I actually hate this

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Runtime: 24:14


Logan Paul’s Nan
Logan Paul’s Nan - 3 timer siden
Felix: I need to put the campfire underneath THEN I can destroy it
Also Felix: *proceeds to do destroy bee hive before placing campfire and is shocked when stung by the bees* 🐝
Vegeta Black
Vegeta Black - 3 timer siden
15:54 noooooooooooo
Catherine Reynolds
Catherine Reynolds - 9 timer siden
Hits the bee hive with the axe after crafting a camp fire "I NEED SILK TOUCH"
Deeksha Singh
Deeksha Singh - 13 timer siden
stop killing animals you monster
HSO_Ijaz - 15 timer siden
Dislike vid for kill cat, no kill cat again
Juan Binoj
Juan Binoj - 20 timer siden
3:47 i have not heard that sad music in 1 year
The Dominykas
The Dominykas - 20 timer siden
4:20 nice
Mark TheMan
Mark TheMan - 22 timer siden
Will Milner
Will Milner - Dag siden
My man just went right past the blacksmith😢😢😢
Will Milner
Will Milner - Dag siden
Ahmad Aizat
Ahmad Aizat - Dag siden
How does his level goes down? I mean from 23 to 12?
frickyyysasah - Dag siden
Who got mad when pewds had sharpnes 3 and he took unbreaking 😢
wow he didn't even checked the smith
fitz Humes
fitz Humes - Dag siden
Anyone remember water sheep
Darxk Prime
Darxk Prime - Dag siden
16:28 online classes be like:
PNDA-_-Red X
PNDA-_-Red X - 2 dager siden
Lol 😂 best episode so far
Sofia Salvatore
Sofia Salvatore - 2 dager siden
*His facial expression get me every time*
Droopz Plays
Droopz Plays - 2 dager siden
btw next time use the hoe to mine hay
Droopz Plays
Droopz Plays - 2 dager siden
add pee pee poo poo hed
Blackbode - 2 dager siden
"I hate them!"
Prequel fans: This is where the fun begins.
Hasnain Gilani
Hasnain Gilani - 2 dager siden
Faqz Sauce
Faqz Sauce - 2 dager siden
F for pickaxe
Filipe Simões
Filipe Simões - 2 dager siden
When pewds enchanted a diamond sword with unbreaking II and nothing else it hurted my soul
elo elo
elo elo - 2 dager siden
my favorite type of horse is jumper, i had a horse that could jump over 4 blocks
elo elo
elo elo - 2 dager siden
hey yall know that horses can have diffrent statistics? Well he apperrantly doesnt, this guy has really low health bar. He gon' die
elo elo
elo elo - 2 dager siden
lil bit
elo elo
elo elo - 2 dager siden
at least HE FAST
Alison Apolinar
Alison Apolinar - 2 dager siden
I love his house
Jack Brown
Jack Brown - 2 dager siden
pewds is better at storage than me lol
Inoa Cababat
Inoa Cababat - 2 dager siden
Joergen finished wut his ancestor started, he did wut his predecessors could not
cloboba - 2 dager siden
(leaving a timestamp for myself, pls ignore :])
حسين مهدي حسين
حسين مهدي حسين - 3 dager siden
Ha Bowen
حسين مهدي حسين
حسين مهدي حسين - 3 dager siden
My love
Me Me
Me Me - 3 dager siden
Crooked - 3 dager siden
He didn’t even loot the blacksmith
Bryan Speedruner
Bryan Speedruner - 4 dager siden
Minecraft genial
Shivam Vaze
Shivam Vaze - 4 dager siden
Why is intro too sad of minecraft hardcore I loved gooooood morning gamerz
Elma - 4 dager siden
Ben Elma
nico bailey
nico bailey - 5 dager siden
finds eehive knows what to do destroys it
Magnus Aeternum
Magnus Aeternum - 5 dager siden
Demmm felix really good at making base
jude duerr
jude duerr - 6 dager siden
Cotton eyed joe
Gabu - 6 dager siden
6:49 me and felix: *PERFECT TIMING GASP*
SD_드레곤 - 7 dager siden
구독자 가 만을만하네
GDynasty - 7 dager siden
pewds just use blast furnaces and smokers
Zach Marshall
Zach Marshall - 7 dager siden
pewds recorder skills get better every episode
BiLinmeyen Aşk
BiLinmeyen Aşk - 8 dager siden
6:28 bruh yesterday ı make a world named broland and ı see te same thing...........
Zombie Boi
Zombie Boi - 8 dager siden
imagine future son of Felix watching this video about killing child.
IAM-db 2379
IAM-db 2379 - 9 dager siden
So you lied to me when you told me how beautiful I was a year and a half ago. Before you got married. Remember that?
IAM-db 2379
IAM-db 2379 - 9 dager siden
You and Dav and Jesa made me this poor.
Xander - 9 dager siden
PewDiePie: Where did you come from? Where did you go?
My dad: Where did you come from Cotton eye joe?
aoki - 9 dager siden
Judith Renfrew
Judith Renfrew - 9 dager siden
Where are the cows says with raw beef in his inventory
Iker Rios
Iker Rios - 10 dager siden
TheAdvertisement - 10 dager siden
2:00 That was a sudden and unexpected nostalgia whip.
Almostoriginal9yearold - 10 dager siden
I was so confused at the notification sound at 2:19
Tony Matthews
Tony Matthews - 10 dager siden
You should take some notes from Luke the notable
Chapman Pelsue
Chapman Pelsue - 10 dager siden
calm down
Tax Evasion
Tax Evasion - 11 dager siden
Anakin slaughtering the younglings
serge_tabZ - 11 dager siden
Omg you can make 10 ferneces
Matthew Garrata
Matthew Garrata - 12 dager siden
Look at what BFFFFFF is spinning on here: 18:46
Aiden - 12 dager siden
Blacksmith... did he loot the blacksmith
CYRUS ARCEGA - 13 dager siden
You ned milk in poyson
Saitheslug Saithesnake
Saitheslug Saithesnake - 13 dager siden
Dominnant W7
Dominnant W7 - 13 dager siden
4:32 pewdiepie is talking to himself and he said i wont to concride the world
Flying_TOFU - 14 dager siden
Play dark souls
Nate The Great BOI
Nate The Great BOI - 14 dager siden
loot the blacksmith
dhanush santosh
dhanush santosh - 14 dager siden
15:54 moment of realisation
Sabriel - 14 dager siden
i love when pffft is just floating around outside without a care in the world
Jannat Amin
Jannat Amin - 14 dager siden
MuttMan Gaming
MuttMan Gaming - 15 dager siden
call yellow beds urine beds in minecraft
Tamao - 15 dager siden
Pewdiepie Please dont make this world hardcore because i really dont want the series to end i really want to see the awesome buildings u will build!
Let's Skate Dude!
Let's Skate Dude! - 15 dager siden
AKI Najagi
AKI Najagi - 15 dager siden
ThePrimitiveFuture - 15 dager siden
Did he just.... KILL A F*CKING CAT????????
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer - 16 dager siden
Edy Warsongko
Edy Warsongko - 16 dager siden
Kagak maksud
hayley - 16 dager siden
*rapunzel flashbacks*
최인성 - 17 dager siden
최초의 한국댓글입니다!
Hunter a.k.
Hunter a.k. - 13 dager siden
Lazykid Gaming
Lazykid Gaming - 17 dager siden
His horse has seven hearts
Jacqueline Yancy
Jacqueline Yancy - 17 dager siden
4:30 you can see house in the trees
Mr Beast
Mr Beast - 17 dager siden
Lonley Hermit
Lonley Hermit - 17 dager siden
Cesar Norberg
Cesar Norberg - 18 dager siden
youtubers: so i did some building off camera its whatever
the building:
Venge. - 18 dager siden
*sees a horse in a portal.*

*PTSD activated*
Lutan08 - 18 dager siden
17:23 If he knew what was going to happen which pfft in the pool
SSAshton - 19 dager siden
I am the creator of the GOOLD compilation
mil helsen
mil helsen - 19 dager siden
2:30 Me when i see the child from my basement escaping
3:26 His twin that also escaped
3:41 Their sister
Rocket Rage
Rocket Rage - 19 dager siden
😔 He could have an sharpnes 3 diamond sword but no...😔
IamHakdog - 19 dager siden
Where is Hardcore minecraft collab with Luke The Notable
Brian Gerard Galang
Brian Gerard Galang - 19 dager siden
it pains me that he never even had the slightest thought of looting the blacksmith :(
aadesh senthilkumar
aadesh senthilkumar - 19 dager siden
Good to see that Mojang has fixed entity-glitching bug when teleporting through the nether
_Äłəxįß_ _Wıłłıãmß_
Why did he have to pick the horse with the least health-
Dietrich Skywalk
Dietrich Skywalk - 20 dager siden
2:32 anakin in the Jedi temple be all like
Canticles - 20 dager siden
He saw the remnats of the BIG PP...sadly that was all that remained
NuggetTato - 21 dag siden
Can creepers go through glass or something?
Praman Gaming
Praman Gaming - 21 dag siden
Big fan
Praman Gaming
Praman Gaming - 21 dag siden
Your soooooooooo good
Green dude animations
Green dude animations - 21 dag siden
Bffz is so cute!
Awsumsauz - 21 dag siden
2:39 bad guy begins playing
Daisy H
Daisy H - 21 dag siden
Ah yes. Gold, Frankincense, and "myeer"
Stteee El
Stteee El - 21 dag siden
7:40 OMG!!! Bodyshaming!!! wtf Felix?!
Ignas Aleksandravičius
Ignas Aleksandravičius - 21 dag siden
Pewds is so dum at minecraft
Pavi Le Gamer -_-_
Pavi Le Gamer -_-_ - 21 dag siden

WAviator 1
WAviator 1 - 21 dag siden
Felix: enters the nether with jorgen.
*flashback intensifies*
aadesh senthilkumar
aadesh senthilkumar - 19 dager siden
Thankfully Mojang fixed the entity glitch through portals in 1.15, so no need to worry.