My Minecraft was HACKED - Minecraft - Part 46

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Runtime: 14:14


Detective_Cousins 2006
Detective_Cousins 2006 - 4 timer siden
I love the way he is just calm about the person hacked him
He's just like "Please don't change my avatar"

*We stan gamer*
Abdullah Marshad
Abdullah Marshad - 2 dager siden
Does he have 3 iPhone 11s
Sam Powney
Sam Powney - 2 dager siden
When I saw the title, my first thought was that DillonTheHacker guy from a few years back
Alexander Keokham
Alexander Keokham - 3 dager siden
You are cheating
5sonic - 4 dager siden
pewds deadass forgot who DEEP was
mariethesizzler 9492
mariethesizzler 9492 - 7 dager siden
Wow that's actually super annoying and disrespectful. That's his job he uses that account for work. If you're a "fan" and think that's funny well it's not and you're not a fan.
Александър Илиев
Seigfred Ajero
Seigfred Ajero - 8 dager siden
Atleast he doesn't abuse sven the cat anymore...
Seigfred Ajero
Seigfred Ajero - 8 dager siden
Sven ain't a simp cuz he gay remember....
Chloe Ma
Chloe Ma - 8 dager siden
Omg did pewds forget about DEEEEP?????
cyber punk
cyber punk - 9 dager siden
Two part 46
Jonah McD
Jonah McD - 10 dager siden
Did anyone else not get any of his new Minecraft videos on their recommend?
MrColz - 10 dager siden
Felix: **places the end crystals down**
Me: 😬😬😬
Jonathan Asher
Jonathan Asher - 10 dager siden
BTW, Pewds said he going to use the crystlas to summon back Ender dragon, but he use as decore(dangerous)
Jonathan Asher
Jonathan Asher - 10 dager siden
Pewds: dude why does anyone use this as decor!
People: because when u touch them they explode!
fact: you cant mine a crystal it will explode, so if Sven comes near portal and Pewds touch crystal : end of game
RHP - 12 dager siden
Where the hell my comment i just search it like an hour and its 26K Comments
My comment is: Pewds is eps 50 you getting old
And its 3 month ago bruh youtube
Santos Eliseo Mejia
Santos Eliseo Mejia - 12 dager siden
Spicy Oreos74
Spicy Oreos74 - 13 dager siden
pewds youre on the wrong save bengt is missing?
Xephonine - 13 dager siden
Wait... 2 two part 46
Taran Sanger
Taran Sanger - 14 dager siden
im the one hacked pewds pewdiepie if ur watching this im sorry that i hacker ur minecraft.and have a nice day
THE-CAZ-555 - 14 dager siden
I saw his skin and I thought of carson immediately :(
ВИДЕОРЕЛАКС - 15 dager siden
*Very impressive, powerful video ... tongue falls in jaw, keep up the good work*
Fana Taddele
Fana Taddele - 15 dager siden
some body haked your minecraft
Alfie Griffiths
Alfie Griffiths - 16 dager siden
So... the real part 46-49 are not canon?
KHENT QUINO - 17 dager siden
Dustin Patterson
Dustin Patterson - 17 dager siden
What’s the song playing at 11:40
Sing with Cathleene G
Sing with Cathleene G - 17 dager siden
@Wozurd Hacked ur account he make a video
Adam Ogg
Adam Ogg - 19 dager siden
this is actually minecraft part 50...... bruh....
Jake Pyrah
Jake Pyrah - 23 dager siden
Felix: No more deaths in this series!
Also Felix: *Kills chicken after he says that*
MUHAMMAD UMAR - 25 dager siden
no one's gonna ask when this episode's continue ?
stone sword original
stone sword original - 25 dager siden
poor pewdiepie if i knew ho hacked you i would say stop it hacker if not i call the police
Lara Samson
Lara Samson - 25 dager siden
I was genuinely scared when pewdiepie once again forgot who Deeep is... 😂
IMKevin117 - Animations/Gameplays
*this being Part 46 when the last episode was Part 49*
jebohim - 27 dager siden
NBmelih - 28 dager siden
pause 2:27
i just realized pewds put looting on a pickaxe
Zara Hasan
Zara Hasan - 28 dager siden
Sai Guvvala
Sai Guvvala - 28 dager siden
The title is wrong it’s part 50
Jherrald Angelo
Jherrald Angelo - 29 dager siden
I hacked PewDiePie's Minecraft....
Freja Pettersson
Freja Pettersson - Måned siden
He forgot about deep...again
Lucky Blue
Lucky Blue - Måned siden
How could he forget ula brita
MINI SMC4 - Måned siden
Who else got anxiety when PewDiePie placed end crystals beside sven
Only For You
Only For You - Måned siden
You should add a Watermark. :)
constantash gameing
constantash gameing - Måned siden
Can you please make Samsung phone cases to
EnteBoi - Måned siden
please feed alabama, im scared he will disappear if you dont
tabitha hewson
tabitha hewson - Måned siden
nice vid
Jeremy Nuevo Rivas
Jeremy Nuevo Rivas - Måned siden
When pewdiepie say he will use it to summon ender dragon and then he use it for design how great pewds Hahahaha
8mmKyle - Måned siden
Poor Sven's son (aka DEEEP), Pewds made him procreate with his father and he STILL doesn't remember who he is...
Rathin Seth
Rathin Seth - Måned siden
That was me. Hehe
A Guy
A Guy - Måned siden
always aiming on ulabritta
mr. donut
mr. donut - Måned siden
Pewdiepie dbrand scammed me. I've been waitning for this mask 2 months and it still haven't arrived. Please someone help
Rebica Lim
Rebica Lim - Måned siden
The background music is super cool. Does anybody knows the name?
CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
Who is this enber? you are
Yeet - Måned siden
Meet lazarbeam
Austin Bautista
Austin Bautista - Måned siden
This is supposed to be part 50
Srinidhi Bijjala
Srinidhi Bijjala - Måned siden
Felix: I’m not gonna kill anymore
Also Felix: I killed a youngling so what
NiggaMemes - Måned siden
DankEZ - Måned siden
Lol pewds Doesn't even realize that this is the 50th ep
Rudraksha Srivastava
Rudraksha Srivastava - Måned siden
Scepter Draws
Scepter Draws - Måned siden
Petition for pewdiepie to join the Dream smp
Please say "signed"
In the comments
GamingWithCharles - Måned siden
join the Dream SMP
Scepter Draws
Scepter Draws - Måned siden
Tom Kao
Tom Kao - Måned siden
I mean.....
James Kelly
James Kelly - Måned siden he doing the second war in The End?
James Kelly
James Kelly - Måned siden
The king returns
Manuel Garcia.
Manuel Garcia. - Måned siden
Hi like your video
Jonathan Terpanjian
Jonathan Terpanjian - Måned siden
69/10 intro
dandilo espins
dandilo espins - Måned siden
Hahahah what happened
Kevin Cichocki
Kevin Cichocki - Måned siden
Why are u wearing a mask it makes no sence
Jaron Pidcock
Jaron Pidcock - Måned siden
Lol, I love how he thought this was part 46 rather than 50
Ammar Haider
Ammar Haider - Måned siden
If the hacker has a a channel dislike him
Dion Fung
Dion Fung - Måned siden
Elias Andrason
Elias Andrason - Måned siden
Felix: There will be no more deaths.

Also Felix: Proceeds to kill the first chicken he sees.
noel gonong
noel gonong - Måned siden
Why is the episode 46 but there are 2 episode 46 pewds must have messed up to the episode
Nightclaw579 - Måned siden
People should stop asking for likes.
Like if you agree
Lunar Baker
Lunar Baker - Måned siden
6:30 “I was in electrical doing wires!” Me “da fuq”
MYSTIC GUY - Måned siden
9:31 the dark side
Layla Cordova
Layla Cordova - Måned siden
Lol pewds calling sven not a simp is hilarious he is mixed emotions for sven lol
Lily Ohanneson
Lily Ohanneson - Måned siden
u should tap the end crystals
Foogy_ - Måned siden
him:places down cristols
me:its not silk touch
Crazy shooter
Crazy shooter - Måned siden
alina poenaru
alina poenaru - Måned siden
Dream hacked your world
KianGaming 9827
KianGaming 9827 - Måned siden
what title the ender dragon beat
Billy Hsu
Billy Hsu - Måned siden
Peers needs to play the new update Minecraft caves and shafts.

Like so peeps can see
Ethan Boucher
Ethan Boucher - Måned siden
this was posted on my b day 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Felix Bernsmann
Felix Bernsmann - Måned siden
"Pewds Back in Minecraft"
The return of the King
Emarse Mariano
Emarse Mariano - Måned siden
Pdiddy Dog
Pdiddy Dog - Måned siden
Y don’t he remember deep😭
Shafi Ullah Khan
Shafi Ullah Khan - Måned siden
You are not lucky with the drops you are the king of minecraft the minecraft world obeys you
Hail Playz
Hail Playz - Måned siden
Pewdiepie doesn't pay the taxes for 4 MONTHS and
Alabama turns the whole nether against him
LUiz - Måned siden
Louis Atterberry
Louis Atterberry - Måned siden
please build penguin
Gang Gang
Gang Gang - Måned siden
Does pewdiepie still not know that the cats scare the creepers?
Amal Reddy Allampati
Amal Reddy Allampati - Måned siden
Pewds: stay safe ulla brita
Also Pewds - pointing one of the most powerful bow in the game at ulla brita
Color Queen
Color Queen - Måned siden
You already have a part 46? Would this be part 50?
Ali Tahir
Ali Tahir - Måned siden
pleas use a silk touch when you brake thos end crystals or els you gonna die and a lot of the terrain to, it explods
GavinCrafter - Måned siden
Pewds : goes to nether to get iron nuggets
Everyone: just craft them with iron
Alyssa Valino
Alyssa Valino - Måned siden
that will not end well
Some Child
Some Child - Måned siden
This is part 50 tf?
KittKat Playz
KittKat Playz - Måned siden
When Svenson gets forgotten a second time
Sam Baragwanath
Sam Baragwanath - Måned siden
Why did he put down the nether Stars you can't pick him back up
Hype Beast
Hype Beast - Måned siden
why does he have 3 identical iphones what
Micheal Ashmeade
Micheal Ashmeade - Måned siden
You must upgrade your home in minecraft