagoda
Festus Kagoda - Måned siden
Is that jaiden from jaiden animations
Mr Ettawakapow
Mr Ettawakapow - Måned siden
I wonder how many times PJ had to say his bit before y'all won lol
Enes Güngör
Enes Güngör - Måned siden
Türkler belli etsinnnn
Maddox Mason
Maddox Mason - Måned siden
I see why t series has more subs
Anna Rose Arizala
Anna Rose Arizala - Måned siden
This is my favourite lobby. Much funnier 😂
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez - Måned siden
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez - Måned siden
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez - Måned siden
Märta Denward
Märta Denward - Måned siden
That unfair! He is from Gothenburg right? Don’t they know its natural for him to make bad jokes?
AGIRLSVIOCE - Måned siden
I would win so easily if I had to sing corpse lyrics. 😂
ʟʏɴ. - Måned siden
still waiting he play with jae and daph.
Mari Virtanen
Mari Virtanen - Måned siden
Are swedish kids forced to play flute at elementary school? Because finns are
Elton Murati
Elton Murati - Måned siden
Pewds: among us got talent .
Me:britians got talent*
Goldin Lucas Wu 58
Goldin Lucas Wu 58 - Måned siden
Knock knock
Becca Kate
Becca Kate - Måned siden
Pewds: playing recorder through his nose
Also Pewds 5 seconds later: puts recorder straight in mouth to continue playing
D3EMOP - Måned siden
0:26 CocoMelon?
Deeli Song
Deeli Song - Måned siden
ياااعرررب 🤓🤓🤓🤓
Christopher Langan
Christopher Langan - Måned siden
The Great Potato Famine was a terrible atrocity of British rule.
FIO Presents
FIO Presents - Måned siden
Sir Run
Sir Run - Måned siden
कमाल करते हो , पिऊडिपाई जी
Yana S.
Yana S. - Måned siden
Nogla (orange) at 19:42. HAAHHAHAHA. I laugh so hard. T_T
Cosmic Gaming
Cosmic Gaming - Måned siden
13:25 that sounded more like the song of defeat
ısmailcdk enes yeni
ısmailcdk enes yeni - Måned siden
bana abone olun lan
Nirjal Shahi
Nirjal Shahi - Måned siden
Are we gonna ignore the fact Pewds blew the flute through his nose and switched it to his mouth?
Rishab .B
Rishab .B - Måned siden
Bobby baby bobby boopy
Sydney Hansen
Sydney Hansen - Måned siden
Hi how pewdipie just whoops out that flute tho-
Bleebapoop Mlem
Bleebapoop Mlem - Måned siden
13:13 **automatic smile activated**