Slender - Revisiting Slender is Pure Nostalgia..

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Seriously guys not worth it epic NOT
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Runtime: 20:41


macki packi
macki packi - 4 timer siden
Scenes when me and the boys played this on Halloween and got scared shitless
Tuukka Muilu
Tuukka Muilu - 5 timer siden
13 mil aint so much... this video haves under 3 mil :DDDDDDDDDDD
Cristopher Flores
Cristopher Flores - 6 timer siden
The first slender video he made was my first ever video I watched of his.
nightStalker93 - 9 timer siden
I miss the old pewds
HandMadeDevil - 9 timer siden
I was waiting for megan fox reference
Charly Castillo
Charly Castillo - 12 timer siden
Pewdiepie sounds more like pewdiepie than pewdiepie
Luisanna Guadalupe
Luisanna Guadalupe - 20 timer siden
Hellow pewds! You should play the resident evil 8 village demo!!!
Kishen R. Kudchadkar
Kishen R. Kudchadkar - 23 timer siden
I hate you pewdsiepie
Jimmy stevenson
Jimmy stevenson - Dag siden
Number one rule : bathrooms first. Always
Goodguy Typhlosion
Goodguy Typhlosion - Dag siden
Baba based
Arfan Nahid
Arfan Nahid - 2 dager siden
woah recommended
Patches Hyena
Patches Hyena - 2 dager siden
I was 20 when he first posted Slender. All these references are making me brain blast back in time. Fantastic
WaWits. - 3 dager siden
Damn! My tears
Me Me
Me Me - 3 dager siden
Aoibhe O'Brien
Aoibhe O'Brien - 3 dager siden
The way I couldn’t see anything this whole video but I still watched it all...
SeRReaI - 4 dager siden
He finally played it again
Nwooby Gaming
Nwooby Gaming - 4 dager siden
Is cringe?
Will Milner
Will Milner - 4 dager siden
BongoBilks - 5 dager siden
watch in 480p for an authentic experience
inmypantsu - 5 dager siden
Pewds: *playing slenderman*
Bros: *intense amnesia flashbacks*
Niv Rh
Niv Rh - 5 dager siden
Stephano is in our hearts forever
Ren Seal
Ren Seal - 6 dager siden
I feel like pewds watched a ton of his old content before making this, but I don't know how to feel about it. xD I am very amused though, but I also appreciate genuine stuff. Not that I am saying it isn't genuine, but.. I dunno, I guess he is just playing around with how things used to be and is quite amused as well by it. :D
Stephanie Luna
Stephanie Luna - 6 dager siden
The nostalgia with pewds and slender colliding once again
I'm not crying you're crying
Saul Reyna
Saul Reyna - 6 dager siden
Felix kjelberg should do a collab with pewds and pewdiepie
Hilumia Az
Hilumia Az - 6 dager siden
when he said all these old references and I know which one he's talking about.. man i feel like im a veteran
Maria Estigarribia Coronel
Maria Estigarribia Coronel - 6 dager siden
The Game horror
yuuhhdigg - 7 dager siden
Pewdiepie did the impossible: two face cams of the same person
Esmeralda Becerra
Esmeralda Becerra - 7 dager siden
Wait is that Pewdiepie but dark?? Pure nostalgia lmoa
victor williams
victor williams - 8 dager siden
Thanks for the trip down memory lane, it was fun as it was back then!
Don Be Ugky
Don Be Ugky - 8 dager siden
WHAT DID HE SAY OKAY! - 9 dager siden
Slender mannnnn 😂
CxdyySouls - 9 dager siden
Damn, ive been watching since 2012, I was very young, yes but thank you for revisiting this game
Emma Hamilton
Emma Hamilton - 10 dager siden
God the nostalgic references made my heart happy 🥲
Arry Opes
Arry Opes - 10 dager siden
Nice work mate!
Howard T. Duck
Howard T. Duck - 10 dager siden
I’m melting with nostalgia
bouanani ismail
bouanani ismail - 11 dager siden
hhhhmmm s o r r y
bouanani ismail
bouanani ismail - 11 dager siden
are you sure you a good man
ChooseyClone - 11 dager siden
You playing slender is how I found your channel originally
Radiation Gaming
Radiation Gaming - 11 dager siden
aero.mp4 - 12 dager siden
pewds: (throws every pewdiepie reference)
me: this video's a bit blurry... or are my eyes watery?
マッデンチャルズ - 12 dager siden
Imagine old you copyright strikes you😭
ศิละ เดชภูมิ
I miss the old days 😭
Graham the duck
Graham the duck - 13 dager siden
I made my room pitch black and went under my covers.
sσnpєα - 13 dager siden
slender vs PewDiePie
its me
its me - 13 dager siden
I feel 12 again
DLove Sleep
DLove Sleep - 15 dager siden
I don't care about how cringe this nostalgia things might be,
my childhood was great..
Takes me back man..
Gunnar Reynir
Gunnar Reynir - 15 dager siden
Play outlast 1 again😍🤩🥺
stellar Melody
stellar Melody - 15 dager siden
Wait hold on he use obs now but when he review with ksi he use bancam did he just use obs because of ksi saying ... You know what let's just keep a secret man its pretty sad im glad he use obs now
Exotic__ Wolves
Exotic__ Wolves - 15 dager siden
This is amazing
キティキャットUwU - 16 dager siden
Pewdiepie has a weird intro why do I keep rewatching it
Joseph Graves
Joseph Graves - 16 dager siden
in 8 years can you react to yourself reacting to this please??
Joseph Graves
Joseph Graves - 16 dager siden
are we not gonna talk about how he tried to play the Digimon Champions Theme song then switched it up to random nonsense
Ella Elena
Ella Elena - 16 dager siden
I've watched him since I was 13 and now I'm almost 21...damn
Jenny - 16 dager siden
When ur name is Jennifer 🥲
Wolf Girl Loves music
Wolf Girl Loves music - 16 dager siden
pewds the save station thing was from when you play the calling on the wii XD
Daniel Peña
Daniel Peña - 17 dager siden
13 minutes of looking at a black screen
April Payne
April Payne - 17 dager siden
what happens if you get all 8 pages do you win? or still die?
Hoodie Mike
Hoodie Mike - 17 dager siden
haha slender man sucks he used to be my greatest fear
Golden Boy
Golden Boy - 17 dager siden
Now that he’s here. Who’s gonna force him to play this in Marble Hornets mode. 😏
Chelsey Unknown
Chelsey Unknown - 17 dager siden
The nostalgia..I remember watching you play slender man in the middle of the night hiding under the covers because I was extremely scared. I was 11 and I’m 19 now I’m going to be 20 in April 😔
GVJ - 17 dager siden
Felix kind of sounds like Jim Carrey in the grinch 😂
Sageraider 190
Sageraider 190 - 18 dager siden
When I was like 8, my cousin downloaded this game on my parents computer and I had no clue what slender was. I jumped really hard lol
Dwayne Ringor
Dwayne Ringor - 18 dager siden
Mr chair always following you😂
Gillian L
Gillian L - 18 dager siden
This made me realise how long I’ve been subscribed to this channel 😭
Quisqueya - 19 dager siden
I remember watching his slender man videos but when I was like in 3rd or 4th grade and I was scared af. Now I’m almost 18 and still scared to play slender man 💀😂
xRepulsive x
xRepulsive x - 19 dager siden
The save station quote was resident evil I believe 😁😂
jlfigster 3991
jlfigster 3991 - 19 dager siden
I was 14 when that came out. Now I’ll be 23.
Viroh - 19 dager siden
"Save station" was from that one jrpg school game, was it corpse party?
Jesus Gonzales
Jesus Gonzales - 18 dager siden
I think it’s from resident evil 7
liz wiand
liz wiand - 19 dager siden
Now I have the sudden urge to go back and watch all of my old favorite playthroughs 💗 especially the amazing RPGs like Ib and To The Moon
Rachael Hartley
Rachael Hartley - 19 dager siden
This is my new comfort video I keep coming back to watch it when I get some bad news, nostalgia heals everything 😅
meagan marie
meagan marie - 19 dager siden
Nostalgic ❤
Verathragna - 19 dager siden
Who knew that Felix could impersonate Pewdiepie so well
NosgoneXIII - 19 dager siden
Felix's camera quality is on point
Tokyo Rin
Tokyo Rin - 19 dager siden
THE OLD GANG IS MENTIONED!!! God, those were the good ole days
HUSH - 19 dager siden
Fiiveen - 20 dager siden
With all these amnesia references, I almost forgot The SaveStation reference of Alien Isolation ahah
chimkenboi yolo
chimkenboi yolo - 20 dager siden
"Slenderman, slenderman all the children try to run"
Abi Sumanti
Abi Sumanti - 20 dager siden
can't believe I watched him play slender in elementary.
Abi Sumanti
Abi Sumanti - 20 dager siden
1st grade to be exact
SuhasSurendran - 20 dager siden
He made digimon reference 😂
Aidan Tucker
Aidan Tucker - 20 dager siden
As soon as it got really static on his second run 18:36 my alarm started making static noises.
Cr288631 - 20 dager siden
My god... I started watching him at 13... Seeing this video is insane... I'm turning 21 this year. I'm feeling so nostalgic.... I feel so old.
Anna Evanz
Anna Evanz - 21 dag siden
Can't believe this was over 8 years ago when I first watched this 😭 such good memories of 2012 YouTube
Mehrdad Mirshamsi
Mehrdad Mirshamsi - 21 dag siden
This video is for the OG’s
Tanay Jaiswal
Tanay Jaiswal - 21 dag siden
Why his camera quality soooo bad😂😂
Richamille Buenaventura
Richamille Buenaventura - 21 dag siden
i canttttt, it's too nostalgicccc. i was in my 6th grade when i was watching this. now, i'm in 2nd year college lol
Peter Jenkins
Peter Jenkins - 21 dag siden
Nostalgia punch straight to the FEELS bros.
Dj - 21 dag siden
Man I wish watching his horror gameplays
X HUSK - 21 dag siden
I was 12 when I started to watch Pewds everyday, dang time flies by I'm already 18 and going 19 this year. Bro fist for life!
James Balincamaya
James Balincamaya - 21 dag siden
4:12 💓
bageli tsandila
bageli tsandila - 21 dag siden
3/8 pages with page 5-6 soundtrack... WTF???
L C - 21 dag siden
When the graphics in slender are better than Felix's camera quality
Kirsten Krause
Kirsten Krause - 21 dag siden
This video is responsible for single handedly sending me into a spiral of middle school nostalgia alskfhfallajdhda
Fullsun - 22 dager siden
THE BARRELS OMG —- I miss this
Fullsun - 22 dager siden
Jose Luis Abanes
Jose Luis Abanes - 22 dager siden
The game Pewds played when I need to laugh hard and at the same time scare myself with his scream 😂
Fair Enough
Fair Enough - 22 dager siden
NOoooo NOt ThA Blueeee TrUUccckk
Danny gomez
Danny gomez - 22 dager siden
Moreeeeee scary gamesssssss pleaseeeeees
Big boris
Big boris - 22 dager siden
He needs to revisit barrels I just watched it after 7 years and it made me happy to revisit his old content
Sofia Grossman
Sofia Grossman - 22 dager siden
🎶save station gotta love my save station🎶 the nostalgia omg
ellobec - 22 dager siden
I’m a god damn coward. I’m Pewds age and I still scream like a bitch during this now terrible game.