Ranking Girls by Appearance - Jubilee React #14

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Leo_130 - Time siden
The black girl was not that attractive but when everyone makes people think their failures are because of their race they always have something to blame it on and it’s pathetic
Leo_130 - Time siden
13:26 I think we can all learn something from this. *caugh* America listen up
lnterestingg - 2 timer siden
Why did the guys make the girl number 5 as number 1? I’m a girl and I honestly think they’re all so beautiful in their own way, can someone explain the aesthetic decisions lol
Sophie K
Sophie K - 2 timer siden
Am I nuts or is the fuller figure girl way more attractive than she was ranked? It would be the blonde one last for me. It’s all an opinion I think.
eunhyukie - 9 timer siden
thank you for saying my thoughts out loud~ :)
Homme Fatal Taemin
Homme Fatal Taemin - 17 timer siden
I honestly am most attracted to Michelle, followed by Jordan. Jordan has gorgeous skin and hair, and her dress was pretty on her. I thought Maria was cute in a way that most guys would be attracted to. The other two I didn’t personally find attractive.
gigel gigel
gigel gigel - 17 timer siden
the "big" girl can lose a bit of weight to be much healthier,you don t need to be fit to be the most atrractive,fuck.Honestly she has a better face than the the black girl and the blonde girl.
xLilx PANDAx1231x
xLilx PANDAx1231x - Dag siden
I love how race was brought into the game🙄🙄🙄
OT Beatz
OT Beatz - Dag siden
Bro the girl that was ranked 4th should be 1st coz shes leng wtf
Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade - Dag siden
What did he mean when he said the greeks found the prefect body? 14:52
Tyler Wickwire
Tyler Wickwire - Dag siden
Why do people always have to bring Race into everything. I found the most physically attractive chick to be the black one until she said no because my color is off. Like now I know your personality and it turned me off. You were beautiful now I can't stand your personality, which directly impacts how attractive I find you.
Tucci - Dag siden
race does play a part in this though. a “x” person may be considered pretty by other “x” people because among the “x” people, the beauty standard is based on physical traits that “x” people genetically tend to have. but if an “x” person that is considered pretty in “x” culture goes to a place full of “y” people, they wont be considered pretty there because the “y” beauty standard is based on physical traits “y” people genetically tend to have.
TEAM MALTO - 2 dager siden
i actually like the displate ad thingy
Urmomgay Lmao
Urmomgay Lmao - 2 dager siden
No homo Pewds is sexy asl
P I Z Z A R I Y A - 2 dager siden
12:43 what, you made me spit my drink
P I Z Z A R I Y A - 2 dager siden
Well that all matters on there personality
Maliyah Ray
Maliyah Ray - 2 dager siden
tallest to shortest -_-
God nerfed me
God nerfed me - 2 dager siden
Not really,except for Michelle they were all around the same height. Ngl it does play a role,as it makes her look more cute but unlike women men don't consider it a necessity. It's on the same level as any other trait. Michelle would still be first even if she was as tall as the others,or at the very least second.
Lexi Cameron
Lexi Cameron - 2 dager siden
This is y I hate all men😭😭
God nerfed me
God nerfed me - 2 dager siden
Vishal Praveen
Vishal Praveen - 2 dager siden
Cool. You're just another crazy. SJWs won't mind having you
HappyHomeClown - 2 dager siden
Maria gave me arrogant vibes
Hei 1234
Hei 1234 - 2 dager siden
I like mustache pewdipie
Trexioas X
Trexioas X - 3 dager siden
Ok this comment is about Displate.If you are in north America, dont waste your money or time. It will take over like 3 weeks for you to get an update about the order and then when it is about to arrive to the country you will get an email stating that you need to pay some stupid DHL courier fee. I spent already $40 CAD and they send me an email to waste $28 more just to get it shipped here. Would have been nice if their useless website stated that. So if you are rich go ahead, otherwise dont waste your money. They are in poland btw so of course pediepie didnt mention this cause he is in Sweden, its not his fault.
SlaveLaboringKid - 3 dager siden
what was the fat one even doing there
God nerfed me
God nerfed me - 2 dager siden
No need to be an asshole kid.
Csfv Csfv
Csfv Csfv - 3 dager siden
11:33 i thought he was wearing heels-
peruna soossi
peruna soossi - 3 dager siden
Why was the black girl talking about race? The guys put the asian girl first and the black girl fourth. The girls put the asian girl last and the black girl thirt. It wasn't about race, and if it would've been about it, it was more like that with the girls. And the black girl wasn't even the last one, so wtf she talking about?
Xochitl Duarte
Xochitl Duarte - 3 dager siden
Maria and Michelle are the prettiest and the blonde chick is dead last for me lol. No way in hell you can tell me the blonde girl has better features than the curvy or black girl, nope!
Fear_3bdullah - 3 dager siden
Idk why people say Michelle is number 1 she’s a solid 3 in my opinion here we go with toxic 13 year olds cussing me out in the replies
God nerfed me
God nerfed me - 3 dager siden
Among the girls there she's number one. In the grand scheme of things she's just average looking though.
. - 3 dager siden
For me Michelle number 1 because she have such a cute face good outfit and hair. But it's my opinion everyone see Beauty differently.
Dmitry Herrington
Dmitry Herrington - 4 dager siden
I feel like the girls rated each other based on who's ego needed the validation 1-5
Phil Lux
Phil Lux - 4 dager siden
I wasn't surprised to see the Asian girl move up to 1. She was the most attractive-looking one in the group from the start. It's funny how the other girls were trying to rank her low when they were ranking themselves.
mian bao
mian bao - 4 dager siden
Lmaoo the black girl playing the race card. Bruh.
Alyssa Riggan
Alyssa Riggan - 4 dager siden
“...that’s interesting”
JAMES CURRAN - 5 dager siden
I have a displace
Jack Gornowicz
Jack Gornowicz - 5 dager siden
ur a cool guy pewdiepie
٦٦٦ - 5 dager siden
Kaylin is it for me
ABIGMAN BMX - 5 dager siden
Pewdiepies. Rating order was spot on
Martin Rose
Martin Rose - 5 dager siden
Kaylynn and Maria should change place imo
N/A - 6 dager siden
Why is pewdiepie so handsome?
Ani _me
Ani _me - 6 dager siden
On 11:33 it kinda looks like the guy is wearing high heels😂
Chuck Noris
Chuck Noris - 6 dager siden
I know like 5 other blonde girls just like this one
Bridgeeeena - 6 dager siden
As a woman, the boys did it right, except I would have switched 3&4
Its Mono
Its Mono - 6 dager siden
Look how comfortable they look in their lineup, and how uncomfortable they look in the guy’s lineup 😂
Me Me
Me Me - 7 dager siden
I've always went by whats on the inside of anybody first and looks at last.
Looks are the most deceptive part of anything.
Inside is what tells the truth and the story.
I 💘 you babe 😘
Me Me
Me Me - 7 dager siden
Also I don't think of looks being a competition either, no brainer. I do think whats inside, including brain, personality, how someone is able to bounce back and handle them selves matters, confidence.
Michaela MacDonald
Michaela MacDonald - 7 dager siden
I like the blonde girls first rating she said, absolutely what I was thinking 😂
Bofi - 7 dager siden
8:13 I said the same thing XD
Jayden Johnson
Jayden Johnson - 7 dager siden
Pewds really put the black girl and the fat girl last 😭😭 I feel terrible
Vishal Praveen
Vishal Praveen - 2 dager siden
Preferences. You heard about it? Not everyone likes an obese woman. About the black woman, well she started blaming things on a leftist narrative and that's what made me say no. Otherwise I'd prolly have her at 2nd place tied with Michelle
Erica Gordon
Erica Gordon - 7 dager siden
He gave us that when your dad find out you got a girlfriend face
Erica Gordon
Erica Gordon - 7 dager siden
They’re easy to hang and I also got them from Japan
Mads Iversen
Mads Iversen - 7 dager siden
I dont get it, why is the black chick so low. She is obviously on seconds, do they not like black chick in america or something? the latina chick should change placeses with her, she is saggy
Vishal Praveen
Vishal Praveen - 2 dager siden
She picked up the race card.
God nerfed me
God nerfed me - 7 dager siden
If she presented herself differently I can see that,but I didn't really like her style. The latina looked like a pug but she had the best fashion sense.
Jana - 8 dager siden
How is the blonde one personalitywise first????
Sanne Aarbakke
Sanne Aarbakke - 8 dager siden
its so weird that a grown man chooses the most curvy woman last
Sanne Aarbakke
Sanne Aarbakke - 25 minutter siden
@Vishal Praveen she is fat and curvy. what is ur point?
Vishal Praveen
Vishal Praveen - 2 dager siden
*Obese or fat. Maria might be been curvy but the person I think you're refering to is fat
God nerfed me
God nerfed me - 7 dager siden
Don't mistake curvy for fat.
woof woof
woof woof - 8 dager siden
man the final ranking of the women should be reversed
Sasa Nodlesh
Sasa Nodlesh - 8 dager siden
As a girl, completely agree w guys final ranking. Yes should have gotten different girls to rank them, not self-ranking. That was just a power play.
Smooth smoothie 68 419
Smooth smoothie 68 419 - 8 dager siden
The girl that put herself in 5 was the most attractive lmao
For me i’d switch 3 and 4 of the guy’s rating
Illuminati Gamer
Illuminati Gamer - 8 dager siden
"stop fat shaming felix"
Lauryn Ferguson
Lauryn Ferguson - 8 dager siden
And it is so sad that she even said “there was no chance for me”
Petar Broulekov
Petar Broulekov - 9 dager siden
I found her most attractive because her personality is amazing..................................
Nathaly Alfaro
Nathaly Alfaro - 9 dager siden
They all knew damn well Michelle was number one!
Xxi X
Xxi X - 9 dager siden
Michelle deserved to be in first place
Stefi Player
Stefi Player - 9 dager siden
I just agreed w u soo much I dont remember agreeing w someone this much
xo_shannon k
xo_shannon k - 10 dager siden
Someone pay us black women our dues. I’m bored as fuck now
T I M O T E Í Lynn
T I M O T E Í Lynn - 10 dager siden
SYKO - 10 dager siden
Millissa was best to me
Cubelet - 10 dager siden
It was a very dumb point for an asian woman to make an appeal about beauty standards when asian women are ranked VERY highly across the board of attraction by numerous polls
Alt Cont
Alt Cont - 10 dager siden
Nothing stops other races of women from getting a better reputation.
Tomáš Sýkora
Tomáš Sýkora - 10 dager siden
"Common, other ones have better face" yep that's true and cold as fuck :D
Zakaria ⵣⴰⴽⴰⵔⵢⴰ
Did the black girl just pull out the race card lmao
MagicTurtle546 - 11 dager siden
The salt from the fat one to the black one
Quintessa CookieW0LF13!
Quintessa CookieW0LF13! - 11 dager siden
I'm a girl and apparently I think like men when it came to Michelle I gave her two but then a one also😂😑 they change it to one 😆
Quintessa CookieW0LF13!
Quintessa CookieW0LF13! - 11 dager siden
I'm a girl and act a bit like a boi so ya...😐
Quintessa CookieW0LF13!
Quintessa CookieW0LF13! - 11 dager siden
I'm glad my older brother and sis rise me with Pewdiepie videos and more!❤😁
Quintessa CookieW0LF13!
Quintessa CookieW0LF13! - 11 dager siden
I had guess this was 2 months and I was right!😂❤
Fran Lizama
Fran Lizama - 11 dager siden
Brother I follow you from Latin America specifically Chile I love your videos but unfortunately in my country they do not pay much attention to teaching English so it is very difficult for me to understand your videos but I love you I wish you could put subtitles in Spanish ♡
Rashi - 12 dager siden
seriously why does looks matter
Vishal Praveen
Vishal Praveen - 2 dager siden
It matters. It's a universal truth. You can keep telling that beauty is a social construct but let me tell you that it isn't
Phanboi Chau
Phanboi Chau - 9 dager siden
Harsh truth hai First impressions looks pe hi based hote hai, you admit it out not They don't matter in the long term tho
God nerfed me
God nerfed me - 11 dager siden
Don't know,ask yourself. You're not any different in this regard
Zachary Schwering
Zachary Schwering - 12 dager siden
thats the most awkward thing ive seen in a while, but there's no way around it with the video concept lmao
PapaMike - 12 dager siden
Blonde girl is defo last place
frankie - 13 dager siden
i would do
1. asian
2. black girl
3. brunette makeup
4. bigger girl
5. kristen bell
Calise McKenzie
Calise McKenzie - 13 dager siden
Omg move the blonde down
Alt Cont
Alt Cont - 13 dager siden
Nah,if she had her hair longer I would have placed her higher.
Philip Kłusek
Philip Kłusek - 13 dager siden
Why tf i thought anthony was in high heels ? I mean in 11:33 he kinda looks like he was in them 😳
Michael Pumphret
Michael Pumphret - 14 dager siden
Jannik E.
Jannik E. - 14 dager siden
Black girl on 4 wat?
Alt Cont
Alt Cont - 13 dager siden
The obese girl being there saved her.
Vlad The Slav
Vlad The Slav - 14 dager siden
asian women winning the cute pretty game by a long shot its not even close
Lillytheflower - 14 dager siden
DUDE why are you so HANDSOME !
lola marie
lola marie - 14 dager siden
women are extremely competitive but we’re also extremely empathetic so its really easy for us to think highly of ourselves but we never want anyone to think that means we necessarily think we’re better than them in any way. bc we’re also aware we’re not perfect lmfao
Alt Cont
Alt Cont - 14 dager siden
@lola marie I'm referring to everything from middle school girls to full grown women bullying workmates. Violence and pride have their uses in moderation but insinuating this is what men are all about is insulting,which you probably knew because you meant it as an insult. If you actually believe that then as I said,you just have shitty taste in men.
lola marie
lola marie - 14 dager siden
Alt Cont its not exactly shitty to be be prideful or willing to face conflict. it also doesnt make you perfect to be empathetic so idk why that bothered you so much- it seems like you’re the one projecting. also these are grown women lmfao. are you referring to middle school girls? 🤣🤣🤣
Alt Cont
Alt Cont - 14 dager siden
@lola marie Lol in my experience women bullied the shit out of less attractive women. That myth about women being more empathetic needs to die. Also men are not "violent and ruled by pride" for the most part,probably just the guys you end up going for. Stop projecting your shitty tastes in men onto the whole male population.
lola marie
lola marie - 14 dager siden
Alt Cont and what conflict ? 🤣 over a difference of opinion ? you must be sensitive if that always leads to conflict for you.
lola marie
lola marie - 14 dager siden
Alt Cont nope its empathy lmfao. we’re not violent and ruled by pride like men. we know how it feels to feel ugly and we dont want other girls to feel that way, that’s called empathy lmao
Kalkiraj Panwar
Kalkiraj Panwar - 15 dager siden
I have some thoughts....But youtube ban my account previously...
So thankyou yt for your service.....
Jax Collins
Jax Collins - 15 dager siden
It would be funny in every girl in the beginning just rushed to the right
Phase Tech
Phase Tech - 15 dager siden
The blonde should’ve been last imo
Ursula - 15 dager siden
it’s interesting that michelle was ranked highest by the men but also by the gay girl, aka blonde girl
Anton Santiago
Anton Santiago - 15 dager siden
"wow so her idea on her race holding her back, was completely just in her head." Agree
Cracked Gamez
Cracked Gamez - 15 dager siden
PewDiePie's rating is fax
Bookworm - 16 dager siden
I really want to know people who disliked this video. If they can't take a comedy video I dont want to be near them.
Freddy A
Freddy A - 16 dager siden
Maria was the most attractive I feel like most people voted Michelle 1st out of pity for her being last...
Kill it with fire
Kill it with fire - 16 dager siden
Nah it's because she's the cutest. Maria looked like one of those girls who blow you under the table at the club.
Ryan Stoneking
Ryan Stoneking - 16 dager siden
Different strokes for different folks. Couldn’t be said any better.
Ronan Gallagher
Ronan Gallagher - 16 dager siden
Jealousy in its purest form
SteveNathn - 16 dager siden
13:27 that’s kinda fax tho
T!MEDtheT!MER - 16 dager siden
Im still wondering how the asian was ranked last by the girls🧐
bun bun
bun bun - 17 dager siden
its obvious that the girls are straight cos they kept michelle at 5 lmao
Ishita - 17 dager siden
That Asian girl is amazing 😀
She is sooo humble ☺️☺️
HeyItsChase - 17 dager siden
HeyItsChase - 17 dager siden
mow mow
jalj 20
jalj 20 - 17 dager siden
that intro got my brother running
Andi James
Andi James - 17 dager siden
I would rank 1. Maria 2. (Really tough choice between Jordan and michelle) 3. Jordan or michelle interchangeably 4. The black girl and 5. Bossy but after she pulled the race card just because she didnt like the ranking I might have bumped 4 to a 5. That type of attitude isn't cute
Ocean 24
Ocean 24 - 18 dager siden
The other ones just have a better face😂😂😂-pewdiepie
Groupe Halawa
Groupe Halawa - 18 dager siden
Peace be upon you. I am a content maker with my friends. I hope that Biodebay subscribers subscribe to my channel. Thank you.
Akshitha Veera
Akshitha Veera - 18 dager siden
He is a low key Chandler bing