Doctor Reacts To my Injury (serious) - LWIAY #00142

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This is the end bros
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slavehunter 123
slavehunter 123 - 6 dager siden
We need elon musk to send a tambourine to the moon in 2024
Deranged Samurai
Deranged Samurai - 7 dager siden
Pews says
Carson looks like homer simpson while putting is curser on peter griffin
Me Me
Me Me - 7 dager siden
BEARD BUILDS - 8 dager siden
Nooooo waaaaay I live like an hour away from kjellberg rd!
Lucy Mason
Lucy Mason - 8 dager siden
U sound like homer a bit lol
Emmanuel chavez
Emmanuel chavez - 8 dager siden
reasons why poods has a red and swollen knuckle
beat marzia*
hit his hand against the wall
accidentally hit door
Mailea Mack
Mailea Mack - 9 dager siden
Lmao this is Rudy Giuliani all over again
LEMMON GET MAD - 9 dager siden
Don't sub to me sub to this guy
Aelar Lightbringer
Aelar Lightbringer - 12 dager siden
Hey Sive, can we have the audio starting at 8:37 of just the current Felix (not the vid he's reacting to)?
...It's reason whatsoever...
Hussain Maaish
Hussain Maaish - 12 dager siden
Pewds just read my mind when he said Vinland Saga
Faroresdragn - 14 dager siden
Mr. and Mrs. Long:
...we must.
Cami Brauh
Cami Brauh - 15 dager siden
2:20 thumbnail
O'Shea Mathews
O'Shea Mathews - 15 dager siden
17:57 Fun fact the vikings fought the Native Americans for the U.S. but the Natives were about to match the vikings so the vikings buzzed off.
albin998 - 16 dager siden
4:26 did he just say we have a legendary rooster? Instead of roster? xD
Zunaira Hossain
Zunaira Hossain - 17 dager siden
5:08 nah i SEARCHED youup it wasnt youtube
sam [sammy]
sam [sammy] - 17 dager siden
crystal Wolf
crystal Wolf - 17 dager siden
bddbjrsexy - 17 dager siden
I was always excited for exams too. I wanted to see how well I would do.
Konrad Paczek
Konrad Paczek - 18 dager siden
Some of my best grade it was for me not studying at all
Konrad Paczek
Konrad Paczek - 18 dager siden
Imagine Felix living on Kjellberg road
Groupe Halawa
Groupe Halawa - 18 dager siden
Peace be upon you. I am a content maker with my friends. I hope that Biodebay subscribers subscribe to my channel. Thank you.
That Meme Channel
That Meme Channel - 19 dager siden
Log - 20 dager siden
*5 years ago*
*5 days ago*
Giannis Dravis
Giannis Dravis - 21 dag siden
Didn't his hand get injured when he punched the hypertamburine too hard...or that happened in a later video? Damn, I don't even remember what was first.
kate playing piano
kate playing piano - 22 dager siden
Please do love among us
lukas days
lukas days - 23 dager siden
How did you know I was watching this video :c
Pewds is some galaxy brain being xd
Petition for Pewds to make a vlog in the Kjelberg road
Fortnite Botboy
Fortnite Botboy - 24 dager siden
Felix’s hand looks like he got in a fight
Logan Lynn
Logan Lynn - 24 dager siden
stupid flanders
Ryan Chalmers
Ryan Chalmers - 25 dager siden
pp long would be 75
Emily Penrose
Emily Penrose - 26 dager siden
When thats in queensland and I LIVE IN QUEENSLAND SO THATS SO CLOSE TO ME
egroeG - 26 dager siden
😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂 niceeee
JayDatSkitMaker :D
JayDatSkitMaker :D - 26 dager siden
3:42 what he said and that face expression 😅
Archy King
Archy King - 28 dager siden
pewdiepie's Swedish accent 13:10
Archy King
Archy King - 28 dager siden
its Naruto_hikama1 (Official)
Say E
Daniel Parry
Daniel Parry - 28 dager siden
I for real got so pissed when he said Australia wasn't real it was very small pp
Daniel Parry
Daniel Parry - 21 dag siden
@The paranormal Gamer ik its a joke lol
The paranormal Gamer
The paranormal Gamer - 22 dager siden
It was a joke, can you take a joke?
TRINX’s gaming
TRINX’s gaming - 28 dager siden
pewds: this is mainly a reddit channel
me whos is a gammer; WHAT
what just happend?
what just happend? - 29 dager siden
All murdurers after 10 years:
it was me all along
Ela Stars
Ela Stars - 29 dager siden
I love you ♥️♥️♥️
soggycookie Crumbs
soggycookie Crumbs - Måned siden
this is fun to binge
Ahmad Rosi
Ahmad Rosi - Måned siden
bukan Main Sucribec Nya Cuy banyak Bet Termasuk Gw udah Subrek
The Swedish Berliner
The Swedish Berliner - Måned siden
Felix Lennon
Heathen Peep
Heathen Peep - Måned siden
lime - Måned siden
norwegians discovered the us.
Bonfire Jeon
Bonfire Jeon - Måned siden
I am Australian
Three Kings
Three Kings - Måned siden
well done great work nice job
Big Man Vlogs
Big Man Vlogs - Måned siden
You sleep!?
My life is a lie, down is up, black is white, 6+12 = dog * π = blue.
Blossom Corpse
Blossom Corpse - Måned siden
What happen Pewds
ritishaa mordani
ritishaa mordani - Måned siden
NoEffortIncluded - Måned siden
You know when (serious) in the title, the videos gonna be a banger
ManLu Jiang
ManLu Jiang - Måned siden
Vilfred Neve
Vilfred Neve - Måned siden
you did not couse in the viking age sweden were a part of denmark
A fricken Weirdo
A fricken Weirdo - Måned siden
By the way i bet you that I embarrass myself more than you do without knowing! NONi!!!
A fricken Weirdo
A fricken Weirdo - Måned siden
Cause I have ADHD!wow!thanks god!this sucks!
shplonk - Måned siden
sut ub sgiwer
Squezzy Boi
Squezzy Boi - Måned siden
17:55 yoo I’m sorry Felix but leiv erikson discovered North America a Norwegian Viking
MonkeyMode - Måned siden
Youtube isn't going to.make a friend because of all the bad shit that happened.
That or they don't want add another pile of shit on top
Maya Nixon
Maya Nixon - Måned siden
pewdiepie: i am a simp for maya
everybody else: we knew it
me and the people who are named maya: ummm lol???
കോശി കുര്യൻ-90's
Mallus come on
Some Random Name
Some Random Name - Måned siden
Pewds: "I dont know how I got this"
Me: First Rule of Fight Club
Angry Weeb
Angry Weeb - Måned siden
17:45 Did you mean Peter Griffin not "Homer Simpson"-
Stella van Lambalgen
Stella van Lambalgen - Måned siden
He think Felix looks good with glasses
Littlecountry Bigboy
Littlecountry Bigboy - Måned siden
Doctor: i saw your swolen knuckle
Felix: what does it mean?
Doctor: your hand has aids
Faible - Måned siden
Song at 12:54??
Michael Korare
Michael Korare - Måned siden
Did Pewds just call Peter Griffin Homer Simpson?
Anto Wibowo
Anto Wibowo - Måned siden
i think i saw this lwiay at 107 and noe the channel is already at 108
War Robot Doge
War Robot Doge - Måned siden
0:11 where do i find or download that???
connor rabisca
connor rabisca - Måned siden
"That's crazy sometimes I would sleep all night for an exam, and I would be insanely asleep I don't know how I did it, I had some of my best naps just closing my eyes which goes against all science". 14:50
Zahraa - Måned siden
اني عربيه
Cheyenne Cerney
Cheyenne Cerney - Måned siden
the unus annus one gave me PTSD
Chad Buoy445
Chad Buoy445 - Måned siden
Felix Jansson
Felix Jansson - Måned siden
Felix Jansson
Felix Jansson - Måned siden
Vet du Vem gurkis
Lars C
Lars C - Måned siden
Bryan 26
Bryan 26 - Måned siden
Whats that song??? At the beginning
Nestar Mackillop
Nestar Mackillop - Måned siden
He just called peter griffin homer simpson
SingleProX KillstreakXGamingx
Idk if Pewds was joking about Unus Annus but seeing that post again made me hella sad that it's gone lmao
Helena Radojicic
Helena Radojicic - Måned siden
Imange your doctor watching UR VIDS
Megan Terry
Megan Terry - Måned siden
I REMEMBER THAT FIRST "THERE IS NO GAME" 😮. I knew my deja vu wasn't crazy
Shmithy S
Shmithy S - Måned siden
Ok I haven't watched a pewdiepie video in years and it made me laugh at the fact he didn't even try to make anyone subscribe he flashed a graph for .5 seconds and thats it
ConfusedCat - Måned siden
18:20 "i had to do what i had to do" dknslsbskdzjdnksjdksksbw dying
Shirley De Souza Batista De Jesus
When carson is homer simpson
Goatplayz - Måned siden
🍕Good afternoon🍕
🍕 🍕
🍕 ☀👱 🍕
🍕 👋👚🌷 🍕
🍕 👖 🍕
🍕 👟👟 🍕
🍕 🍕
Have a bizarre afternoon
phoenix x
phoenix x - Måned siden
"Cris-toffer Columbus"
ganged • 5 years ago
ganged • 5 years ago - Måned siden
Kirsty Roberts
Kirsty Roberts - Måned siden
I wanna host meme reviews xD
Loralye crisp
Loralye crisp - Måned siden
lol the meme where he is holding a knife his face looks kinda like wesley from princess bride.
Zeekolmfao23 - Måned siden
@8:35, when it's your favorite song.
Turbo Last Name
Turbo Last Name - Måned siden
He told the shitting in the shower story in the interview he did called “Talking about some stuff I’ve never talked about..” it’s 3 years old and an hour and a half and it’s not bad,
Davino Vlog
Davino Vlog - Måned siden
Bagus bagus. .
Iwouldshipyou butno
Iwouldshipyou butno - Måned siden
I'd just like to point out: still not a month since the death of Unus Annus! Feels like forever ago!
it'sKforKnight [Male]
it'sKforKnight [Male] - Måned siden
Pewds Tryna Find Australia
Me:ey philippines there!
LittleMissSparrow - Måned siden
I poop in peoples freezers...anyone else?
ahmed ali
ahmed ali - Måned siden
you very bad
ADDON PLAYZ - Måned siden
For some reason I do better at exams when I don’t eat. Not like I’m fed I’m 11. Halp
ADDON PLAYZ - Måned siden
Obviously I’m kidding
Элька Сергевна
Can’t understand what is your secret
Adam X78
Adam X78 - Måned siden
Yo wtf at 15:42 that girl looks like a girl I had a Crush on when I was in school that’s so weird
bruh the intro is weirdly satisfying, i replayed it more than twice. lmao.
Total GAMIX - Måned siden
Why don't you get laslick?
Sulistiani Ikwanto
Sulistiani Ikwanto - Måned siden
red swollen knuckle is maybe arthritis