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Runtime: 18:10


raj - 3 dager siden
everything is cringe
Me Me
Me Me - 5 dager siden
🥰😍😇 👑 👽💘💋
Holly Nova
Holly Nova - 12 dager siden
Imagine posting a meme hoping to get on lwiay but ends up in this video instead
Hayden Pike
Hayden Pike - 12 dager siden
People just shitting on others for what they enjoy is so odd, like why does it bother you so much? I can’t imagine having the energy and time for that.
Aviation And Minecraft pro
Aviation And Minecraft pro - 14 dager siden
lol ksi and pews are like 2 gamers in a pot
Ken - 14 dager siden
12:22 look that's me
Kaneki Alb
Kaneki Alb - 15 dager siden
Love the brofist , always have and always will
BWMagus - 18 dager siden
It saddens me how many people want to hate their own communities. I get that being a fanboy is annoying, but at least a fanboy is HAPPY and proud of where he is. People who hang around anywhere going "I hate this group. Everyone else here is stupid and cringe." are just...well, legitimately pathetic. How sad is it that you have the entire internet to enjoy, and the best you can manage is to hang out with people you hate?
sea anemily
sea anemily - 19 dager siden
unfunny does automatically equal cringe.
Lollygagger 69
Lollygagger 69 - 4 dager siden
@sea anemily lol
sea anemily
sea anemily - 4 dager siden
@Lollygagger 69 that's my point
Lollygagger 69
Lollygagger 69 - 4 dager siden
Not always
Ohio is offline
Ohio is offline - 19 dager siden
We need a PewDiePie ushanka (I would wear that in public if it existed lol)
Lt. Stoner
Lt. Stoner - 21 dag siden
I think they're more cringe than the people they shit on
Chronox 04
Chronox 04 - 23 dager siden
🅱️rig 🅱️ain 🅱️eanie
TheEdvarZ - 26 dager siden
nice vid pewds
cowchipsbotme - 27 dager siden
Felix Ginger.
Young Torres
Young Torres - 27 dager siden
When 69 floor gang Nice 420 small pp😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Mido Rana
Mido Rana - 27 dager siden
He really just did us like that
How and why the hell would you read Jr as Ginger
Sorry, I started screaming laughing at this and replayed it 2 times
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - 28 dager siden
Lol i got banned from the original subreddit because I said lol
alex, o.o
alex, o.o - 29 dager siden
When the cringe subreddit is the cringest
Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes - 29 dager siden
I enjoy love watching all cringe memes and Jacksepticeye 😂😂😂😂
JYOTII GODIYAL - Måned siden
You Can watch my Vlogs too @ JYOTII GODIYAL channel ...and Subscribe my Channel too if u liked my content
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - Måned siden
Anto Wibowo
Anto Wibowo - Måned siden
i just realized that story reading fanart didn't appear at lwiay 😂
Azra Yüksel
Azra Yüksel - Måned siden
did this dude just sponsor himself?
Three Kings
Three Kings - Måned siden
nice well done good job
Ggg Fgui
Ggg Fgui - Måned siden
vim pelo felipe neto apululu
GameNWB - Måned siden
r/cringepdpsubmissions and r/pewdiepiesubmissions are both pretty cringe, r/cringepdpsubmissions is cringe because they try so hard to be cool and different by hating pewds, and r/pewdiepiesubmissions just having some awful posts on it. Most are foreigners from r/memes or r/dankmemes lmao
Deltabloxier - Måned siden
That's a hella lot of cringe
Strawberry n’ Bananas
Strawberry n’ Bananas - Måned siden
Hey pewds!! You know I love you my guy, I’ve been here from the beginning and I am a huge fan 😌 but bro.... plz don’t say the r- slur! Not many people know that it’s bad but we must spread the wordddd! It’s offensive to disabled people since it’s original meaning was to make fun of them for being “stupid” :( hope you see this ✌️
BWMagus - 18 dager siden
No, actually, originally it was just used to describe people with mental difficulties. Then it became bad. Then we called them handicapped; that's bad now. Now you called them "disabled", which is offensive to other-abled people (yes, I have been told that). "Dumb" also used to just be a neutral descriptor that BECAME a slur. Same with terms of black people; "negro", the word used by MLK and Malcolm X, the word that literally is Spanish for "black", used to be normal, then we had "African American" for a while but that's bad now, some people get offended if you call them "black", and now we have "people of color", which is hilarious, because "colored people" was a slur 70 years ago. Or what happened to "gay" and every other slang word for homosexual. Because the thing is, any word you use to describe people some don't like or look down on will become a slur by association with that thing. Look at how people use "liberal" and "conservative" as slurs now. So there's no point in constantly getting offended and trying to find the "right" terminology, because in a year or two, it'll be offensive as well.
Graphics world
Graphics world - Måned siden
I am Indian any one know Indian youtubers
JP Robles
JP Robles - Måned siden
Pewdiepie... and the outrage begins
Martina Komanová
Martina Komanová - Måned siden
Damn it! :D i didn't have time to watch the videos because of the university and NOW i found out there were PEWDIEPIE ORNAMENTS??? AND THEY'RE SOLD OUT xD the chance of a lifetime is goooone
celeste b
celeste b - Måned siden
13:07 gotta love transphobia
Matsu Moto
Matsu Moto - Måned siden
Pewdiepie krikke
Hum-3 - Måned siden
Felix Ginger
Holden Noble
Holden Noble - Måned siden
He said am I a multimillion dollar furniture corporation, he is a millionaire (idk how rich but he is), and he sells chairs that can turn into a table
Holden Noble
Holden Noble - Måned siden
I honestly wouldn’t be surprised by Felix becoming president, trump did it
BWMagus - 18 dager siden
Well, that'd be illegal, you have to be a born citizen. BUT, that said, I'd vote for him; he's honest, considerate, and isn't corrupted by money, so he's better than 99% of people who have worked in DC over the last 50 years.
Auri Bunny
Auri Bunny - Måned siden
If ur a girl and watch pewdiepie then u use the funny filters on snap 💯
Just some guy with a moustache
See that’s why reddit>insta
morsheda akhter
morsheda akhter - Måned siden
make a video that you are speking swedish
Muhamad Adhila Putra
Muhamad Adhila Putra - Måned siden
Neko - Måned siden
What the actual fuck.
Spandan Joshi
Spandan Joshi - Måned siden
Felix Jinjer?
Ana Villalobos
Ana Villalobos - Måned siden
hey pewds can you stop saying the r word. its a hateful slur against people with intellectual disabilities
BWMagus - 18 dager siden
Whoa, you're calling them "disabled"? That's pretty hateful, stop calling them that. They are just other-abled.
Tiktok channel
Tiktok channel - Måned siden
Not all girls but most 😂
Dion Peeters
Dion Peeters - Måned siden
Brig bain beanie
Lakshita Raja
Lakshita Raja - Måned siden
the end was kinda really wholesome T_T
The gaming Nugget
The gaming Nugget - Måned siden
The people that complain about reddit are more cringe than reddit itself
VVVibing - Måned siden
Kinda funny how he said "brig bain beanie" instead of "big brain beanie"
Meri Pahkina
Meri Pahkina - Måned siden
tbh i get so hsppy every time he does the brofist
i remember always doing it back to the screen before bed when i was a kid
Shogun Shien
Shogun Shien - Måned siden
Whats wrong with bro fist?
Potatoes - Måned siden
Am not surprise if some pewdiepie fans are assholes.
Ps - Edgar is still freaking cute even if he's grow old.
christiana vegors
christiana vegors - Måned siden
06:08 I just realized i missed mine too://
Sam - Måned siden
Brig Bain Beanie
Adelin Ungureanu
Adelin Ungureanu - Måned siden
The post : Felix Jr
Pewds: Felix GINGER
Holly Paige
Holly Paige - Måned siden
what video did he read the story in
Juan Galt
Juan Galt - Måned siden
based gear is cringe
Fazmoze - Måned siden
Why doesn’t the design cover more of the shirt bruh
Siraje Gaming
Siraje Gaming - Måned siden
Support me
X Black5
X Black5 - Måned siden
اكو عرب
Darian Stevens
Darian Stevens - Måned siden
i yous to play fortnight now i play mineshaft
Sertuğ SARI
Sertuğ SARI - Måned siden
ow you look old dude :)
Cringey foreva! Hell yea !!
Noodle Train
Noodle Train - Måned siden
Think about it, if fortnite and tik tok gets deleted, then those kids have no choice but to enjoy what we normal people enjoy, and I assume that isn’t what we want. So if we keep fortnite and tik tok, those cringefests have a place to belong
Pesutica - Måned siden
Did he just read Jr. as ginger?
QwertzTM - Måned siden
Not the r slur…
Patrick Mcmahon
Patrick Mcmahon - Måned siden
Felix ginger
Ah yes correct
Jack Plaez
Jack Plaez - Måned siden
_c r i n g e_
Everyone who says fortnite / tiktok is bad might be just dumb af,since this platforms act as a dumpster for the internet trash. Change my mind.
ur Noze
ur Noze - Måned siden
Kevv Chann
Kevv Chann - Måned siden
Legit going through crippling depression “I may be over dramatic but I’m sad af man...” no pc or console which use to be my outlet and source of being happy away from reality to enjoy my days and not feel lonely, so I’m so happy I have you on my phone pewds 👊🏽❤️🤍 deff made my night better :)
Chandna Dave
Chandna Dave - Måned siden
Felix jr and he said ginger 😅🤣
бекмамат арапов
бекмамат арапов
бекмамат арапов
бекмамат арапов
Sophia Amado
Sophia Amado - Måned siden
Hey I like pewdiepie and fortnite, *brofist*
fedew - Måned siden
dont stop the brofist
Brent Harell
Brent Harell - Måned siden
My logo is in the thumbnail
Mahad Kamal
Mahad Kamal - Måned siden
Woah dude, major trademark issues
The Eye Odin Lost
The Eye Odin Lost - Måned siden
I'm not even gonna lie; those replies to the posts were actually the fucking heart shattering cringe. Seriously man, I'm trying to enjoy my tortellini here.
LegitElf123 - Måned siden
Ah shit the plan has backfired. I’m putting my daughter to sleep and I was like ahhh time to watch some good ol Pewds.
Intro plays
Daughter instantly wakes up
Md Nd
Md Nd - Måned siden
Goose - Måned siden
15:15 'scuse me but did he just say Dodge?
rawsauce - Måned siden
XxCorndog RachaxX
XxCorndog RachaxX - Måned siden
Pewdiepie fans are unfunny.
Amuzarill - Måned siden
Are you denying that your fans didn't bully the reaction kid? What the hell is wrong with you?
BWMagus - 18 dager siden
He's got 100 million fans; name basically any action and some of his fans have done it. It's not his fault. If Vladamir Putin likes Kraft mac & cheese, that's not Kraft's fault.
Amuzarill - Måned siden
Sort by hot on pewdiepiesubmissions and you'll still want to end it all.
oscar gomez
oscar gomez - Måned siden
Nice fleshlight
Adam Kraslice
Adam Kraslice - Måned siden
Im best youtuber ever.
Kate Ryan
Kate Ryan - Måned siden
why is everyone ignoring that he said the r word
BWMagus - 18 dager siden
Because it doesn't matter. Saying a word doesn't make people keel over dead, and people who are assholes to others are not going to be any less assholes or destructive because you bad a word. If someone abuses you daily, it's no defense if he or she says "But I never swear or cuss!"
officialjarix - Måned siden
because it's not directed to anyone, and it's a name
_ xlampix
_ xlampix - Måned siden
because that's the name of the subreddit
maria laura valera varela
maria laura valera varela - Måned siden
soy español pero eres un crakc
Henday - Måned siden
@pewDiePie Hello, pewdiepie, the number 1 YouTuber in the world and has become a motivation for all YouTubers in the world. My greetings are from Indonesia
Jun Ch. 西木野 じゅん
Pewds reacting to that subreddit gives me pain
omg dani
Hey Vsauce Robbery Here
Hey Vsauce Robbery Here - Måned siden
My old comments from 2012 when i was 11 on old pewdiepie scary/screaming compilations could pass as obscure humor today
Kailee Granger
Kailee Granger - Måned siden
hey pewds... can we not say the r slur
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga - Måned siden
Pewdiepies mic whenever he says f 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖
Dannii Blake
Dannii Blake - Måned siden
Look, brofist may feel cringe sometimes but it used to make me genuinely happy at the end of the videos
Joey The Boi • 69 years ago
Fortnite is actually alright it’s just most of the community