"She Is A Little Big" TLC 90 Day Fiance - TLC #7

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Runtime: 22:55


Rizzi C.
Rizzi C. - Time siden
I did enjoy this episode. I enjoyed being angry all the time at Nicole. Frick her
Rizzi C.
Rizzi C. - Time siden
This woman??? Had the audacity??? To CHEAT????? What???????
Rizzi C.
Rizzi C. - Time siden
I WISH I HAD A BOYFRIEND WHO’D HELP ME IMPROVE AND THIS WOMAN HAS ONE YET SHE’S BEING BRATTY ABOUT IT. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Rizzi C.
Rizzi C. - Time siden
Some Americans really do think they’re so entitled no matter where they go and it sucks. Thank goodness my American friends aren’t as bratty as this girl
Rizzi C.
Rizzi C. - Time siden
I hate her so much. She went to a country that she did not do research about. Pls kill me now 😭 RESPECT HIM AND HIS COUNTRY PLSSS.
Rizzi C.
Rizzi C. - Time siden
I’m surprised how these good looking guys get mistreated by ... idk... shouldn’t it be the other way around?
Bunny Tail
Bunny Tail - Time siden
I didn't know she cheated on him. Man watching this from a different perspective she kinda sucks. Disrespects his culture, doesn't try to hear him out, then cheats, then whines about things cHaNgInG.
samiaiendiii - 3 timer siden
Did it feel like exercising for her just to lift her arms up... BRUH
DEMONYT - 3 timer siden
Is it just me or does pewds looks like he's wearing a hat
Deborah Craven
Deborah Craven - 5 timer siden
I’ve been there , over and over ........ really , they let you in ?
ananya - 7 timer siden
She's "every American girl" stereotype.
Memphis Lindsey
Memphis Lindsey - 12 timer siden
As a hunter I respect the animal after I shoot it it died to feed my family and friends. It would do the same if it was in my shoes. My opinion
Joey Greathouse
Joey Greathouse - 12 timer siden
She's crazy
Ladies Of Life After
Ladies Of Life After - 12 timer siden
if it was me, would love to be gym buddies with my hubby :D it motivates you to go XD
Patti Fearon
Patti Fearon - 15 timer siden
Why do you need PDA when yo went all the way there to see him, can you not out of respect that his cultural upbringing does ot allow it. Stop being so clingy.
Qwerty Writes
Qwerty Writes - 16 timer siden
20:04 not trying to be mean but sa ikaw pa ang nagcheat sa inyong dal'wa? Like what do you expect? He'll be glad after learning you cheated on him? Like wtf. You're the one who's disrespectful and lazy and brat, but he's been calm even when you're making him upset. You're lucky he put up with you and your stinky attitude.
Enclave Remnants
Enclave Remnants - 17 timer siden
That’s not a “classic” American family lol
Bubu - 21 minutt siden
to foreigners it is 100%
Stormystormymad_yt - 18 timer siden
Me, an American, sitting here while the internet talks crap about Americans.........
Denni-chan - 10 timer siden
And rewatchiny Pewds' vids, I see.
Monika K
Monika K - 19 timer siden
She is definitely not mature yet to be in a relationship with the "love of her life". She should work on herself (emotions), her attitude and expectations first.
Lil papi 369
Lil papi 369 - 19 timer siden
She looks very much gated and like a child idk man 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sadiaaa !!!
Sadiaaa !!! - 20 timer siden
Wow I really like that guy. I'm actually skinny but that's just because of my metabolism. I'm not healthy but I want to be. If a guy pushed me to be a better version of myself and encouraged me when I tried, I'd love him forever. I would even take courses on healthy cooking because he's helped me so much so the least I could do is repay him with food that he wants to eat right? She took him for granted and it makes me so mad. Come on. You had the most respectful guy then cheated and played the victim card. Also, he never cared about her being skinny either. Just healthy because he loved her!
MUSTURD - 22 timer siden
“ don’t eat what you wouldn’t kill yourself”
Aleksandyr Veliki
Aleksandyr Veliki - 23 timer siden
i know its good to have a green card but run boy run
Kunal Kashyap
Kunal Kashyap - 23 timer siden
epic uwuh
Matúš Bóry
Matúš Bóry - Dag siden
I love how he commenting about everyone else's relationships and stuff. Anyone talked about his? One day Felix
ZEACK Playz - Dag siden
So thats where the meme originated
LB Grey
LB Grey - Dag siden
When someone asks you to change, he is not the love of your life. Dont be stupid, the writing is on the wall.
A A - Dag siden
'' She is a beautiful girl
5 seconds later
'' She's not the most beautiful girl out there

Imagine hearing ur mom say this on worldwide tv🤣🤣
ananya - 7 timer siden
bruh ..ikr
Playthrough Network
Playthrough Network - Dag siden
Green card
Cubone - Dag siden
american women are on another level
Van Der Blaze
Van Der Blaze - Dag siden
I cannot tell if she has the eyes open or not
Thijs Hendriksen
Thijs Hendriksen - Dag siden
these video's are my standard prochrastination food
Abhishree Verma
Abhishree Verma - Dag siden
Bish you don't cheat!!!!
coochie man
coochie man - Dag siden
I can tell shes american
MALIK - Dag siden
3 minutes After he met her he knew this was a mistake
shinshun1 - Dag siden
bruv the Karen version of Ms. Puff is on TLC
Marco Marangon
Marco Marangon - Dag siden
what a nice dude
Candela Salomé
Candela Salomé - Dag siden
Mark Pinlac
Mark Pinlac - Dag siden
When she said the cheating part what the fu*k of course it would change
Muhammad Rizky Fahreza
8 years on the internet and i still cant undestand how americans thinking about this world
Crash Webb
Crash Webb - Dag siden
She's clearly cheerful and her face is pretty cute for her size but that's about all she's got going on for herself
BeeGroovy - Dag siden
Why would she cheat if things were amazing?
turkey sandwich
turkey sandwich - Dag siden
you know its finna get fancy when the potato chips are in a bowl
[Insert Name]
[Insert Name] - Dag siden
I love how when they are all eating the dad just doesn't care and keeps eating
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres - Dag siden
Majin Buu lookin ass
Miranda Arambula
Miranda Arambula - Dag siden
"I'm not against trying" proceeds to not try
Nick A Birch
Nick A Birch - Dag siden
Wow she is really fat
magic unicorn
magic unicorn - Dag siden
idk i just feel bad for woman becase he is trying and the women is biwtiful and those things and that asshole here just go to gym ,be more helty be idk
Jack Room
Jack Room - Dag siden
I’m just saying that guy was a respectful young man and I feel so bad for him that he met her and she basically made him think she looked different, she was completely ignorant to his culture and he actually tried to help her he make better life choices. Honestly I feel bad for him
Cristina P
Cristina P - Dag siden
Most appreciated your gesture to donate for he people of Yemen.
LamsLams - Dag siden
he rlly deserves so much better, i hope he's happy and with someone he loves.
Yeti - Dag siden
that is the most sweet honest man hes a goat
Eshan Ahmed
Eshan Ahmed - Dag siden
you do NOT talk like that to a morrocan
King Mustang
King Mustang - Dag siden
Morrocan gæ
hyukhyuk - 2 dager siden
Bruh. How are these girls with no common sense getting hot Arab dudes like him? He can do way better than her.
Apek Hishe
Apek Hishe - Dag siden
Grimmoku - 2 dager siden
"You're dragging my kid around!"
Girl, the kid is dragging HIM
Gunter 101
Gunter 101 - 2 dager siden
Me being a over weight American
Pewds makes multiple jokes about America being unhealthy
Me: laughs at all of them
vocazombie - 2 dager siden
imo they're just not compatible. he doesn't want her to be herself doe, she kinda wants to change for him but i think that being with someone who wants you to change everything about yourself RIGHT AWAY (not just step by step for your both, physical and mental health) this is just toxic.
vocazombie - 2 dager siden
actually nevermind, instead of breaking up she cheated on him. i take back everything i said XD
vocazombie - 2 dager siden
AND i understand that she's feeling insecure, who wouldn't :x
Hildur Matildur
Hildur Matildur - 2 dager siden
My grandma has a farm with chickens she had turkeys too but she sold them. But when she sells them she actually out them in a box lol
Lulu - 2 dager siden
I’d be happy if someone would inspire me to work out Its hard trying to inspire myself
Aryan Inge
Aryan Inge - 2 dager siden
I'm a skinny guy I have nothing in common with this woman but she doesn't know the value of the guy. Any body who goes to the gym knows the value of having some one to motivate you to do better daily (especially somebody like her) and help through the journey.
mooftey - 2 dager siden
He is so nice. I hope he will have a nice wife !
N4R4 Plays
N4R4 Plays - 2 dager siden
Id say (at least where ive lived) but most mothers in America feed their kids like this and dont really know how to cook their own child a healthy meal
Seytex _
Seytex _ - 2 dager siden
Can‘t hug in public
She: I unDeRsTanD thINgs.
Literally 6 sec before: Hug me
jess n
jess n - 2 dager siden
Let's Smile!
Let's Smile! - 2 dager siden
20:14 pewds sums up my reaction 🤣🤣
Let's Smile!
Let's Smile! - 2 dager siden
12:29 Well, even if you're a career woman you can still cook at home too.. she's kinda disrespectful stating that and knowing that his sister is working too.
G5-jaden Barreyro
G5-jaden Barreyro - 2 dager siden
why is that room so white
chase liane
chase liane - 2 dager siden
We do not put chips at the table while eating less it’s like the Super Bowl or something
J-Plays - 2 dager siden
I feel like the girl cant even use a remote without struggling
Alex Houglan
Alex Houglan - 2 dager siden
I want him to be my workout coach and I hope he found a woman who fully appreciates how amazing he is.
LeeLTastic - 2 dager siden
Pews so humble
The joking Demon
The joking Demon - 2 dager siden
I hate when some couples always have the girl cook. Makes me frustrated. Anyone ever said that to me I’d make them cook for me instead.
Mamacitapoker - 2 dager siden
That she is big a little bit 🤣
KluFN - 2 dager siden
That’s what happens when you cheat
The Asian Theory
The Asian Theory - 2 dager siden
After I betrayed his trust I cant believe that he won't trust me anymore
Corrupt Sayori
Corrupt Sayori - 2 dager siden
okbutlazy - 2 dager siden
I’m ashamed to be an American when u have girls like this
Naomi Gerhardt
Naomi Gerhardt - 2 dager siden
she is so cute omg i think nicole is rly pretty
Adam Magee
Adam Magee - 2 dager siden
Did anyone else notice when they were in that hug that she sounded like Darth Vader??
Kuba Lesniak
Kuba Lesniak - 2 dager siden
Or when she was excersising
Victoria Barendregt
Victoria Barendregt - 2 dager siden
If my mom said that ,I'd be like well you and dad created me sooo 😂
Zuhra Agić
Zuhra Agić - 2 dager siden
I'm so passed off after watching this video
V - 2 dager siden
I kind of like Azan, too, there’s something kind of innocent about him. It’s not a great thing to tell someone their body is not okay, and they need to change, it’s hurtful, but it seems more like he’s just not aware of how he is hurting her, and is just speaking his mind.
I mean, if she asked for help losing weight, that would be one thing, but I don’t think that‘a important to her.
Also, she has a real impulse control problem, and she needs help, because she is putting hands on and throwing her weight around, and that is never ok.
V - 2 dager siden
She’s so cringey. Gross.
Mimi J
Mimi J - 2 dager siden
Does she not realize how dangerous it is for pda in some middle eastern countries? Come on. It’s to protect the both of you
Ben Steyaert
Ben Steyaert - 3 dager siden
19:15 is just the truth
kritik - 3 dager siden
anatolian and middle eastern People (most of middle easterns) are so nice People especially anatolian cultures are very much they all embrace you and share anything they have even if they dont have that much (i am staying in Turkey for like years and they are very in love with animals)
Oriana Cromeens
Oriana Cromeens - 3 dager siden
I'm on the guy's side 100%
Isaac's boards
Isaac's boards - 3 dager siden
She realy tried to roast his mum 🤡🤡🤡
Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke - 3 dager siden
“I don’t think I need to change myself for a man to love me” -This is what the US media and parents tell their daughters while the men need to accommodate their needs
HelloImMe24 - 3 dager siden
He’s so sweet. All he’s asking of her is to live a nice healthy lifestyle. I would love if my bud could motivate me like that lol.
Biol_loszka o.o
Biol_loszka o.o - 3 dager siden
Omg I'm so sorry for him. He is trying so hard to improve the health condition of this woman and her daughter and she is rejecting all help
Taehyung Kim
Taehyung Kim - 3 dager siden
This is the biggest advertisement of *Morocco* lmao
M Moroccan btw, if u have any questions u can ask me:
Namrata Yugavrata
Namrata Yugavrata - 3 dager siden
Why is Morocco so much like India
Julia Hjalmarsson
Julia Hjalmarsson - 3 dager siden
Dit is waarom jongens om foto staand vragen 🤪
Adsdabest - 3 dager siden
14:00 anybody see perry in the corner or am i hallucinating
シeleenxa - 3 dager siden
9:25 ... americans
MyPackMyPower - 3 dager siden
when i saw her body i think she is bit a littleeeee bit.
Kodiak The Zodiac
Kodiak The Zodiac - 3 dager siden
We cracked up at the same time lol
Hong Yi Tong
Hong Yi Tong - 3 dager siden
lie to get boyfriend , flighty to pet her boyfriend . This guy is a nice guy but not an alpha ,just pick a wrong b*tch
BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech
20:00 isnt that a meme now
Uncle Mikey
Uncle Mikey - 3 dager siden
Damn I need this guy as my personal trainer
Adriana Byan
Adriana Byan - 3 dager siden
i saw perry the platypus in 14:01