Kids Decide Who Gets $1000 Is Very Cringe...

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Runtime: 33:22


coco w
coco w - 3 minutter siden
Me living in a flat, and handme downs-
mustard roshi
mustard roshi - 7 minutter siden
CUT is a garbage channel
Amadeus Bergqvist
Amadeus Bergqvist - 39 minutter siden
I own a car and im 13 but im not allowed to drive it because im too young
kk - 59 minutter siden
Does Ken have some hurtful personal history with the asian girl in the black dress? Like man why so salty
Noah Funnell
Noah Funnell - 2 timer siden
Pewdiepie doesn’t seem to understand that America is so large and most people have cars lol even teenagers
BomberSlug - Time siden
No Its not
Youtube sucks spotify shall rise
The girl with the short hair is exactly why papa Franku wrote “I will get a vasectomy”
IJustWantToSupa - 3 timer siden
Vad gör du ken
Yalcin TheGOAT
Yalcin TheGOAT - 3 timer siden
BTS ARMY - 3 timer siden
Now im a buddhist and i can for sure tell ya she aint buddhist .. she doesnt even have the basic patience and in buddhism we practice meditation and she clearly hasnt bcz she has dangerous temper issues..
BomberSlug - Time siden
Ans has a BTS name
JL Lumpas
JL Lumpas - 3 timer siden
They should try this on third world countries or something
Sora - 4 timer siden
40 minutes bike trip isn't that far here in Amsterdam I ride my bike everyday to school and it takes 45 minutes where is my 1000 dollars?
RombaKungen - 5 timer siden
”i feel like”
Raz Sadi
Raz Sadi - 5 timer siden
I think I'm trippin, I just saw Douchebag from Your Favorite Martian
Siddharth Bhatnagar
Siddharth Bhatnagar - 5 timer siden
I’ll never get enough of “ken-kuuuuh” and “pewdiepiiiiiie”, this duo is so wholesome
Toni Jardine
Toni Jardine - 5 timer siden
'if you went downhill, its better to keep going instead of braking'... the famous last words of someone who didn't want to square their razor scooter wheels any further.
Dynamite Thunderstruck
Dynamite Thunderstruck - 6 timer siden
High school was "whatever" for me...what about you guys?
leandra - 6 timer siden
yikes to the whole video, what a waste of time..
Zu wild h r r r r r r
Zu wild h r r r r r r - 6 timer siden
itsx - 6 timer siden
JOJO FAN - 6 timer siden
That girl that wanted to go to the Bahamas was a manipulative little ***** and was a flat out peace of shit
HalfCold HalfHot
HalfCold HalfHot - 7 timer siden
As a high schooler who is in the lower class this video just made me hit my head against the wall
Chevero Vogel
Chevero Vogel - 7 timer siden
That nina gurl who talked about bigger problems she brings that up like 3 times or so damn dont use that man
pulkit Kaul
pulkit Kaul - 8 timer siden
Jubilee started among us before it was cool
Casual Metalhead
Casual Metalhead - 9 timer siden
Alternate title: seven rich kids bitch over who’s got the biggest problems
distorphibian - 9 timer siden
Roasted HD
Roasted HD - 10 timer siden
14:27 ok this bit made me laugh so hard!
Suzanne - 10 timer siden
OMG I LOVE IT when these two get together for a vid!!!
Josiah Gurney
Josiah Gurney - 10 timer siden
Fr tho I woulda just said, you do well in life by doing things right. It's a kill or be killed world. So let's have a quiz on some math or geography or shit or a physical challenge like the one foot. Like let's not do the random shit who cares about feelings! It's $1000!
C0RPS - 10 timer siden
The bahamas girl legit wants to strangle Nina, the guy asking them questions asks them "who is the leader" and the bahamas girl with all that rage built up inside "NINA!" "NINA!"
Christina Ngwa
Christina Ngwa - 11 timer siden
guy with the cat ears headset is def projecting lmao
Halo Cayro Landaverde
Halo Cayro Landaverde - 11 timer siden
Bro I would’ve made up so much shit.
Jick Fincter
Jick Fincter - 11 timer siden
Well I guess this is the comment section for Jubilee's video
Max Gaming
Max Gaming - 12 timer siden
You legit picked out where my brother went to college on google maps
PUG - 12 timer siden
2:54 if he already has the bike put the motorcycle engine on it so yea 29 to 30 mins
Anonymous Wolf
Anonymous Wolf - 13 timer siden
When I was in the high school I had a cycle and a Gucci T-Shirt bought for 4$ on the street .
Wyatt F.
Wyatt F. - 13 timer siden
Why does she need $1000 if she's budist
Wyatt F.
Wyatt F. - 14 timer siden
It takes $60 to start an online clothing store
Okayhah Ahahah
Okayhah Ahahah - 14 timer siden
Watching this after the strangers video and appreciate their maturity much more lmao
Free agent Expand
Free agent Expand - 14 timer siden
8:16 I was thinking the same thing. My grandmother in hospital.
Ninestorm - 15 timer siden
Ken is such a dad omg
Loofy101™ - 15 timer siden
All of them seem like greedy bastards who come from well off families. Better off donating it to a charity
One good Artists
One good Artists - 15 timer siden
Nina was super manipulative, if you didn't want to bring up problems that would influence the choice then stop bringing up how important other problems you had going on up, the toxicity and built trip is horrid up in 'er
QuarantineAndChill - 15 timer siden
who's the boomer?
ethannorm2006 - 15 timer siden
What fucking school I stg I’m pretty sure she woulda just got zoned for a different school closer the law requires for kids to be able to ride the bus
BrinchOLad - 15 timer siden
This shit had me cracking up
Hannah Green
Hannah Green - 15 timer siden
Cody Ko did this first.
Alyssa P
Alyssa P - 16 timer siden
1k is literally nothing tho lol
Scarlet Knightwalker
Scarlet Knightwalker - 16 timer siden
Ken mentions Among Us and how the people that are the loudest during discussion can lead the decisions.
Pewds: *nods in I've done that*
hem hem
hem hem - 16 timer siden
i feel so bad for jordyn
Alex Savard
Alex Savard - 17 timer siden
If you don’t think deviled
disLudo - 17 timer siden
right off the bt, these kids are already trying to not hurt eachtoher compared to those idiot adults who went ham on eachother like a bunch of petty princesses
Wet Rag Evan
Wet Rag Evan - 17 timer siden
You need God repent of your sins
Moviebuff3000 Audios and Reviews
Ripped pant Overalls....dude (?) had the right idea with the outfit.
Crap Crap
Crap Crap - 18 timer siden
Why you guys keep calling highschoolers kids!
Angelina halbostad
Angelina halbostad - 18 timer siden
Ahh fish girl
Realtor Noriega
Realtor Noriega - 18 timer siden
This is definitely the casting couch
Audrey Ambers
Audrey Ambers - 18 timer siden
I went to school with a girl like the marine biologist chick. She was awful even I could go back in time I’d probably be nicer to other people than her💀 she was low key a bitch tbh and I wasn’t having it lmao
steef wolf
steef wolf - 19 timer siden
me as a dutchman: i had to bike 50 minutes to school uphill both ways everyday and since it's the netherlands there was at least 2 bridges too.
Grayson Fountain
Grayson Fountain - 19 timer siden
Nina is the best don’t @ me
Jacquelinewithac - 19 timer siden
Okay genuinely asking this but the girl who Uber’s to school because the bus isn’t in her district...doesn’t that mean she goes to a private school? Like can’t you not go to public schools outside of your school district?
Tony Bubb
Tony Bubb - 19 timer siden
Thats where I live bruh
Keep You
Keep You - 20 timer siden
idk who this guy is but he cool
Zack Proctor
Zack Proctor - 20 timer siden
5:03 imagine paying for college

This post was made by the European gang
Marianny Garcia
Marianny Garcia - 20 timer siden
what’s their @‘s tho?
Itz Lilli
Itz Lilli - 21 time siden
bro its true americans suck at geography half my AP world class couldnt name all the states IN OUR OWN COUNTRY like what🤣🤣🤣
Naveeda C.
Naveeda C. - 21 time siden
That Bahamas girl low-key gives me anxiety, why is she so damn petty and salty?!😂😂
The Laughing Parker
The Laughing Parker - 22 timer siden
“Asian Gang”😂
Dalin Zwart
Dalin Zwart - 22 timer siden
Me as a Dutch person: *cycles to school for 40 minutes every day*

I mean normally, its a pandemic now
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu - 22 timer siden
I’m not joking that’s literally most or all of the stereotypes of high school in one room
Darkness - 12 timer siden
What are stereotypes in american high schools??
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu - 22 timer siden
Bro that girl has the Karen cut literally she sounds like it to my God when she said no it wasn’t fair I almost died because I was laughing while drinking water to and she said being such a sore loser about it she literally sounds like the catch me outside girl Can I quiz you on ocean facts hell no I don’t wanna listen to you especially you why would I let you give me a quiz and she also had the audacity to ask do you want our opinions or not
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu - 22 timer siden
I mean the easiest way would probably just be to split the money
Tyler Mitchell
Tyler Mitchell - 22 timer siden
Cody ko did it first
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu - 22 timer siden
Bro that girl has a Karen cut and she sounds like it When she said no that it’s not fair I almost died because I was laughing at her because I was also drinking some water wow she literally sounds like the catch me outside girl
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu - 22 timer siden
Whale they were planning to use that thousand dollars to buy the Gucci bills paid off the car insurance and stuff and go to Bahamas my broke a$$ in college just want $1000 to be able to afford food and pay bills
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu - 22 timer siden
7:06 that guy right there he looks like he would sell you the legal flower or say he’ll give you candy if you come with him but doesn’t give you candy
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu - 23 timer siden
You literally got all the or most stereotypes of highschoolers right there all in one room
Rextle - 23 timer siden
Is that an Alex belt for 300 pounds?
Is that belanciaga???? For 750 pounds
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu - 23 timer siden
Crap I put that thousand dollars into building a mining rig no hesitation
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia - 23 timer siden
the white girl big mad
Bloozby - 23 timer siden
Overalls girl looks like if Drew Gooden grew up living in a derailed boxcar. Lookin like Drew Baden.
Shane SDF
Shane SDF - 23 timer siden
When the buddha girl fell after saying she does it 10 times a day I lost it man
YQ OPF - Dag siden
Yo that’s were I live bru
Crayson Ching
Crayson Ching - Dag siden
The efficient cross gratifyingly interest because waitress culturally soothe sans a exotic era. somber, six chord
Rin - Dag siden
As a person with terrible anxiety, i will never use my anxiety as an accuse for being rude to people. She was obviously upset and unfairly took it out on someone, plus her sour attitude. She dug her own grave and they tried to be nice to her but she shut them out and was rude in return.
Whynotguy 4444
Whynotguy 4444 - Dag siden
I just watched this to see more people roast fish girl XD
Elle M
Elle M - Dag siden
I mean you can ride your bike to the nearest high school bus stop and then pick that one to school
HealthyFit&Free - Dag siden
I would use the $1000 to pay a portion of my rent
Dakota Parker
Dakota Parker - Dag siden
Lmao not the short hair girl being like "yall gonna vote me anyways" like 👁 girlll not u lowley guilt tripping anyways that a conversation ur not ready for
Moo Rooster
Moo Rooster - Dag siden
they would never pick someone actually struggling with money in a serious way for this kind of thing. if you don't have a gucci belt you're not fit for the camera or something. one in 10 people are in poverty in america it's not that hard to find people who have to ration food to stay alive.
DIMONDBoys - Dag siden
Me the rainbow fucking snitch
patrickzshort - Dag siden
cant she just buy a electric scooter.
Commander Sammer
Commander Sammer - Dag siden
I bought my own car in highschool get rekt
brr.its.cold - Dag siden
that'd be great if we can get the ocean girl on an episode of lwiay or something
Some meme watcher named jaxon
Anyone else get an eBay ad right after he was talking about ebay
Chunko Doggo
Chunko Doggo - Dag siden
Im a highschooler and i should be angry at this but im just sad that other teens are spoiled af
Nami - Dag siden
i would play uno to pick lol
Millsy - Dag siden
Its either: adulthood is a lot worse and harder on the human psyche than people realize, and is also the reason why like 9/10 adults today are diagnosed with some mental disorder.
Or: These kids are going to bring a bright future to put an end the madness happening in today's society. I was also thinking something about human genes and if say.. a 40 year old who used advanced technology of some sort for years if that would pass onto some children? Making them extremely smart and a lot smarter than kids born in say, 90s and under? I'm just thinking with the boom of technology all we're constantly doing is processing information constantly at speeds that the human brain hasn't experienced. So just for a comparison, kids born today to adults 30+ would be like todays best computer to one from the 80s or 90s. Then in 30 more years when everything is smart this smart that, A.I, holograms, and everything you need an arms reach away, just imagine if this isn't just me high and actually holds some truth?! 😂 Just imagine!
Grenn Chill
Grenn Chill - Dag siden
They are awkward asf.
Meggan Bourman
Meggan Bourman - Dag siden
Pewdiepie sucks he weird
Pola & Tiger
Pola & Tiger - Dag siden
They didn't learn lying good enough!