KSI Challenged Me (response).. - LWIAY #00137

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cant believe ksi did this
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Runtime: 17:56


Zakariyah Shan
Zakariyah Shan - 18 timer siden
13:20 loooooooooooooooooool
Meme Man
Meme Man - 2 dager siden
I'm a member
lewis aldred estrada
lewis aldred estrada - 4 dager siden
Coolest vid EVER
El Awebo XD
El Awebo XD - 5 dager siden
Looking for recent comments?
Nithoo Ramesh
Nithoo Ramesh - 5 dager siden
I am so happy that felix loved it
Drei TV
Drei TV - 8 dager siden
Watching you since Fridays with Pewdiepie and Pewds does everything. 🤧🥺
Shortcut 101
Shortcut 101 - 8 dager siden
If I recall My first-time watching pewdiepie is he playing horror game with his emo hairstyle
Shortcut 101
Shortcut 101 - 8 dager siden
Dart Aader
Dart Aader - 9 dager siden
13:25 the bro army has been here for your world conquest since 10 frickin years ago
Thomas janssens
Thomas janssens - 11 dager siden
So much work
Papalegsrick - 13 dager siden
SICK INTRO DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Atiya Ayesha
Atiya Ayesha - 13 dager siden
I miss old PewDiePie. Please come back
Reonexy Ray
Reonexy Ray - 14 dager siden
13:24 this what u guys looking for .thanks me later 🤪
Millatime716 - 14 dager siden
The moment that made all gamers tear up. Congrats on your journey pewds. From me and the three of us at my channel
Konstal 105N
Konstal 105N - 14 dager siden
I think, that Felix relised how big is the society he created right in this video.
Quan Jong Tan
Quan Jong Tan - 16 dager siden
this is my favourite episode of lwiay in all times
Verysour - 17 dager siden
That music video was insane
Sekar Home
Sekar Home - 17 dager siden
3:09 bro i died due to laughing
Style X
Style X - 18 dager siden
dumb raccoon
dumb raccoon - 18 dager siden
I cried when he reacted to that music video!
JOOce - 21 dag siden
I came back to watch this and got an add for stress pills and cheese.
albert wesker
albert wesker - 23 dager siden
KSI is cringe
Becon King {Ufficial BK]
Becon King {Ufficial BK] - 24 dager siden
This will be the most liked comment on youtube
Ses Triple
Ses Triple - 24 dager siden
I will just cry evertime whenever I revisit pewd's reaction.
Denis Ragsdale
Denis Ragsdale - 24 dager siden
mr beast should hold meme reveiw
Aldrig - 25 dager siden
I feel happy for Felix and i get so much feelings watching this :)
Phanboi Chau
Phanboi Chau - 26 dager siden
We know that all of us come back for his reaction to the bad history song... Nothing else
1UP - 27 dager siden
13:17 u legit came here for this
Meharbaan Waraich
Meharbaan Waraich - Måned siden
i started crying as soon as he did and now i can’t stop
Meharbaan Waraich
Meharbaan Waraich - 29 dager siden
@M J thanks 💕
M J - 29 dager siden
Meharbaan Waraich Take care ❤️❤️❤️
Kale_gaming Fan
Kale_gaming Fan - Måned siden
I just now got my pewdiepie mask and phone wrap I put it on yesterday but my case never came in.
M J - Måned siden
13:18 is perhaps what you're looking for.
Synster - 8 dager siden
thanks men
Marky Ivan Dela Cruz
Marky Ivan Dela Cruz - Måned siden
I didnt follow pewds before bcuz im 11 years old now
but i check every year what happens with pewds so i know his story and i cried
Dian Kusuma
Dian Kusuma - Måned siden
This will bring back memories of the Indonesian game ( I am Indonesian)
Hallo kamu itu semangat sekali

Fun fact: I can speak Indonesian and English and I live in Indonesia and I will tell u the meanings next time
Daniel Bitu
Daniel Bitu - Måned siden
They are romanians
Amber Dawn
Amber Dawn - Måned siden
Pintocu - Måned siden
RyanMG08 The Welsh Commentary YouTuber
The Ending Is The Best One Of The Bunch!
Kristofer Johansson
Kristofer Johansson - Måned siden
amazing animation dude, you speak for the community and so heartwarming to see
mccnx marini
mccnx marini - Måned siden
Good job Pewds for rlly trying your best not to cry 😢
mccnx marini
mccnx marini - Måned siden
Pewds didn't cry so I will 😭
mccnx marini
mccnx marini - Måned siden
The person controlling YouTube's account who just commented on this video, should control the yt account forever...
Chad Buoy445
Chad Buoy445 - Måned siden
hello everyone
hello everyone - Måned siden
From having nothing to having it all plus millions of people having your back through everything
hello everyone
hello everyone - Måned siden
That throwback journey did not just made him realize how far he has come but also made the viewers that were there in the beginning realize how different times were in the Good ol days
Rodan Gaming
Rodan Gaming - Måned siden
I love you're reaction❤️❤️❤️💖
CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
Who is this enber? you are
Sebenty Too
Sebenty Too - Måned siden
I havent really even watched pewds that much got to know about him 2years ago and i cried at this
Lucky13 YTB
Lucky13 YTB - Måned siden
Pr3bzi - Måned siden
Bad history should get an award for making pewdiepie cry off happiness
Anime World Academy
Anime World Academy - Måned siden
I used to watch pewdiepie since 2013 that was when i was High school, now im second year college and just 2 years from now before I become an Engineer, so please wish me luck, I wanna buy every single merch of pewds when I have my own job 😊😊😊
jason medina
jason medina - Måned siden
Love the animation of bad history but the one before needs some recognition too, I found it was really good
Emily & Mark Reading Show
Emily & Mark Reading Show - Måned siden
Tariq Bagabir
Tariq Bagabir - Måned siden
This is what you came for 13:25
DiligentDrew - Måned siden
Love that he brofist at the end i literally do it to the screen great video as always keep up the awesome content
QODAS - Måned siden
Welcome to Dubai .
Ngân Vương Thống
Ngân Vương Thống - Måned siden
Có ai việt Nam ở đây không
Manny Oommen
Manny Oommen - Måned siden
That last one almost made him cry, which also made me almost cry
Leo A
Leo A - Måned siden
Therapist: "Jojo pewds isn't real, he can't hurt you"
Jojo pewds: 3:18
rob lucci
rob lucci - Måned siden
Bro that video was awesome man I watch pewds from some 4 5 years and I remember most of the crazy shit soo detailed you made me emotional
Ștefan Rareș Mindirigiu
Ștefan Rareș Mindirigiu - Måned siden
swear to god I've checked my WhatsApp 15:03
Triton Avaeoru-Villatora
Triton Avaeoru-Villatora - Måned siden
🎵🎶 I'm never small again! Pewdiepie 🎵🎶
kales 47
kales 47 - Måned siden
17:06 even PewDiePie singing this song.This is perfect
Me Me
Me Me - Måned siden
I love the animation they created for you babe, I think that it would be pretty awesome if they made a series of your life in animations with different episodes and everything. That would be amazing just like you are babe.
I 💘 you so very much babe always and forevermore 😇
sleeping cat
sleeping cat - Måned siden
hmmm i think theres something with my eyes, they keep leeking what seems to be water?
Monika Jachym
Monika Jachym - Måned siden
let this sink if u were 9 when pewds first uploaded u r 19 now
Misiaczek - Måned siden
I invite you to the Misiek channel
ASRI YOUNG - Måned siden
Anyone who likes to comment and subscribe, hopefully their parents will have a long life .. ❤
Dohyden2 - Måned siden
I never realized just how deep my connection to Pewdiepies content goes until I saw that music video. I'm remembering the journey and getting all choked up.
Jeremiah Carrillo
Jeremiah Carrillo - Måned siden
I think this is one of the best Liwiay episodes
Instant Regret Playlist
Instant Regret Playlist - Måned siden
13:17 if you're wondering where the bad history video is
Jharu Nalaunan
Jharu Nalaunan - Måned siden
Imagine If there's no pewdiepie, youtube kinda boring lol.
im maemi
im maemi - Måned siden
Does anyone know the title of the instrumental at 7:35 - 7:47 ? Plsss i wanna knoww, i really like it
neng liu
neng liu - Måned siden
what kind of heartless small pp dislike this video?
Fille Landau
Fille Landau - Måned siden
ARYAN PLAYS - Måned siden
13:15- this is what you wanted
Abby Pook
Abby Pook - Måned siden
Sup Felix. So you were talking about making corpses voice deeper. There actually is a material like that. Sulfur hexafluoride. It’s like the opposite of helium. PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS INFORMATION GETS TO CORPSE! We are counting on you Felix
morghan newberry
morghan newberry - Måned siden
hers is spit, yours should be swallow
TrippinTurtle - Måned siden
What is the song he used in the background at 09:39?
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez - Måned siden
Darude sandstorm
hamada329 - Måned siden
The dislikes are from the people that forgot to turn on the camera
thatswhatshesaid - Måned siden
Seeing pewds emotional makes me emotional as well. Maybe i grew up along with PewDiePie since im 14 and now im 24. Somehow watching the mv makes me feel nostalgic as well. What a dope song and mv. ❤️
urMommaBear • 5 months ago
blacklfnoob - Måned siden
I love how his intros are a kids intro from cocomelon but his style.
Weak Ninja
Weak Ninja - Måned siden
2:28 who is the guy with the guitar on the right?
Mightymob The second channel
At least we won the war....
TheBrunkosaurus - Måned siden
Wholesome 100
Khalis Rampersad
Khalis Rampersad - Måned siden
Mr ti
Omar Awad
Omar Awad - Måned siden
his emotional got me emotional ngl. I felt the whole thing through and through and it just brought back sooo much. Thank you Bad History for your time and effort to bring back this history we all knew
jnz8 - Måned siden
the memories... 😢
diezalski - Måned siden
Twoswordsdrizzt - Måned siden
In accordance with the wishes of Marzia, I dub the monstrosity "Not Cum"
Daryll Mar Basillas
Daryll Mar Basillas - Måned siden
His reaction was wholesome.
Waylon Harless
Waylon Harless - Måned siden
Horizon - Måned siden
Normita Huerta
Normita Huerta - Måned siden
This video is older but I absolutely love it. That animation is absolutely insane. Makes my heart throb. Been watching Pewds since about 2014 to now. Absolutely love being a bro 👊🏼💙
Saqlain Reza
Saqlain Reza - Måned siden
15:43 what's that background music?
Orange - Måned siden
PewDiePie's reaction on bad history is just golden, I'm here for the 9th time❤️
GUSTAVO LIMA2351GAMER - Måned siden
TooMuchKetchup - Måned siden
Just asking, did Ethan give Pewds the mjolnir or did he get it himself?
Hollie Wood
Hollie Wood - Måned siden
I’ve watched Pewds for almost a decade and omg that animation made me cry, it’s so incredible and I hope Felix knows how much we all notice the small things 🥺😭
diego moreno
diego moreno - Måned siden
I wonder how sive reacted the animation
RyanMG08 The Welsh Commentary YouTuber
14:18 Animated Pewds Here Looks Kinda Like A Slightly More Realistic Fix-It-Feilx Jr