Going Through My OLD Instagram (+ announcement)

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ansis05 - 9 timer siden
now thats a hot car
J Kasta
J Kasta - 9 timer siden
2:44 each product will be hand kissed
Arya Pashaei
Arya Pashaei - Dag siden
In fucking iran you can’t get even mouse and keyboard
Rachel Doellinger
Rachel Doellinger - 2 dager siden
Pewds: Send me a play station 5 I want to play demon souls
Subscribers: Ok I will
He gets a million ps5
Nischith Kumar
Nischith Kumar - 3 dager siden
Felix has presbyopia right, isn't the mouse design not making him uncomfortable?
Görel Engdal
Görel Engdal - 4 dager siden
Poorvika - 5 dager siden
Pewds: so these people got their book late
Ad: paytm.... (it was almost like it was saying, 'pay faster, so you get your book faster so he doesn't have to feel awkward' 😂)
Me Me
Me Me - 6 dager siden
defne yılmaz
defne yılmaz - 6 dager siden
wth i had the same pink sparkly tiara
Aryan Ray
Aryan Ray - 6 dager siden
4:58am here
Watching this and missing my girlfriend who broke up with me because I wasn't enough..
You both are the cutest NEVER SEPARATE PLEASE!
Andreas Meersman
Andreas Meersman - 6 dager siden
braf u got a picture with noodles
galaximoonwalk - 9 dager siden
if i buy your keyboard, *what keyboard are you gonna use now..?*
Jarom Gibbons
Jarom Gibbons - 9 dager siden
Yo I have that keyboard in the 2013 vr headset picture!
Kim Namtiddies
Kim Namtiddies - 9 dager siden
I still have the This Book Loves You book and I got it around the time it was released so much happiness and joy at the time
Rhea Banerjee
Rhea Banerjee - 9 dager siden
Marzia and him were together in every step of their lives. Now that's what a perfect relationship is🥺💜
katofrie - 10 dager siden
It's absolute GOALS to travel as much as you can together in the beginning of your relationship ♥ Perfect way to really get to know each other and see how you get along :') So I'd recommend! (I also met my bf on vacation in Singapore)
Chaz Ayan
Chaz Ayan - 11 dager siden
i NEED that keyboard and mouse! can someone explain how to pre-order it please ?
Martin Maree
Martin Maree - 11 dager siden
Pewdiepie must visit South Africa.
Panzerwaffe82 - 12 dager siden
it's treason then pewds 1:46
you should know the CORRECT way to pronounce
coesheygalaxygames - 13 dager siden
I was 2 when you started YouTube 👍🏼
Adela Švidroňová
Adela Švidroňová - 15 dager siden
love you ,Pewds! thanks for the laughs
Yangkidana Yang
Yangkidana Yang - 15 dager siden
아이 시ㅂ 뭔소린 하나도모르겠네 발
Pufferfish Noise
Pufferfish Noise - 16 dager siden
All I tried to do in this video is determine what god he got in hades in the add
imatija - 19 dager siden
pweds next video how to survive in Singapur with 1 dollar
Kimberley Gray
Kimberley Gray - 21 dag siden
アラセリ - 22 dager siden
13:19 my mom calling me fat:
Ilona Reichenbach
Ilona Reichenbach - 23 dager siden
Two months later and I’m supposedly about to receive my keyboard. 😅😕
Fred Fred
Fred Fred - 23 dager siden
You forgot a certain time in 2017
Max PaysTheTax27
Max PaysTheTax27 - 25 dager siden
POV u clicked off a pewdy livestream to watch this
Nishant Mishra
Nishant Mishra - 25 dager siden
He even makes the ads intresting
Intro maker With Ayub hossain
bad people and you
Intro maker With Ayub hossain
thats true
Intro maker With Ayub hossain
_ dimitra
_ dimitra - 26 dager siden
That was wholesome
DARK LEE Gaming - 26 dager siden
Hi bro nz video s
Vipul Arora
Vipul Arora - 26 dager siden
7:04 look at felix light up like a little boy😂
Sean Vance
Sean Vance - 26 dager siden
Dude what is the name of the anime he did idk with towards the end of the vid????
Gavin Falcetano
Gavin Falcetano - 27 dager siden
What’s the book called?
Gavin Falcetano
Gavin Falcetano - 27 dager siden
Some things seem like the cost a little much
UnoriginalPotato - 27 dager siden
Ahh before Covid
Goose - 28 dager siden
This man has it all.
Alpha Lax
Alpha Lax - 28 dager siden
Holy shit i cant believe pewdiepie and gorillaz collabed wtf
Milos Tadic
Milos Tadic - 29 dager siden
17:50 he looks like vladimir lenin
t 800
t 800 - Måned siden
hey guys is marzia stopped being felix's wife?. i cant understand what happened with these 2
Aditya Bhattacharya
Aditya Bhattacharya - Måned siden
Yea true she left that Felix guy she's PewDiePie's wife now
Karen L
Karen L - Måned siden
How handsome he looks 😍 pewds♡
Linnea Odden
Linnea Odden - Måned siden
19:40 aye you met Noodle and forgot about her??
B3NJA YT - Måned siden
SGT_ 5WITCH - Måned siden
If i have money id buy 69 keyboards but i can't even buy a iphone fvck
Сабия Акаева
Сабия Акаева - Måned siden
17:28 о ивангай
Ananda Tamano
Ananda Tamano - Måned siden
Three Kings
Three Kings - Måned siden
well done great work nice job
Devinto Prabu Gultom
Devinto Prabu Gultom - Måned siden
“Pewdipie keyboard!!!!”
Flying Shy Guy
Flying Shy Guy - Måned siden
17:31 felix von der laden???
Nijil p
Nijil p - Måned siden
2:51 ppl with Trypophobia :
Imamah Hanif
Imamah Hanif - Måned siden
his pugs are ugly. YOU know what all pugs are ugly
lewis forsyth
lewis forsyth - Måned siden
Am I just dumb or is the ghost keyboard not get delivered to UK?
Jackle Zone
Jackle Zone - Måned siden
finally, if we scroll down to the bottom of pewds Instagram, we get proof he's a simp!
(are simp memes still relevant? i'm cool right?)
Teodora Marčeta
Teodora Marčeta - Måned siden
I am so sad that there is no Serbia on his site i wanted to buy my brother the mouse and keyboard😔
Evelyn Mothibeli
Evelyn Mothibeli - Måned siden
Can you give a list of the 100 hundred countries please so I can see if mine is on there?
I Just Fell Down
I Just Fell Down - Måned siden
$230 for just the keyboard and the crazy import fee for my country. The story of every PewDs merch where I can't buy anything.
Francisco Mendoza
Francisco Mendoza - Måned siden
Fr but the most we can do is be happy for him
Declan Theguy
Declan Theguy - Måned siden
What episode and season was pewdiepie in ? In south park?
Double A Battery
Double A Battery - Måned siden
Imagine having PewDiePie as an uncle.
HARSH - Måned siden
I am like a father to you 😂
Animator Lover_
Animator Lover_ - Måned siden
Damn... I wish I can get that keyboard and mouse 😢 but also the places he went to. Wow.
A B - Måned siden
Alexa Snyder
Alexa Snyder - Måned siden
I know you won't see this because it's so old at this point. But Ghost Keyboards is an absolutely terrible company. They still haven't sent a lot of peoples products out and won't communicate with anyone at all. I'm so disappointed and I wish you could see so you could tell people not to buy from them anymore :( I know you do your research on the people you work with so I wouldn't think you'd approve of the way they run their business.
Whatttt, Pewdiepie has go to Malaysia?
Icez gameZ
Icez gameZ - Måned siden
*Went To Malaysia (Im Not Trying To Be A Grammar Police Lol)
GregSN - Måned siden
•Ruby Lillian Potter•
•Ruby Lillian Potter• - Måned siden
Bruh, when that furby-cocomelon hybrid grew legs, I think that became the beginning of my trauma.
DUCK - Måned siden
I love how he have an insane adventure
Вениамин Боцман
Mo san
Mo san - Måned siden
"Things got weird, 2016"
Remember Harlem Shake?
Whisky Whims
Whisky Whims - Måned siden
Dhanya Jacob
Dhanya Jacob - Måned siden
Keybord yup one kidney it is
Victoria Lehr
Victoria Lehr - Måned siden
It's complete bullshit that they just dumped ALL the time and effort of Scare PDP 2.
That's not right. They could still release it... It's been 3 years.
They think they're "punishing" you for doing ONE slip up (when there are people who do A LOT worse....)
But really, they're punishing all the people that worked on Scare PDP 2, and US, who want to see it.......
viedos in 2020 go pewdiepie wow the viedos you make thay are asome i love them asome and you have a girlfriend well i know you do but it shote me that you have one eanny ways love to viedos Lol
Humayun Imtiyaz
Humayun Imtiyaz - Måned siden
You should come to Kashmir
Snowball Carrot
Snowball Carrot - Måned siden
U seemed to leave out that altogether ur mouse and keyboard costs like £200
Aidan Wilkiewicz
Aidan Wilkiewicz - Måned siden
ngl pewds is gonna have a whole room with his pattern at some point
BearFlipsTable - Måned siden
Pewds looking a hot old man
Owls n' stuff
Owls n' stuff - Måned siden
That keyboard is A++ ASMR-material
inXtrastic - Måned siden
It's crazy how he still remembers most of them, anyway see you guys in like 2027 when this gets recommended hope you live long till then :))
Megan Terry
Megan Terry - Måned siden
Imagine if we could afford your keyboard 😂
Josh Tucker
Josh Tucker - Måned siden
all work and no play makes jack a dull bog
Blade Greening
Blade Greening - Måned siden
Pewds do be looking like Logic tho
wood. exe
wood. exe - Måned siden
8:09 she just needs to sniff your hand...
farah zulkifli
farah zulkifli - Måned siden
my heart when he talked about singapore omg
Susana Loredo
Susana Loredo - Måned siden
4:06 I immediately thought of the time Felix was trying to talk/laugh like David Dobrik & there it is 🤣
Afif Rahimi
Afif Rahimi - Måned siden
6:28 surprised u knew jurgen klopp😲
NippleNinja2 - Måned siden
Damn, I remember when you got Edgar. It's been pretty long
Angelou - Måned siden
I'm a fan since 2016. How 'bout u?
Yennifer - Måned siden
I think pews and marriage should get married
Matthew Killian
Matthew Killian - Måned siden
Slowly his whole house have the pewdiepie wavy lines
TheR4zy - Måned siden
17:28 eeoneguy or ивангай!!!
Doctor Jarvee - Adi Ankonina
Great video!Thank you
Wazzock - Måned siden
Kris Breshani
Kris Breshani - Måned siden
WHY AM I IN PEWDIPIE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
ceylan ayar
ceylan ayar - Måned siden
Nani - Måned siden
1:26 epic
srhalizadaa - Måned siden
is your sister taylor swift?
Struggling Human
Struggling Human - Måned siden
Long hair pewds lol