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Runtime: 31:38


Freya Morgan
Freya Morgan - 40 minutter siden
That meme didnt mean we use buiscuts as currency ut meant like cookies lmaoo
Flameyy - Time siden
i wanted to hear the song :'(
Darkel - Time siden
14:55 Juan 😡
CurryKingWurst - 2 timer siden
Europeans use braces for when their teeth are fucked. Americans use braces for fashion.
Yuri Tarded
Yuri Tarded - 3 timer siden
KSI: Punda
Swedish people: 😳😳😳
N2 - 4 timer siden
ay wuz thaut funder ey erd
BavAim heart
BavAim heart - 6 timer siden
i got bored at 8 minutes I'm sorry
siiskawiie Player
siiskawiie Player - 7 timer siden
4:52 sounds like Deji
David Francisc
David Francisc - 7 timer siden
Codrin's meme review is better (no hate)
Carl Sagan’s Left toe
Carl Sagan’s Left toe - 10 timer siden
The two CEO’s of having the joke go over their head have come together
Enrique Diaz
Enrique Diaz - 11 timer siden
Pewdiepie and KSI should have a joint conversation with Evie and if you don't know the story of Evie then you simply missed up on comedy gold
Silver Cuc
Silver Cuc - 12 timer siden
Paulo Felipe Kanno Vieira
Paulo Felipe Kanno Vieira - 12 timer siden
AhNegão 14:55
Se você entendeu, da um like pra eu saber que não estou sozinho
Brett Davis
Brett Davis - 13 timer siden
@11:31 : When JJ realized Pewds was using bandicam

... you're welcome
Jesse Earle
Jesse Earle - 14 timer siden
Ksi is like perfect balance to pewdiepietime
FaceofLegend - 16 timer siden
11:10 you can tell pewds was lookin at the bobz
Moozshee - 17 timer siden
Doodle Noodle
Doodle Noodle - 17 timer siden
Fun facts pewds like black big hotdogs
Erob - 18 timer siden
this pewdiepie guy is really racist, he clearly hates black people
The Comboldam
The Comboldam - 19 timer siden
Omg he got older since I last watched him
Ssprinkles - 19 timer siden
"shawt in mafs class" no school shootins over here innit
Kai TF Vazey
Kai TF Vazey - 21 time siden
Been waiting a hot minute for this video. Definitely would love to see more of these collabs 💕🙌
Tin man Shin man
Tin man Shin man - 21 time siden
U should do a hardcore Minecraft series
MissNanoKat - 22 timer siden
Arul Vino
Arul Vino - 22 timer siden
Benjamin Vasquez III
Benjamin Vasquez III - 22 timer siden
It's 4am here in PH and i'm now trying to find some Unus Annus archives. 🤣
IBatMonk3yl - 23 timer siden
Love you pewdiepie you are the best
OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria
OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria - Dag siden
30:55 i typed in that and he came up 😂
OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria
OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria - Dag siden
I expected it to be awkward
Elite Viper
Elite Viper - Dag siden
idk if this will reach but i am begging that you and ksi do a anime meme review i am sending here because ksi doesn't check his comments
Steve KM
Steve KM - Dag siden
Copyright 😂😂😂
suzboy - Dag siden
im 15 years old and i am 6.1
Golden bone
Golden bone - Dag siden
I know about unas anus know
NOVA - Dag siden
Funniest video i’ve seen in a minute 🤣🤣
Proty - Dag siden
pewdiepie:whats your favorite? ksi:right now im watching demon slayer
Npc I'm knot
Npc I'm knot - Dag siden
I like ksi more now lol.
webbyj - Dag siden
Who thought a horse on a balcony would make 2 late 20 year old men laugh
toxiccat 098
toxiccat 098 - Dag siden
When it said bang Erica my 2 year old sister looked at me (her name is Erica if your slow) like she was shocked lol
Yuka The Astolfo
Yuka The Astolfo - Dag siden
Why does Pewdiepie with mustache remind me of Warden from Rainbow six siege
Devin Cheng
Devin Cheng - Dag siden
Bruh when KSI said "we don't use biscuits for currency," the meme was talking about website cookies. Like "This website uses cookies to improve user experience," except in England, they call cookies buscuits.
Tech 8K
Tech 8K - Dag siden
KSI: "What's going on" Me: "What's going JUAN"
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - Dag siden
juan bruno
juan bruno - Dag siden
me wondering why my name is in the thumbnail
FRC Nebula
FRC Nebula - Dag siden
when they don't understand biscuits means cookies
Henry Winter
Henry Winter - Dag siden
Felix is offended for JJ calling out his bandicam- also Felix 5 years ago " Swedish people don't get offended"
TurtleSandwich - Dag siden
Uhh it's biscuits instead of cookies uhhhh pain
Olle Berglund
Olle Berglund - Dag siden
Pewdiepie och blockflöjtens krafter
Shirley - Dag siden
Feel cringe
F Mt
F Mt - Dag siden
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson - Dag siden
Guess what happens if you search random black dude on yt
Anime Fan
Anime Fan - Dag siden
Isabella Moore
Isabella Moore - 2 dager siden
How many views do you have in all?
Linus Palmu
Linus Palmu - 2 dager siden
Vi är faktiskt perfekt
Colleen Van Der Watt
Colleen Van Der Watt - 2 dager siden
"someone named Erica is very happy right now" me but spelled Erika, anyone else?
Mikel Teran
Mikel Teran - 2 dager siden
Juan que haces ahi?? No te voy a mentir se le ve fresco al pana 😳👌
ELMUTANTE 66 - 2 dager siden
Pana juan
Rml Roblox
Rml Roblox - 2 dager siden
Pewdiepie has 100mill sub and charli ok ok sooo .... charli has” FAKE “followers pewdiepie literally waited for YEARS to get 100 mill sub and charli just ONE YEAR wtf🤬🤬🤬she has FAKE FOLLOWERS and she knows it bc she is not doing a vid abt like she doesn’t have fake followers so she knows .....wtff🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Noel Manoj Chacko
Noel Manoj Chacko - Dag siden
@Legends_ Fan_2002 bro I was being sarcastic 😂😂but thanks tho
Legends_ Fan_2002
Legends_ Fan_2002 - Dag siden
@Noel Manoj Chacko a tiktok we Charlie Damileo
Legends_ Fan_2002
Legends_ Fan_2002 - Dag siden
Noel Manoj Chacko
Noel Manoj Chacko - Dag siden
Who is charlie?
Noé de Cominges Arce
Noé de Cominges Arce - 2 dager siden
Vicky Pollard
احمد لؤي
احمد لؤي - 2 dager siden
Man ie love ksi
ÙwÚ - 2 dager siden
I love this dude's laugh 😂
Muhammad Raihaan Musharraf
Muhammad Raihaan Musharraf - 2 dager siden
Erica paul.
Muhammad Raihaan Musharraf
Muhammad Raihaan Musharraf - 2 dager siden
KSI got clapped after using bandicam.
ANGELIQUE CLAASEN - 2 dager siden
Muhammad Rinaldi
Muhammad Rinaldi - 2 dager siden
Actually, this collaboration was good for my intercommunication subject in college
gamzz viner
gamzz viner - 2 dager siden
U guys r the best
mazin14 - 2 dager siden
If i got back 3 years and told my self that we reached this video I wouldn’t believe me
C L - 2 dager siden
At least i dont get shoot in my class when im doing my school work i think
Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith - 2 dager siden
Omg do they know the meme was talking about school shootings... lol
Jakusak 65
Jakusak 65 - 2 dager siden
Pewds use bandicam 🤣🤣
Shadow ?_?
Shadow ?_? - 2 dager siden
JJ forgot they caught him using bandicam
B4&After DaMiX
B4&After DaMiX - 2 dager siden
12:54 it works lmao
B4&After DaMiX
B4&After DaMiX - 2 dager siden
3:04 lmao my fav
B4&After DaMiX
B4&After DaMiX - 2 dager siden
this was good
Noah Berger
Noah Berger - 2 dager siden
Review the Bernie Sanders meme?
خالد الخطابي اخطبلك؟
What the hell Felix you looks my uncle now 😂💔
Alfred_ _Aronsson
Alfred_ _Aronsson - 2 dager siden
the most fun i had in i lome time, also serch for ´´random black dude´´ couse it is fucking hilarious innit.
englishrain - 2 dager siden
We need them to do another video together, maybe on KSI's channel next time.
Vasilije Kostić
Vasilije Kostić - 3 dager siden
24:26 u finally fucking said Serbia, thanks man u made my day
mel - 3 dager siden
3:35 they’re trying to make fun of british people having yellow teeth and making fun of americans
Jodie Roberts
Jodie Roberts - 3 dager siden
When ksi said next meme an add came up did this happen for anyone else
Sky Le Pancake
Sky Le Pancake - 3 dager siden
The hard bladder likely crack because bass actually interrupt minus a idiotic sardine. secret, coherent cd
Dxrkavenger - 3 dager siden
At least I don’t get shot in math class while doing school work💀 sad case
NoDad Tyler
NoDad Tyler - 3 dager siden
Ksi and pewds is the perfect combination of stupid that it’s perfect
Titanurs's Power
Titanurs's Power - 3 dager siden
Zax Plays
Zax Plays - 3 dager siden
WhassGood07 Yeet
WhassGood07 Yeet - 3 dager siden
Pewdipie Reddit: weird
Ksi Reddit: bullys
GWP 69
GWP 69 - 3 dager siden
Haha watermark go brrrrrrrrr
TheFishFTW - 3 dager siden
doesnt pewds live in london? tf?
Stop Bruh
Stop Bruh - 37 minutter siden
@Ms Arman wait no he lives in austraily .
Ms Arman
Ms Arman - 2 dager siden
@Stop Bruh lauda
Stop Bruh
Stop Bruh - 3 dager siden
No he lives in india
toveri rauhala
toveri rauhala - 3 dager siden
This is just ksi and pewdiepie roasting eachother
Moxi Foxi77
Moxi Foxi77 - 3 dager siden
They are surprisingly similar and in common
Gabriel Rueda
Gabriel Rueda - 3 dager siden
I used bandicam for my 7 subs channel back in 2012 without imaging pewd doin it in 2020
Xellow _
Xellow _ - 3 dager siden
Pewds having bandicam is a meme itself lmao
Cowboy scarface
Cowboy scarface - 3 dager siden
Hi pew hi pew
Caroline Backstad
Caroline Backstad - 3 dager siden
6:20 when they dont realize the memes about cookies but get the microcrisps 10sec later
Nxy - 3 dager siden
Please replace all previous face revealing videos with your avatar to comply with the respectability
of face reveals, because you give the internet big sexy pee-pee.. !!!!!!!!
Caleb Ross
Caleb Ross - 3 dager siden
Bro pewdiepie making jokes about Europeans forgetting Sweden is in europe😂😂
Elias Stjernholm
Elias Stjernholm - 3 dager siden
a bad meme
ksi: hahahahahahha
everyone when ksi laughs: hahahahahahahahahahah
MYTHIC - 4 dager siden
He should shave his moustache as hitlers mustache
Ominous Whale Sounds
Ominous Whale Sounds - 4 dager siden
Hi so Felix
First, your mustache is in fleek,
Two, you’re getting close to 110million
So you know what that means
Hint: Anthony
Java - 4 dager siden
Why does Felix look positively amazing with a mustache
GiB AA L I Y A N - 4 dager siden
nice mustache