Big Ed And His 90 Day Wife BROKE UP?!

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Runtime: 19:38


Ashton Kim Facturan
Ashton Kim Facturan - 10 timer siden
If I were Ed, I would bless her like put the back of my hand on her forehead then say "Santo".
Borivoje Djordjevic
Borivoje Djordjevic - 11 timer siden
Why Perry the Platypus showed uo
Gabs_ Lab
Gabs_ Lab - 12 timer siden
Filipino girls always win arguments ( im a filipino )
Mr.Clean'sSlave - 12 timer siden
7:07 cat purrs into mic
Iron Ace
Iron Ace - 12 timer siden
Every time Pew make jokes about Up makes me laugh so hard
Iron Ace
Iron Ace - 12 timer siden
Ed should have Care about her cause even under a roof with 10 rats with a size of Cat she will stay with him but he does not.
I AM ZIM!! - 12 timer siden
She could be with a much better desperate white guy than this t w a t
cris tine
cris tine - 13 timer siden
It hurts but its true... Ed!!! 😂😂😂
Rebecca ‘Scarlet’
Rebecca ‘Scarlet’ - 13 timer siden
ALL THESE ABUSIVE DUDES ARE EXACTLY LIKE MY DAD: 1 complain bout girls dumping them. 2 Say there in love quickly but are also unsure. 3 Continuously say I want to understand you. 4 Are very not straight forward and hide things. 5 Assume people they say they trust are hiding things. 6 Are all dramatic and controlling about every stupid thing. 7 AND 🥁’fine. You think I’m a bad person. I see.’ 8 AND ‘maybe she just needs time...’
Yesir_its_mitch - 13 timer siden
The jojo merchandise 👌
Rebecca ‘Scarlet’
Rebecca ‘Scarlet’ - 13 timer siden
That ‘apology’ he made is my parents EXACTLY. Then when I get mad they get all upset and it’s like bro..... I’m so stressed and you don’t care like........
Block Bro171
Block Bro171 - 13 timer siden
at 8:24 there ia a Perry top left. how do u time stamp lol
Rebecca ‘Scarlet’
Rebecca ‘Scarlet’ - 13 timer siden
I think he was taking the bag away not setting it up
Olivia Maylone
Olivia Maylone - 13 timer siden
Subscribe to Creation 000!!! He’s so coolllll!
Ben Stansbery
Ben Stansbery - 13 timer siden
How is Ed such a wimp
Gabrielle Jackson
Gabrielle Jackson - 13 timer siden
Rose, your intelligent, beautiful and have a big heart. Felix, you also have pure and sharp morals.
Nix - 14 timer siden
The lack of neck just accentuates his shocked Pikachu face.
Damian Pugh
Damian Pugh - 14 timer siden
Lol who saw the duck or whatever from phinis and Ferb at 8:24 in the top left corner
Syazrul Danish
Syazrul Danish - 14 timer siden
why ed does not talk?
Samuel Higuma
Samuel Higuma - 14 timer siden
"she's just in the second floor" hahaha
Garen1 - 14 timer siden
“She’s just on the second floor” lmaoooooo i spat on my ipad
Chanie Chan
Chanie Chan - 14 timer siden
Rose's eyebrows in the thumbnail has more curves than Ed
Stormspark - 14 timer siden
perry at 8:25!
Jonathan R
Jonathan R - 14 timer siden
bruh parry ( i think thats the name) the platypus just whooshin in dere 8:24
Qwerty - 15 timer siden
Just got a cock shaving ad on this vid
1000 subs please Please
1000 subs please Please - 15 timer siden
You know what's cool i went to the same monkey place. I think the Youtuber Ynsa journey has a video going there (I do to)
Robin C
Robin C - 15 timer siden
What is a woman who is so beautiful doing with someone who is ugly and lies to her?
Notorious B.I.G. Chungus
Notorious B.I.G. Chungus - 16 timer siden
Mga pinoy gid
VIP Mike Angelo
VIP Mike Angelo - 16 timer siden
Nakakak cringe pakinggan accent at grammar talaga ng mga pilipino hahaha
Brandon Remillard
Brandon Remillard - 17 timer siden
It sucks because rose is really pretty and kind, and he's being an asshole to her non stop. I don't know what his problem is
Ace - 17 timer siden
well you see, you guys wouldn’t understand bc you havent seen the poor side of he philippines, people will do whatever it takes to get out of that, to get rich. so what im saying is rose actually wanted to marry him but not because she loves him but because she’ll be considered richer.
Valentino Trujillo
Valentino Trujillo - 17 timer siden
Rose made his pockets hurt after taking Ed' s walet
Bradin s
Bradin s - 18 timer siden
Did you set Perry the platypus at 8:25
Noah Hoover
Noah Hoover - 18 timer siden
Ed built like a fat Joe Swanson
Miny Mello
Miny Mello - 18 timer siden
Big ed more like Big SiMp
Liam Milburn
Liam Milburn - 18 timer siden
He's built like a wisdom tooth and I can't unsee it.
Mavmallow - 18 timer siden
For some reason watching a story of this sort unfold with Pewds commenting feels right in many ways...seriousness, humor, judging situations and statements
Jabez garcia
Jabez garcia - 18 timer siden
Rose a real one 💕
Mavmallow - 18 timer siden
*sigh* once again ill say...its sad when love doesnt work between some people and painful...but sometimes might be for the best
Lukas Thomson
Lukas Thomson - 18 timer siden
I feel so bad for Ed for some reason he just seems like a nice guy to me and I got sad when rose left him without saying goodbye :(
Arthur Rigotti
Arthur Rigotti - 18 timer siden
Is that Perry the Platypus at 8:25?
Angel - 19 timer siden
i want to see the ex wife's reaction to this omg
208x5 Youtube
208x5 Youtube - 19 timer siden
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Scotty White
Scotty White - 19 timer siden
"Your sister made me doubt you buy no more" Damn that was low. He really be tryna split families while he's at it.
emsity - 19 timer siden
you alredy are in future
emsity - 19 timer siden
if you want to be a part of mafia you need to be neckless that is how mafia works
Blinko HighHeels
Blinko HighHeels - 19 timer siden
This is mario without a shirt
Dorijan Matić
Dorijan Matić - 19 timer siden
This is so funny, Felix said that the comments are mean to Ed while being mean to him
Mr. Bonker
Mr. Bonker - 20 timer siden
Sometimes I just believe reality tv was invented by Karens to torture us even further
Universal Yims
Universal Yims - 20 timer siden
What next lying about his pp length
Capτin ᴍᴀʀꜱʜᴍᴇʟʟᴏ
She can do way better then no neck Ed to be honest
Potted Plant Entertainment
Potted Plant Entertainment - 20 timer siden
Duru Saka
Duru Saka - 20 timer siden
Plz react to mursel and anna
JAKA GAMES - 20 timer siden
PhantomG - 20 timer siden
raj after hell's kitchen
revolverswitch - 20 timer siden
in all seriousness though, why is he stuck in shrug mode?
its lynn
its lynn - 20 timer siden
hello there pewds im here in phillipines
Alexandra Wagstaff
Alexandra Wagstaff - 20 timer siden
He has the same body as moto moto
Jenna Leigh Turner
Jenna Leigh Turner - 20 timer siden
Shes on the second floor but he cant look up because he has no neck
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips - 21 time siden
This guy be always on stretch resolution
Julie Ruth
Julie Ruth - 22 timer siden
"KILL HER" 😂😂💀
Patriot Ghormley
Patriot Ghormley - 22 timer siden
amber li
amber li - 22 timer siden
big ed just plays victim
João Igor
João Igor - 22 timer siden
Pewdiepie play this game here senran kagura you said you would never live if you don't play it you have to remember
in 2016
Kelly le Roux
Kelly le Roux - 22 timer siden
I would down that champagne bottle, I'd have to be solidly smashed and high in order to be with him
Ocie Scanlan
Ocie Scanlan - 22 timer siden
Angel36930 - 23 timer siden
Rose deserves so much more😑😑😑
Ezequiel Villanueva
Ezequiel Villanueva - 23 timer siden
Clout Attack
Clout Attack - 23 timer siden
Why does ed have to make everything awkward
Leslie McAllister
Leslie McAllister - 23 timer siden
Yah know what, ngl as far as places to get dumped goes, getting dumped at a beautiful resort hotel in the Philippines is not that bad. Like look at those mountains.
E88e LOLXD - Dag siden
8:25 LolXD look at the background LolXD :)
Buff Dude
Buff Dude - Dag siden
Pinnocio: He lies and his nose gets longer
Ed: He lies and his neck gets shorter
alongse sangtam
alongse sangtam - Dag siden
I can't see ed's neck. Can u?
Coke Zeno
Coke Zeno - Dag siden
The sounds she makes.. it's a filipino thing. Trust me.
Just Some Otaku
Just Some Otaku - Dag siden
Ik this video is serious but play this at 2x speed is super funny
Superlightnin - Dag siden
Tbh I don't think it is that shocking that Rose was interesting in taking the relationship further. She is from a very poor country, and clearly doesn't come from a wealthy home.
Many people marry with big age gaps in these sort of places, and Ed whilst not handsome comes across as relatively kind and also wealthy. A stable, overall better homelife with someone who will not beat you is pretty desirable considering the circumstances
Rose got a little boobs but Ed got a toooooo Big boooobs
Ed IS the Real pig
Resortín Rocha
Resortín Rocha - Dag siden
8:25 was that Perry the Platypus?
Gelo Francisco
Gelo Francisco - Dag siden
08:17 My 3am demons visiting my dreams