Santa Is Cancelled on Twitter - - LWIAY #00144

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Runtime: 19:16


ANIL PARSAD Comedian - 3 dager siden
Nice sir❤❤
Hyde - 3 dager siden
The pain in his voice when he said "Im thirty years old..."
Master Chief
Master Chief - 3 dager siden
Can you copystrike the copystriker?
lol a
lol a - 5 dager siden
Hussain Maaish
Hussain Maaish - 5 dager siden
Wow no wonder tsukasa hates boomers
hemroe - 6 dager siden
the intros are getting more and more cursed
Amir Last
Amir Last - 7 dager siden
Why is the One Punch Man op so sad lol
P e a c h y ¿
P e a c h y ¿ - 7 dager siden
People watching this after Carson got canceled: 👁👄👁
Saoshi - 7 dager siden
That Carson's tweet did NOT age well..
Lucas Mather
Lucas Mather - 8 dager siden
Me: Carson can I get your autograph
Carson: yea
Me: "shows it's the death note" that what you get for being mean to pewdiepie
وليد الرحماني
وليد الرحماني - 9 dager siden
Warner Reid
Warner Reid - 10 dager siden
Curse now has 16k subs good job everyone
The Pug
The Pug - 10 dager siden
Arturo Salas Gonzales
Arturo Salas Gonzales - 12 dager siden
the intro is the best
Papalegsrick - 13 dager siden
Funny intro cant stop laughing
Itszokizavro Gamez
Itszokizavro Gamez - 13 dager siden
pewds: *playnd LWIAY intro with flute (or whatever its called)*
Me: to do list-
1.drink gfuel
2.make an LWIAY intro with flute (or whatever its called agin)
Kendric Laframboise
Kendric Laframboise - 14 dager siden
Subscribe to Eminem vevo
Bonfire Jeon
Bonfire Jeon - 14 dager siden
"I'm getting bored of PewDiePie videos"
When all I want is for him to upload more
Shreyas SAANVI
Shreyas SAANVI - 14 dager siden
THE intro😂😂😂😂😂😂👏
Ammar Haider
Ammar Haider - 15 dager siden
Lt. Stoner
Lt. Stoner - 15 dager siden
A Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye cartoon would be hilarious
Sandbox Santa
Sandbox Santa - 16 dager siden
Would be fun if he got Rick rolled at the end of this 3:53
Zacatak - 17 dager siden
That One punch man intro just made me rewatch the anime again xDD
Jordan Decesaro
Jordan Decesaro - 17 dager siden
its so wholesome how Curse went from 86 to 36k after this vid
Bruh 69
Bruh 69 - 18 dager siden
1:57 damn it why is not 69%
¡Valeria Rodriguez!
¡Valeria Rodriguez! - 18 dager siden
Omega Toto
Omega Toto - 18 dager siden
Ban a may and little kelly
León arratia
León arratia - 19 dager siden
Oo que es divertía está wea
No One Know Me
No One Know Me - 20 dager siden
quien diria que la comunidad hispana llegaria a pewdiepie con juan (:
Rejan Curgu
Rejan Curgu - 20 dager siden
Amir - 21 dag siden
Is this.. What's become of this channel?
6-B Josef Augustino Christellgo Arsanto
Palepetua Plays
Palepetua Plays - 21 dag siden
4:45 when you get the same video recommendations as pewds
egroeG - 21 dag siden
Archy King
Archy King - 22 dager siden
Azra Yüksel
Azra Yüksel - 22 dager siden
his camera quality is always getting better and better
Paul Wilby
Paul Wilby - 22 dager siden
Camera: Hmmm those are some nice hands *how bout i focus on them the whole video -*
Pewds: ...
Patricia - 22 dager siden
definition: Pewdiepie's video quality
Imma leave this comment here to let new 19 years old what we have been through:)
IamOrdinaryhere - 23 dager siden
"one punch bro"
Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes - 23 dager siden
好了好了事 - 23 dager siden
тут есть русские
Ezra Shockey
Ezra Shockey - 24 dager siden
Curse’s channel has got so many subscribers since this video
Shah Alam
Shah Alam - 24 dager siden
I like one brofist man one more
Karotten Steak
Karotten Steak - 24 dager siden
13:43 WAIT THATS MY SONG!! (instant copy strike)
Aydan Baker
Aydan Baker - 24 dager siden
for your real dumps, contact DUMPSGURU on telegram, he's the right plug, got my working virtual from him today which I used in purchasing my iPhone 12..
robert joncas-leblanc
robert joncas-leblanc - 24 dager siden
That intro.....
Cringe bro
H3 Vlogs
H3 Vlogs - 24 dager siden
ME Liking NordVPN: ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
ME Realizing its "68% not 69": ಠ_ಠ
ρєdriηη - 24 dager siden
Oi Luba Americano
Aathifa Rasheed
Aathifa Rasheed - 25 dager siden
Were are you mr beast i see you
The Demon Under Your Bed
The Demon Under Your Bed - 25 dager siden
The fact someone animated that is deadass fuckin amazing.
As a One Punch Man fan I completely approve of that animation and parody
DM3X - 26 dager siden
Quality, It's evolving just backwards....
Caped Baldy
Caped Baldy - 26 dager siden
The opm parody was sick
Three Kings
Three Kings - 26 dager siden
nice well done good job
Davino Vlog
Davino Vlog - 27 dager siden
Halo haloo...
Archived - 27 dager siden
Juan Lyrics because people have been wondering:
NOTBH519 - 27 dager siden
2:27 When sponsor ends
Andrew Yambot
Andrew Yambot - 27 dager siden
lwiay vs nanik
A Silent Girl
A Silent Girl - 27 dager siden
I wish i could try gfuel but fu*k its kind of pricy..its lot of money in my currency :(
Glenn Dechants
Glenn Dechants - 28 dager siden
Cures had 86 now 86k
Glenn Dechants
Glenn Dechants - 28 dager siden
I mean 36k
Glenn Dechants
Glenn Dechants - 28 dager siden
DO MORE 📰 pew news📰
sebastian Dominguez
sebastian Dominguez - 28 dager siden
0:23 LWAIY
su - 28 dager siden
the better is that he just throw away the part that's says about they have a child. it's like, shut up BITC*
7TEENK - 29 dager siden
I hate this mustache
Elias Andrason
Elias Andrason - 29 dager siden
Curse now has 35k subs
RestlessSoul - 29 dager siden
They should play a ksi song, so it wouldn't get striked! stonkss
RestlessSoul - 29 dager siden
tbh nvm, ksi did steal from vik, he a snek
pushpak patil
pushpak patil - 29 dager siden
He is so freaking annoying but in a good way
The Shonen Show
The Shonen Show - Måned siden
13:07 w a i t That was nux
pet god101
pet god101 - Måned siden
Billy McChillington
Billy McChillington - Måned siden
1:28, UwU
Jar Man
Jar Man - Måned siden
That meme is mine now pay me
Fox Magic
Fox Magic - Måned siden
Hey pewdiepie some nathan guy rickrolled youtube.
Ian Xenokostas
Ian Xenokostas - Måned siden
Engla Diktonius
Engla Diktonius - Måned siden
LOOK!! Felix is superman!
Hear me out.
Felix by day, pewdie pie by night
Jones 2001
Jones 2001 - Måned siden
You support our cash register. Thanks for your help. Your 12th grade from dbg-filderstadt.
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Warif Warif
Warif Warif - Måned siden
🐖 pig shhshjdjfjhdhd
Jam Moises
Jam Moises - Måned siden
i was muting the video while your playing the instument
Trendy Vids13
Trendy Vids13 - Måned siden
He’s still getting subs even though he’s bine at the top for years
x icemicester x
x icemicester x - Måned siden
Ahh yes Mr beast as king and Felix as Saitama
dummy eli
dummy eli - Måned siden
You look like my dad
Beau Abbott
Beau Abbott - Måned siden
wanted a phone case but my mom is poor and my dad doesn’t spend any on anyone but himself so no christmas for ya boy
DJDragonBro YT
DJDragonBro YT - Måned siden
pewds with a mustache just doesn't look right
Felicia the Fox
Felicia the Fox - Måned siden
Cocomelon just reach 100M subs..
Milo Jahangirova
Milo Jahangirova - Måned siden
love that this was out of focus the whole time xo
The memeworks
The memeworks - Måned siden
Hey guys is it just me or is PewDiePie looking kinda T H I C C
BraZZers com
BraZZers com - Måned siden
18 Mirat Parmar 11-D
18 Mirat Parmar 11-D - Måned siden
16:10 - 16:20
Me: you're 30
Waffle Playz
Waffle Playz - Måned siden
Do a epic gamer chair showcase
AB Luna
AB Luna - Måned siden
Pewdiepie makes juan song. Random Guy: MINE
Incredible - Måned siden
i would watch a anime if pewdie pie
Another AvatarLover
Another AvatarLover - Måned siden
_Felix really just pulled a _*_Trisha_*_ on Blue shirt kid_
Chisuru Kuwaara ೃೀ_
Chisuru Kuwaara ೃೀ_ - Måned siden
então esse é o luba gringo?
Ree TheGirl
Ree TheGirl - Måned siden
The one 'brofist' man is really cool! It looks like a legit anime!
Dr.Seussie - Måned siden
Please.. someone remix that bit of pewds singing to huan
Chad Buoy445
Chad Buoy445 - Måned siden
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders - Måned siden
:O the graph
txnjiro - Måned siden
5:03 happy mask seller
TheUnknownGuy !!!
TheUnknownGuy !!! - Måned siden
-It was so long, i still remember how it tasted...

James Coloma
James Coloma - Måned siden
2:28 video one brofist man
Praakhar Dev
Praakhar Dev - Måned siden
What is wrong with 70 % of discount on Nord VPN
Quentin Melis
Quentin Melis - Måned siden
pewdiepie: says a word
company: That word was in my song! MINE