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Runtime: 17:26


Alan Magnussen
Alan Magnussen - 42 minutter siden
when you have to wait for one entire hour:
Swany gaming
Swany gaming - 10 timer siden
If ur ever asked to be escorted out of the airport in America ur fucked u won’t get another word in before ur taken down but in that first one he just walks out
Maeve Winters
Maeve Winters - 16 timer siden
I was left without a bag for a two-week interrail holiday after Dublin airport lost it. The airport I arrived at had no idea where it was. All the airline said when I rang them was ‘it hasn’t been 24 hours yet, goodbye.’ I did have a cry in the airport but other than that I think I handled it better than these people!
Ebony Plays
Ebony Plays - 17 timer siden
If I ever get the opportunity to go on a plane I probably won’t...

I watched to many annoying passengers, plane hijacks, physco co-pilots, crying babies, plane crashes and anything else I watched and now I’m paranoid
amir ahmed
amir ahmed - 19 timer siden
so like i went to the airport and my corona report was not the type they accept at the airport so my mom just said shes pregnant and then we actually a corona report by the time we reached the plane

she wasnt pregnant
Midget09 - 22 timer siden
How do you run out of seats AFTER they come over for the flight???
Do they add it up after everyone buys tickets?
oof machine
oof machine - Dag siden
*oi mate i need to get to barcelona by chewsday and i need first class so i can eat some krisps*
Piknos - Dag siden
Do people not book seats or is there something I'm missing?
Piknos - Dag siden
Im pregananant
SweTuGA - Dag siden
Legends Says She Still Is Pregnant
NOAH SCHAPIRO - 2 dager siden
"i HaD tO wAiT 1 hOuR!!"
cool i have had 6 hour delays before
Kami Yocto
Kami Yocto - 2 dager siden
This is why I drink 200 coffees before my flight
nin - 2 dager siden
14:15 looks like the russian kid who got his laptop taken away
nin - 2 dager siden
I waited a hour for a flight on my flight to mexico, I was doing angry birds.
Sarah B Karthikeyan
Sarah B Karthikeyan - 2 dager siden
that was the greatest saddest tambourine ever
Oliver Browning
Oliver Browning - 2 dager siden
live laugh luton
Me Me
Me Me - 2 dager siden
Juice Box
Juice Box - 2 dager siden
The security guys eye is popping out
Gammy Troller
Gammy Troller - 3 dager siden
pewds: what you had to wait a whole hour
me: has to wait 5 days
MaX St
MaX St - 3 dager siden
the poor guy at the airport not even in the position to make any decisions about money in that airport
julian garcia
julian garcia - 3 dager siden
Intro was 🆒
Keith H
Keith H - 3 dager siden
I had a horror story about a flight we were flying to Hawaii and a guy had a heart attack and died
Rawpinappleoftofoo 420
Rawpinappleoftofoo 420 - 3 dager siden
Bruh that’s my friend’s way of standing during the spelling bee
(He was first to get out)
erinmillann - 3 dager siden
Pablo Lloyd
Pablo Lloyd - 3 dager siden
12:36 @pewdiepie preaching some Stoic philosophy. Marcus Aurelius would be proud
Midnight Moses
Midnight Moses - 3 dager siden
Was Michelle in when Sally met Harry?
Chammm Lammm
Chammm Lammm - 3 dager siden
What a frustrating job being squeezed by customers and your superior at the same time
GemmaGems - 3 dager siden
This is why my mom and I leave 5 hours before our flight
AttoBlaze - 3 dager siden
that "my husband is an engineer" woman be like:
"they dont know... my husband is an engineer"
Mariam - 3 dager siden
I think Michelle is going thru some shit
waluigi - 3 dager siden
you need to think when leaving for a flight, how long will it take you to get there? how long to get through security? will there be traffic? then add an extra hour just in case this system has never done me any wrong, but i have arrived three hours early which is better than three hours late!
waluigi - 3 dager siden
can someone please vecode the British guy
Ero sennin
Ero sennin - 4 dager siden
idk why ppl expect the person on counter to fly them in a private jet
Maude Vermette
Maude Vermette - 4 dager siden
i don't like how the parents acted to get their problem solved but i do agree that the airport has to give them another one/pay for another one since theirs broke in transit and it's not the parents fault. like if you break something at the airport or you're late for your flight, you have to pay them back/you're not gonna get a refund so i think the airport should assume their mistakes as well.
cheeks - 4 dager siden
I didn't know willne re-branded
Shanoor Ahmed
Shanoor Ahmed - 4 dager siden
That baby is so cute awwwww
Finx64 - 4 dager siden
at 10:11 the mobster boss looks like hes a child looking up at the man trying to help
Seth Galloway
Seth Galloway - 4 dager siden
This is why i gonna invest in private jet
Yaswanth A
Yaswanth A - 4 dager siden
Imagine her husband watching this video
He will be like : bruhhh
Lilah Bloom
Lilah Bloom - 4 dager siden
At first I felt bad for the lady crying like maybe someone was sick or it was a funeral but then I was like lady wtf
lolschrauber - 5 dager siden
04:12 would instantly call the cops, wtf
07:43 and that stupid cow? "Tonight" - well could've booked a flight earlier. "We don't care" - cool, you wanna be duct taped to the wing of the plane or what? No seat means no seat. Morons everywhere
Rasmus Lindström
Rasmus Lindström - 5 dager siden
Yes the Airport is very fast teking tour money but you can get a massiv cheak of your airplane is late
Megan Hopper
Megan Hopper - 5 dager siden
I’ve been on a plane one time. That one time, we arrived 2 hours early. Went through check in, security, everything with no issues. Get to the door to get on the plane just for them to say we didn’t have tickets because they had been refunded after we got there, even though we used them to get through everything and had no issues. We ended up being there for almost 6 hours before getting a new flight.
Scottish fish channel
Scottish fish channel - 5 dager siden
To funny 😆
Aki Lucy
Aki Lucy - 6 dager siden
If u are late for a flight just buy a plane , problem solve
Jana - 6 dager siden
I work in a call center and I'm so sorry for that guy working at the airport! He's so nice trying to help, poor him :((
Finn Davison
Finn Davison - 6 dager siden
I love u press but leave will and James alone
Karine Lafetiere
Karine Lafetiere - 6 dager siden
I think it's hilarious how some women think that saying they're pregnant, will fix anything!! Its not a desease it a choice!! 🤣
Miriam Halpern
Miriam Halpern - 6 dager siden
I’m just imagining a flight taking off without my luggage... bruh all my medication is packed in there. When my heart fails, is the airline gonna pay for my funeral?
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Shirako Takamoto
Shirako Takamoto - 7 dager siden
5:35 lmao yeeees!
Rueben Kauffman
Rueben Kauffman - 8 dager siden
hi are you the wourbs most fams you tubetr
Sladana Wex
Sladana Wex - 7 dager siden
Yes he is the world's biggest youtuber
Rueben Kauffman
Rueben Kauffman - 8 dager siden
Jairus Joseph
Jairus Joseph - 8 dager siden
they should just buy a private jet
Sash :0
Sash :0 - 8 dager siden
Sash :0
Sash :0 - 8 dager siden
GG-MV - 8 dager siden
i had to wait 6 hours for a late flight buuuut i didn't really care, kind of enjoyed my time at the airport
GG-MV - 8 dager siden
you just explore the airport and you find new things at the airport , fuuuun
NeutralGuyDoubleZero - 8 dager siden
I get being upset buts its really immature and rude to just throw all that onto the guy at the counter. A lot of this is just people getting screwed over by a shitty situation/company and yelling at a person who cant help them much and isnt their fault. At least some of em are funny to watch
Soham Kakade
Soham Kakade - 8 dager siden
Imagine being the student of that Lady lmao !!!!!
Hussain Maaish
Hussain Maaish - 8 dager siden
The baby : "All according to plan".
krish prajapati
krish prajapati - 9 dager siden
tiktok wasnt enough now these people
Pinhead - 7 dager siden
? What do you mean
Kieran Bayhack
Kieran Bayhack - 9 dager siden
damn thank god for PewDiePie. never change my man :)
Warda - 9 dager siden
guys can we appreciate the fact that her wife is an engineer
Γεράσιμος Γιαννιώτης
7:45 that's how mafia works
golden spoon gaming yt
golden spoon gaming yt - 9 dager siden
my parents wake me up at like 1 am and then spend the next 6 hours at the airport
Gabriel N
Gabriel N - 11 dager siden
When you live luton😳😳
Roen ¿¿¿
Roen ¿¿¿ - 11 dager siden
One time I had to wake up at 4 am to get to british airways
Meteor - 11 dager siden
Commenting just because
xd lonely hobbit
xd lonely hobbit - 11 dager siden
Your no missing much by not goin to Inverness tbh mate
Yaseru XD
Yaseru XD - 11 dager siden
Her: Getting mad for waiting a flight for 1 hour coz her baby stroller broke stroller broke.
*waited for 27 hours and didn't have a sleep coz I'm watching over our stuff and the dogs.
This is fine...
Blazzer BLASTER - 11 dager siden
i cant stop laughing
Blazzer BLASTER - 11 dager siden
the sound ahahahh
Original Username
Original Username - 11 dager siden
they get annoyed at the guy at the desk as though its his fault for anything
im not supposed to say that, but
Weird story:
Once my flight was delayed to the next day, so they book me a five star hotel and the next day i got the vip seat for the flight.
Patrice Dhanis
Patrice Dhanis - 11 dager siden
Love the tie.
Patrice Dhanis
Patrice Dhanis - 11 dager siden
That poor second baby.
m k
m k - 11 dager siden
I think what happened with the 1st man was that the flight left early without him being notified so he technically arrived on time but it was too late.
woof woof
woof woof - 11 dager siden
i want to say chupapi munyanyo
Elizabeth McNamara
Elizabeth McNamara - 12 dager siden
He’s not Jesus Christ. If there is no seats there is no seats!!! simple!!!! Check for cancellations or go to a different airport like everyone else!
No Face
No Face - 12 dager siden
One of the flights I was supposed to be on was 2.5 hours late but never had the urge to be rude or shout at airport staff- losing your shit isn't going to make the plane come earlier.
M.Rasoul Ghafouri
M.Rasoul Ghafouri - 12 dager siden
who is filming this
The code Gamers
The code Gamers - 13 dager siden
While the mafia boss shakes the paper the guy on the side just comes and says discriminating Barcelona
hip g
hip g - 13 dager siden
11:50 pewdipie is evil
Paloma Mora
Paloma Mora - 13 dager siden
I can relate a lot to the woman having a panic attack, like I once bursted in tears just because I took the wrong bus to go see my grandparents and they were expecting me at one hour and I thought they were going to be so disappointed... And it was a bus, I can't imagine a flight. I think she cares very much for this teachers or thinks they expect so much from her. Man, anxiety is rough
DenNation - 13 dager siden
15:35 Anyone who plays Squad get PTSD as well or what
Rose Ladkin
Rose Ladkin - 13 dager siden
I literally leave 6 hours before a flight!!
abid017 - 13 dager siden
image being the lady in 11:28 and u watch this vid
ŘÀÏŃ - 14 dager siden
Never skipped intro😁
Baldeagle NOR
Baldeagle NOR - 14 dager siden
I always arrive to the airport 2-3 hours before my flight. A lot of these people's problems would be solved if they did the same. Jesus, people.
TediTodorova101 - 14 dager siden
Which airport is this?
ARichCapitalist - 15 dager siden
I had to wait 1 hour
I've had to wait 5 but I'm not complaining
LoveYourselfAsMuchAsJinLovesHimself GodLovesYou
I feel bad for the workers it’s not their fault but they get blacked and yelled at
Spicy Oreos74
Spicy Oreos74 - 15 dager siden
i once saw a guy stand on his luggage to fit into the carry on package measuring thing, while the attendant was telling him he couldn’t take it on, and it got stuck so he tried to pull it out, while he was still standing on it
Allison Welker
Allison Welker - 15 dager siden
RUNESCAPE?? In a pewdiepie video?? I’m shooketh
Carla - 15 dager siden
Did anyone see the kid doing cartwheels in the back at 9:40? Someone get your kid 😭
ANOOBis - 16 dager siden
All of these people should have gone to the ranch
Hard DonkeyKong
Hard DonkeyKong - 16 dager siden
This is the most terrifying video I've ever seen
Mathew Davies
Mathew Davies - 16 dager siden
Person: *Is late for flight*
Also person: *Why you no wait for me, I pay you wait, why have plane if no fly me? if I late you wait*
time is a simple concept, im sure everyone ends up getting ushered to the airport 7 hours early "just in case"
bengali weeb
bengali weeb - 16 dager siden
This is why I've never been on a plane
creeper hunter
creeper hunter - 16 dager siden