I'm The Greatest At Lying - Among Us #5

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Runtime: 21:34


Andrew The Kid
Andrew The Kid - Dag siden
Dog: Seriously OWNER (20:00)
PewDiePie and Others: *Yelling, Laughing, Chaos* (20:00)
preeti vishal
preeti vishal - 2 dager siden
i hate you my nme
巴跃康 - 3 dager siden
Toast..toastboy...they’re pretty much all toast tho when Pewds is crewmate
Roshani 8 sec lotus
Roshani 8 sec lotus - 4 dager siden
The logs lied
Elma - 4 dager siden
Ben Elma
Angad Sharma
Angad Sharma - 6 dager siden
Valkyrae feels the little sister Pewds never had.
Amal Reddy Allampati
Amal Reddy Allampati - 6 dager siden
5 episodes earlier:
Pewds: I am the worst at lying
Pewds: I am the greatest at lying
Among us gods: he is the chosen one
Sharingan - 7 dager siden
Read my name
DON'T LOOK AT MY AVATAR - 9 dager siden
just don't look at my nickname
Possibly Gamer
Possibly Gamer - 12 dager siden
Why does the ghost on his shirt sorta look like napstaplook from undertale
Lauren Correa
Lauren Correa - 14 dager siden
You. Wanna play your Mario games
Gloria S
Gloria S - 14 dager siden
Day 1 of finally starting to watch PewDiePie
Marlin Somers
Marlin Somers - 18 dager siden
Sub to pewds
NANI?! - 18 dager siden
I saw light. I knew shit was about to go down.
DaniLikesMilk - 19 dager siden
Title: I'm The Greatest At Lying.
Me: "And that's a lie right there!"
chimkenboi yolo
chimkenboi yolo - 20 dager siden
we are the best liers
Cilix - 20 dager siden
Felix, I knew it. I knew it You piece of sh... Hilarious
X1 W Key’s
X1 W Key’s - 21 dag siden
Ur the beat
I like games and stuff
I like games and stuff - 21 dag siden
So uh, does anybody else other than me recognize ya boi Light in the thumbnail?
Secondairy Gaming
Secondairy Gaming - 21 dag siden
Michael needs to upload I need some Michael right now not in a weird way
Geminus - 22 dager siden
7:37 - 9:45 What is the title of the song?
Gabe Good
Gabe Good - 22 dager siden
Well being the greatest at lieing is bad you should be a shame
Paige’s Makeup
Paige’s Makeup - 23 dager siden
Pews elbow do be kinda smexy though Lmaohsidndkbd
Khairul Afham Muhazar
Khairul Afham Muhazar - 24 dager siden
hahahhaah jack i hope you winmner
AHMED SHOAIB - 24 dager siden
Pewdiepie how you have to be imposter every time
ARUN KALVIN - 25 dager siden
finn - 26 dager siden
Why is charlie like L from death note
Persephone - 27 dager siden
Is that Light Yagami at the thumbnail?
Laika - 25 dager siden
hyper wave
hyper wave - 27 dager siden
It ends in 3:48l7
Rolfsen535 YT
Rolfsen535 YT - 27 dager siden
Pewds: i need an aliby
Finds alibi
Pewds: kills alibi
B3NJA YT - 29 dager siden
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith - 29 dager siden
غاية الحمادي
غاية الحمادي - 29 dager siden
unni krishnan
unni krishnan - Måned siden
I think sive doesn't recognize people play with pewds by sound when lily was talking he showed Rae and when sykkuno was talking he showed toast
ItstheFox_x - Måned siden
Why is pewdiepie among us comments on THIS video of all vids?? Thats fucked up
RANDOM GAMING - Måned siden
Love the new intro
Soulscape Fine Art
Soulscape Fine Art - Måned siden
Thats so beautiful
MayaBun Bun
MayaBun Bun - Måned siden
I wasn’t even watching the game play, I was more focused on the edga cam (〃ω〃)
rebbecca visscher
rebbecca visscher - Måned siden
is that light in the thumb nail
Dan E
Dan E - Måned siden
So he turned into light-
E021 P S Adhithya
E021 P S Adhithya - Måned siden
Who watched death note and plays among us?✋🙋
Tracy Taka
Tracy Taka - Måned siden
To much coco melon pewdie to much
an apple
an apple - Måned siden
Adults sound like cartoon characters
TheAlivePerce - Måned siden
Qtip Banks
Qtip Banks - Måned siden
Gamer: You voted every rou—
Pewds: ConVince Me
Joeshmoe Films
Joeshmoe Films - Måned siden
Corpse when he's a kid speaking first time
Corpse: ma ma ma ma Mother
Max Minichiello
Max Minichiello - Måned siden
Sive keeps zooming in on the wrong people when they talk lmao
Christopher - Måned siden
CORPSE sounds like Patrick Warburton.
Sarcasm - Måned siden
Lol light in the thumbnail
curiouslycuriousxx - Måned siden
After all these years of watching Pewdiepie he doesn’t seem to age. He’s forever bae 😍😍😍
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore - Måned siden
God Lilly’s voice is so obnoxious why tf does she talk like that
Effing Cool
Effing Cool - Måned siden
It sound similar to Marzia tbh
GamerFox - Måned siden
Gay gay gay
Kaung Khant
Kaung Khant - Måned siden
Me want the *PUMBA* proof
Esabella Karas
Esabella Karas - Måned siden
Pewds: I need an alibi
Also pewds: kills
Bolvond Staker
Bolvond Staker - Måned siden
your pug is cute
CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
Who is this enber? you are
Armstrong Turner
Armstrong Turner - Måned siden
Logs are ez to read
XXX TENTACION - Måned siden
Did u see how sive edit that one part when lily was talking it was zoomed in on valkyrae's name
Kerim Memic
Kerim Memic - Måned siden
Claim your before 10M views ticket here!
Tahira Haider
Tahira Haider - Måned siden
Corpse is like substitute of *Dream*
They both are equally smart in this XD
Susanna Hof
Susanna Hof - Måned siden
pumkins or cool
Lexe - Måned siden
The little camera is hiding the game..
Grandmaster 5183
Grandmaster 5183 - Måned siden
Did anyone else apart from me notice Yagami Light in the thumbnail ?
Komaru Naegi
Komaru Naegi - Måned siden
Me seeing light yagami on the cover : yessss
ichimatsu - Måned siden
IDK if i am stupod but is lily marzia ?
Jenna Ramos
Jenna Ramos - Måned siden
I’m curious what are the rules for them ? Like they are on discord but don’t talk during gameplay or when they are dead and they aren’t supposed to look at the chat ?
Jenna Ramos
Jenna Ramos - Måned siden
14:17 - 15:00 is cracking me up lol that back and forth between Valkyrae and pewds is hilarious
HomeMade Hollywood
HomeMade Hollywood - Måned siden
Everybody thx go to my channel it is HomeMade Hollywood
jim him
jim him - Måned siden
no thanks :)
Alex Alex
Alex Alex - Måned siden
Does sive edit the zoom ins on the wrong people on purpose?
Alex Jones
Alex Jones - Måned siden
The scary nut ultrastructually reflect because father topologically mend amidst a awake handle. spectacular, impossible family
_Lulubud_ - Måned siden
Im too distracted by Edgar 🤣🤣
Elijah Terry
Elijah Terry - Måned siden
Can anyone see that when he looked at the logs he read it bottom-up but didn't bother to go all the way to the top of the logs? Cause technically, the way to properly read is top to bottom.
David Dobrik's flamethrower
I love how they’re fighting with the logs and edgar is just sitting there
The Mighty Ruler
The Mighty Ruler - Måned siden
Misiaczek - Måned siden
I invite you to the Misiek channel
Zahra - Måned siden
the thumbnail is light yagami right?
Mariana W
Mariana W - Måned siden
Why does lily sound like that... like it’s not cute
jena - Måned siden
okay but i never thought the impos were lily and rae like daMN *GO GURLS*
Andres Lopera
Andres Lopera - Måned siden
Corpse’s voice is deepthroating my ears
Donut Shop
Donut Shop - Måned siden
Everyone accuses each other when pewds is imposter so I literally forget that pewds is an imposter and I’m like who’s the impostor
CocoaHedgehog - Måned siden
*zooms in on Toast when Sykkuno is talking*
I don't think Sive knows these people
Shadow Xdemonx
Shadow Xdemonx - Måned siden
Light yagami
sarah the snake
sarah the snake - Måned siden
did anyone notice it zoomed in on toast instead of sykkuno at 1:28 lol
Gio - Måned siden
Jamillah Long
Jamillah Long - Måned siden
did anyone else see that :I 11:11 at the bottom just saw it didnt mean to
Cacie Jade
Cacie Jade - Måned siden
Me and my lil black pug watching pewds and his lil black pug 🥺
greg lialios
greg lialios - Måned siden
It’s scary how often Pewds is right with wrong evidence.
Michael arslan
Michael arslan - Måned siden
Bruh light got caught
Jose III Maloloy-on
Jose III Maloloy-on - Måned siden
The logs check the logs the logs the logs
Joel Denning
Joel Denning - Måned siden
Annabella Askins
Annabella Askins - Måned siden
B r u h ✨S H A M E L E S S✨
Nicole Bugay
Nicole Bugay - Måned siden
Lily's voice is really irritated me😭😭😭
fusion 45
fusion 45 - Måned siden
Everyone : Trying to solve the mystery of the killer
Felix : SPEED RUN!
Jeprox - Måned siden
Corpse sounds like corpse
Ronald Chirinos
Ronald Chirinos - Måned siden
Lily’s the new big brain
Sarah Morales
Sarah Morales - Måned siden
CORPSE'S parents when he spoke for the first time : He's kinda sus
Pärinä Mopo
Pärinä Mopo - Måned siden
Ootko suomalainen?
Jennesa Darling
Jennesa Darling - Måned siden
Lily and Corpse have opposite voices, it’s so funny to hear them together
M RZ - Måned siden
did pewdiepie confuse valkyrae's voice with lily's at 0:49
Julian Johansen
Julian Johansen - Måned siden
Lillys voice dpunds so fake
Stephen Mo
Stephen Mo - Måned siden