Cyberpunk - pART 5

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we play the new cyberpunk 2070 game
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Among us with group of peeps this time
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Runtime: 2:52:22


Seven B
Seven B - 9 timer siden
Bruh don’t start the game if ur not gonna finish it this so stupid.
AboFlаh محبين
AboFlаh محبين - 2 dager siden
Are you a cyber bank?
SmoothGamer - 3 dager siden
Nice videos!
Kobu .00
Kobu .00 - 3 dager siden
For Fawx sakes Felix drive normally
God of Gaming
God of Gaming - 4 dager siden
Cyberscam 2077
Akhilan karthikeyan
Akhilan karthikeyan - 5 dager siden
Don't see the 6th part
Giometrical - 8 dager siden
nick - 8 dager siden
“it sucks to be dead doesn’t-“ *dies*
Kaka Arka
Kaka Arka - 9 dager siden
A.K.A LC - 9 dager siden
Why did you change your YouTube picture
Ron Jasper
Ron Jasper - 11 dager siden
Groupe Halawa
Groupe Halawa - 12 dager siden
Peace be upon you. I am from Algeria and I am a content maker with my friends. I hope that Biodebay subscribers subscribe to my channel. Thank you.
King Cobra
King Cobra - 13 dager siden
If you want to bro it out with Keanu go to Pacifica and fix the rollercoaster. You're welcome Felix.
Daniela D
Daniela D - 13 dager siden
too bad he wont continue with this anymore, i was really enjoying it with him. for me it just feels weird watching it with some other gamer...
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr - 5 dager siden
@Jaybadaya The Rock Merchant idk, he hasn’t posted about the game in 3 weeks. Like he hasn’t even mentioned it in a vid, Idk man.
Jaybadaya The Rock Merchant
Jaybadaya The Rock Merchant - 12 dager siden
Is it like confirmed he stopped or will he maybe come back to it
Dat Boi Ulysses
Dat Boi Ulysses - 13 dager siden
The guy from fortnite has a video game???
Teehee186 - 14 dager siden
Why are the views so low? He never gets below 3m views ?
Kendric Laframboise
Kendric Laframboise - 14 dager siden
Subscribe to Eminem vevo
Matthew Seth
Matthew Seth - 14 dager siden
“Who leaves a meal like that?” - Felix 2021 (the second hungriest man alive)
Matthew Seth
Matthew Seth - 14 dager siden
He toned down his “women are bad drivers” joke real quick 😂 nice save lol internet = smol sensitive PP
spongeNUTs - 6 dager siden
Matthew Seth
Matthew Seth - 14 dager siden
*says he likes the rap song as a passive apology for accidental racial remark* lol
Matthew Seth
Matthew Seth - 14 dager siden
Felix good sir, if you’d like a funnier storyline, then you should try the edgy dialogue because the overall story will be the same.
Matthew Seth
Matthew Seth - 14 dager siden
Lol Felix has always been a speed runner
CG GAMER 82 - 14 dager siden
His video with least view is this 1.3million
-cg gamer 82 2021 January
SxmmerPlays - 15 dager siden
Me: Sees Keanu Reeves in thumbnail..
Also me: Remembers Keanu Reeves from Spongebob: Sponge on the Run.
Nathan Holt
Nathan Holt - 15 dager siden
so sad he had to end this stream after accidentally showed his characters PP
Que Te Importa
Que Te Importa - 15 dager siden
How are this the same guys from the witcher?
Pola & Tiger
Pola & Tiger - 15 dager siden
Why do people like this game?
BaseAvatar - 15 dager siden
cyberpunk 2021
nicole baby
nicole baby - 15 dager siden
you really be bringing knives to gun fights
TrV XD - 16 dager siden
Polska gurom polska gra
SkyTzy!!! - 17 dager siden
God is good all the time Jesus is king amen!!!
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr - 5 dager siden
Uhohhotdog Gaming
Uhohhotdog Gaming - 18 dager siden
Why is his game audio always so much quieter than his mic
KapyKaleb - 18 dager siden
Finish the game
Julián Gross
Julián Gross - 18 dager siden
Rajarshi Biswas
Rajarshi Biswas - 19 dager siden
I hope Pewds continues the cyberpunk playthrough some time soon.
F&Y - 19 dager siden
Can you help my channel grow?
Gunny ASMR거니
Gunny ASMR거니 - 19 dager siden
You are handsome
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr - 5 dager siden
Danidu Dameera
Danidu Dameera - 19 dager siden
CyberPunk more like BoringPunk
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr - 5 dager siden
... fantastic
derloo - 20 dager siden
Pewd where are you? Where is YouTube rewind and next cyberpunk part? Crowd is cheering for more!
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr - 5 dager siden
He quit the series
The ultimate creative bros
The ultimate creative bros - 20 dager siden
my name is Nicholas and you?
it's time to sleep my daddy said by
Medo TV
Medo TV - 20 dager siden
Ahmad Syawal
Ahmad Syawal - 21 dag siden
I like love this cyberpunk gameplay cuz pewds never want to be hardcore player but he just play his own style
Sunny #29
Sunny #29 - 21 dag siden
Watching pewds in through the change of decade! 😉
Azmain Bhuiyan
Azmain Bhuiyan - 21 dag siden
2:13:25 he talking about bangladeshis for sure
Coblex - 21 dag siden
45:07. *T post man!!* :D
te diré a don de te puedes suscribir
Sub a Princess V Art
te diré a don de te puedes suscribir
Sub a Princess V Art
te diré a don de te puedes suscribir
Sub a Princess V Art
Arqueiro Verde
Arqueiro Verde - 22 dager siden
@greenarcher8 my Instagram
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald - 22 dager siden
??? - 23 dager siden
GameRoom 55
GameRoom 55 - 23 dager siden
Good video
Jackie - 23 dager siden
Lm7147 - 17 dager siden
___ - 22 dager siden
Gabriel Kean Limon
Gabriel Kean Limon - 23 dager siden
How much gb is that
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming - 24 dager siden
I love Takemuras voice
LiamIsMythical - 24 dager siden
This was my favourite pART
jachuciachu - 24 dager siden
Its Polish game?
kxvtr1 - 24 dager siden
that opening animation is fuckin sick wth
artyfm - 24 dager siden
2:50:20 I think pewds has been watching "Let's Game it Out"
[*SDP] Wiktor
[*SDP] Wiktor - 24 dager siden
To jest polska gra tu są polacy
\ /
Lethargic Moonshifter
Lethargic Moonshifter - 22 dager siden
[insert polish cow meme]
Agung R
Agung R - 24 dager siden
"SUPPORT ME" Please 💖
ALMAKER / FELINE - 25 dager siden
Peace be upon you my beloved. I provide content about games and applications. We wish you to see my channel and I am sure that you will like it and you will subscribe
Multi Sexy
Multi Sexy - 25 dager siden
Light Yagami
Light Yagami - 25 dager siden
That T pose was legendary
stan kidofu
stan kidofu - 25 dager siden
panam really SHOULD ask herself if shes still an avocado!
ALx99 - 26 dager siden
.......aaaaaaand he never played it again
mosquitobight - 3 dager siden
Real life has become too much like cyberpunk, lots of neat gadgets but no real improvement. Not much point in playing a game that's so much like life. At least in Minecraft there's escapism, you can live like a millionaire after a few minutes of digging.
Ed win
Ed win - 3 dager siden
@Ajxx 99 have you played ? You like the game or keanu reeves in it ? For us is just outdated idea with reeves in it.. just like GTA WITH RTX..
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr - 5 dager siden
@Ruta B exactly, I’ll be waiting for the new Star Wars open world to come out by Ubisoft ~ Or GTA6, these are games made by reliable companies
Ruta B
Ruta B - 11 dager siden
@BS GaminG its such a shit game, not just because of graphics or glitches..
Mr. sir
Mr. sir - 12 dager siden
@Jaybadaya The Rock Merchant me to
Three Kings
Three Kings - 26 dager siden
nice well done good job
TEEN ASSASSIN - 26 dager siden
I’m guessing he’s not finishing it?
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr - 5 dager siden
Mr. sir
Mr. sir - 12 dager siden
Just like subnautica
Zero. - 16 dager siden
seems like it
Intheclouds 4319
Intheclouds 4319 - 26 dager siden
Did he not end up beating it?
GamePlanet - 26 dager siden
broo you should try out the bugs that you can see on my channel, would be so funny
Shardul Pandey
Shardul Pandey - 26 dager siden
Anime is parasite
Maulana Winata
Maulana Winata - 27 dager siden
The comments is just absurd. Pewds already mentioned of when he's gone for couple days ya'll just freak out like you have nothing better to do. Just chill, pewds has a life. He mentioned it so many times.
Maulana Winata
Maulana Winata - 27 dager siden
It seems like pewds never played rpg game before? He seems to be frustrated when the main quest is available to do for some reason thinking like it would matter to delay? 😂
Edit: or was it you gonks that keeps telling him to do the story n shit?
sasuke uchiha
sasuke uchiha - 20 dager siden
It was the people telling since the game's not really something that gets affected by side quests and stuff. The game started as an open world rpg early on but towards the end of the development they decided to scrap that idea and just make it action adventure.
Kenny - 28 dager siden
As a jojo fans always said
"Part 6 when?"
Right Path
Right Path - 28 dager siden
Merry Christmas everyone! To the 1% reading this, may God bless you and see you through whatever you are going through. 🙏
I want to be a big youtuber one day
Lydia Robertson
Lydia Robertson - 28 dager siden
Panam best girl, change my mind.
Unknown Hacker
Unknown Hacker - 28 dager siden
Has pewds given up on cyberpunk :(
Akrosky - 17 dager siden
He's just inappropriate for game like this imo. I really like him but it hurts to watch him play this, im here just for the comments.
Bud Roo Bud
Bud Roo Bud - 17 dager siden
It does get boring. So much dialogue and the combat is repetitive
Charles Wilson
Charles Wilson - 28 dager siden
He should of titled this one half the stream is just me trying to search up an anime 😂
Miri Durres
Miri Durres - 28 dager siden
Erob - 28 dager siden
Jesus be like: 45:20
Yogi ardian
Yogi ardian - 28 dager siden
Mantap bang lajutkan
Henday - 29 dager siden
I hope I can be like pewdiepie
SHADOW - 29 dager siden
I hate this game because of that video
Alvinloser1 - 29 dager siden
I like how all these small stupid things he complains about are actually just him being inept at the game LOL.
Like the chase scene at the very end there he was clearly missing all the cars because you can blow them up before the scripted event. I know cuz I've done it
Carlos Rivas
Carlos Rivas - 29 dager siden
U say bad words
Rick Primo
Rick Primo - 29 dager siden
I have the best cover of Mario Bros on Guitar. See on my channel
Scoofy - 29 dager siden
It makes me sad that he doesn't take the time to enjoy the game, he's so impatient. Also...I loved all the braindance stuff, I thought it was super cool T.T But everyone is different. I'll still watch it cuz Pewds. lolol
N K - 28 dager siden
@Scoofy same, I'm 35h in and I'm really enjoying it
Scoofy - 28 dager siden
@N K me too! lol and theres so much Dx I was like cool im almost done with all my side missions, then a million more happen lmao but im not complaining cuz I absolutely love it xD
N K - 28 dager siden
lol, meanwhile I plan to finish all side missions before I play the main story
Mateusz Bagiński
Mateusz Bagiński - 29 dager siden
Poland game
augydoggy999 - Måned siden
man y'all actually freakin out he ain't uploading the week before christmas
Sonner G
Sonner G - Måned siden
The number of subscribers does not matter to watch a video.
NightSkyKrai - Måned siden
PewDiePie: "Legs, we go for legs. We are doing a full-on Leg play-through".
Drones are like:
Dee Bea
Dee Bea - Måned siden
hmmm I think Pewds wants wide FOV, but hasn't he set it to close?! I would have thought wide was the other end of the bar?!
쥬스네가족Jusu family
moamen walid
moamen walid - Måned siden
Dk what to say but you're amazing felix
BeyondAir - Måned siden
when you running out of ideas
Lucky Lucas
Lucky Lucas - Måned siden
Happy birthday
Mathew of borg
Mathew of borg - Måned siden
1:01:50 pretty sure there whas an episode of Naruto like that.
THE-WOMB-RAIDER - - Måned siden
I hate watching his gameplay. He'll literally stroll through the story without a care in the world, not paying attention to anything, and then say the game has no story bc he's in zombie mode the whole time. Tiny brain.
raaboh - 29 dager siden
or he is just doing it for the audience
raaboh - 29 dager siden
he is half time reading the chat and he dont get that you are your own cutscene director basically, as soon as some forced dialogue disappears he runs offs and misses 1/4 dialogue, totally different from when he played detroi become human
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