Running Minecraft on MAX Graphics 16k Ultra RTX 30000x GPU'S

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crazy minecraft graphics bros
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Runtime: 19:16


Smokedr425 - 19 minutter siden
Can you make another song?
Legend X
Legend X - 23 minutter siden
Any school or collage students here 👍😘
Legend X
Legend X - 23 minutter siden
"One Of the people who like this will be a billionaire one day"
"Good Luck"??👍👍
milan knezevic
milan knezevic - 2 timer siden
Moreeee plz
Dice Blue
Dice Blue - 2 timer siden
4:20 peta thieves will literally fund raise over this
Dice Blue
Dice Blue - 2 timer siden
3:58 when you open too may tabs it stops sounding like an orc army attacking and sounds like moomosh
Mohemmed Fallouk
Mohemmed Fallouk - 2 timer siden
Happy New Year 2021.
I love you😍😍😍😍😍
Dmitry Herrington
Dmitry Herrington - 2 timer siden
Every Minecraft build from Felix has a feel of Japan within it.
Rana Abdul Sami
Rana Abdul Sami - 4 timer siden
What happened to your old Minecraft world
kadidja diarrassouba
kadidja diarrassouba - 4 timer siden
Hello Felix
Grei - 5 timer siden
pewds please buy me a gpu
shay122 - 5 timer siden
Me with laptop from 2008 😿👍
Karan Dahiya
Karan Dahiya - 5 timer siden
*covid sucks*
Syed Akhtar Ali
Syed Akhtar Ali - 6 timer siden
Cocomelon has 102 MIL subs u ded
manar alnajar
manar alnajar - 7 timer siden
but why the child every time
Samfoo Gamer
Samfoo Gamer - 7 timer siden
In all my time playing Minecraft I have never once seen a house made of furnaces... A house in the shape of one yes, bit never made of. Gunius
SANGEETA - 7 timer siden
T series
Samir P.
Samir P. - 7 timer siden
I will drop new minecraft video today as well
Please support me i bought a new laptop in rent thinking i will get succed from it please help me
stryke - 8 timer siden
eae guys who can take a look at my channel thanks I'm brazilian
ANIKET PATIL YT - 9 timer siden
다긍이 - 9 timer siden
Keagen Rawlings
Keagen Rawlings - 9 timer siden
i know
landgaming - 9 timer siden
Mark, the king of FNaF
Jack, the king of potato’s
Pewds, the king of minecraft and BABES
Smokedr425 - 10 timer siden
Can you make another song?
Sufiyan pro Pak
Sufiyan pro Pak - 11 timer siden
pewdiepie i need 1000$ plzzzzzzzzzzzz
Rey Sanchez
Rey Sanchez - 11 timer siden
Pewds:I'm not gonna kill you anymore
When pewds needs leather:DIE COWS DIE
sakinah mawahdah wahkacau
sakinah mawahdah wahkacau - 11 timer siden
you are my idola pudidi
muneeb qureshi
muneeb qureshi - 12 timer siden
U can also cook in smoker
L Jay
L Jay - 12 timer siden
Guys i turn 20 next week, its been great, I really am gonna miss this channel and all its greatness, i promise to have my children subscribe as soon as they turn 19. Peace fellow 19 year olds😔✊🏽
Robert Yeung
Robert Yeung - 12 timer siden
To kill the neiter pigs faster just get a lava bucket and cook them
Fares Maamri
Fares Maamri - 16 timer siden
ارجوك ترجم بالعربية 👍😊🥰💙❤
play tupe بلاي تيوب
play tupe بلاي تيوب - 14 timer siden
منجدك 😂
Eric Joandrea
Eric Joandrea - 17 timer siden
*gets efficiency 4 *

Thats it
Félix Auclair Tendland
Félix Auclair Tendland - 18 timer siden
Where did you come from where did you go!!!??
ROCKY DESIGN - 19 timer siden
1212simonsays - 19 timer siden
“So what I did some off camera work. What are you gonna sue me? You gonna hire a Harvard PhD?”
Was that Dream shade lmao
WILD彡MUSIC STUDIO - 19 timer siden
Any indian in this video
Mahanfar - 20 timer siden
i love you 😍😍😍
Juel Johnson
Juel Johnson - 20 timer siden
I know
Pets Tube
Pets Tube - 21 time siden
If you love God leave your like
Chakshu Yt Gamer
Chakshu Yt Gamer - 21 time siden
"I belongs to poor family"
"And i have not job and money"
"YouTube not giving me views"
"I want to handle my family"
"Ya I am worse than others"=_💔 .

Braincraft42 _
Braincraft42 _ - 21 time siden
he has like 20 FPS with BSL shader. meanwhile me with cheaper hardware: 80 FPS
NOOB Gamer #FF#
NOOB Gamer #FF# - 21 time siden
hlo fuddipie i am big fan
IImOz3g- YT
IImOz3g- YT - 22 timer siden
Felix : *Finds honey*
Felix : Honey time :)
angry turtle
angry turtle - 22 timer siden
Some people make super smelters but the wise make furnace houses
IImOz3g- YT
IImOz3g- YT - 22 timer siden
Felix : *Start to chance a Piglen child*
Also Felix : omg he's died :(
IImOz3g- YT
IImOz3g- YT - 22 timer siden
Felix : *kills a Pigman*
Felix : *Start to laugh so hard*
IImOz3g- YT
IImOz3g- YT - 22 timer siden
Felix : *kills a blaze*
Felix : That's was sexy.
IImOz3g- YT
IImOz3g- YT - 22 timer siden
6:49 Felix trys to say *Son of a b1tch* But he didn't
Dragondud - 22 timer siden
Golden carrots = Vegan Steak
serge_tabZ - 22 timer siden
Pewds use bottle when you collect honey so you can make more pfffffffff houses and get a pffffff family and you should make a honey block elevator
jarno - 23 timer siden
Pewd: Builds furnace house
Anne Frank: "Am i a joke to you?"
Avril S. Saliba
Avril S. Saliba - 23 timer siden
Can someone tell me what shader he is using
Del Lucid
Del Lucid - Dag siden
When his furnace house looks like a tomb
Caliefa Alfareza Ardana
Rockstar Games Insider
markiplier isn't real
При колы
При колы - Dag siden
You best.I m from Russia , Russia we know you!🇷🇺🐻🍶❄️
Gk kenal
Gk kenal - Dag siden
Hy pudidi 😀💔
Lianne - Dag siden
Do you know Kristian Ph he is your super fan!😊😊
RedShroom021 - Dag siden
I recommend using Seus PTGI E12 shaders because they are more realistic
Caleb Kingsley
Caleb Kingsley - Dag siden
The 30 series gpu’s are so good
kurt blue
kurt blue - Dag siden
*Intense Moaning*
M.Rizqi Pratama
M.Rizqi Pratama - Dag siden
Just here to comment
Just here to comment - Dag siden
MR. RANDOM - Dag siden
I did not forget that you roasted Indians 😡🤬
Gamer835 - Dag siden
Chutiya sala
Make Me Verified Without Videos
Let's see how many subscriber can i get from this comment
Muhammad Wildan
Muhammad Wildan - Dag siden
Pewdipei good
배그고수현승 - Dag siden
Arbigya Gamer
Arbigya Gamer - Dag siden
when someone asks felix what does furnace do felix to make a house bitch
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores - Dag siden
13:57 whata BUGGHRR
Turi - Dag siden
Noteworthy - Dag siden
havent watched pewdiepie since i was a kid.. not how i remember his content.. this was honestly boring...
Holo-En - Dag siden
Pewds: I'm a minecraft "veteran" so I tried putting water in nether...
Byron Warby
Byron Warby - Dag siden
What mic? Sennheiser mk600?
الشيف انس مغربي
Reza Tabasi
Reza Tabasi - Dag siden
Mac book air 2020 13"
i5 10th
Ram 8
Hp pavilion
i5 9300 h
Ram 8
GTX 1050
From Short movie editing
Please help
SigveGris - Dag siden
Eyo did he just place 14 bookshelves instead of 15?
sal sar
sal sar - Dag siden
Video starts 0:00 no need to thank me
AceInTheHole - Dag siden
You almost have the perfect pickaxe you just need fortune 3
emma - Dag siden
I was thinking he was a psychopath right when he said he wasn’t lol
Mr.Cheese YT
Mr.Cheese YT - Dag siden
You should try playing fortnite it’s a really fun game!
AceInTheHole - Dag siden
Put the blue mushrooms in the bridge to scare away the hogs
M!nt - Dag siden
I remember that texture pack everyone used it back in the day
aidin. z
aidin. z - Dag siden
هرکی ایرانیه بلایکه
Mohammad Ahmadi
Mohammad Ahmadi - Dag siden
Plz continue the normal minecraft world (broland)
Unsinsis - Dag siden
yes rtx 30000 gpus
to zini
to zini - Dag siden
David Mattingly
David Mattingly - Dag siden
Golden carrots are a great food source, you can make them or trade with villagers
Dream - Dag siden
New_Displea - Dag siden
Стоп я тут один из рф?
Evelyn Name
Evelyn Name - Dag siden
Go trade to the village in you can get menting book
Elin Lindström
Elin Lindström - Dag siden
Im from sweden and I like you bcse you are vvvvvveeeeeerrrrryyyyyy funy🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Zia & Zuhayr Ibraheem
Zia & Zuhayr Ibraheem - Dag siden
Me bestie and me: ?
Tate Poole
Tate Poole - 2 dager siden
anjali gijre
anjali gijre - 2 dager siden
Why have you abandoned Sven and Jorgen and Lula britta
Kaja Mohideen
Kaja Mohideen - 2 dager siden
Where is the meet ball
XZILE DEMOLF - 2 dager siden
I know, i just know.
ABHAY KUMAR - 2 dager siden
Your world is so beautiful
ApeX `
ApeX ` - 2 dager siden
Pewdiepie be having Dream kind of odds this gameplay lmao
Gangster KING
Gangster KING - 2 dager siden
Hi Every body
Love you all
Don miss my vedio in my chanel all love