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Timothy Tobing
Timothy Tobing - 5 timer siden
Pewdiepie to celebrities: They dont know i have 100 million subscribers
Aliff Hakim 2
Aliff Hakim 2 - 10 timer siden
Wow is are good
LA Dokii
LA Dokii - 11 timer siden
In love with them! And its so cool with the green wiggles
Peach Tea
Peach Tea - 13 timer siden
I think the reason Americans (and some canadians) are so proud of being like irish or italian or British is because there is no culture based out of modern day america and canada like people in the country will have their own culture but there is no real culture taught as being canadian or america you know
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer - 14 timer siden
viking king
viking king - 15 timer siden
Ayden Larabie
Ayden Larabie - 18 timer siden
Marcus - 23 timer siden
Everyone forgot Anthem bricking ps4s
Cak Nouris
Cak Nouris - Dag siden
Now pewdiepie and green pewdiepie is Sundanese (6:25)
Kiara Lewis
Kiara Lewis - Dag siden
“It looked like he worked at wendys” I CRIED
ElexxusPlays - Dag siden
everyone was in the bathroom at the birthday party i was at so a friend and i sat in the living room throwing a ball at eachother
Da Crazy Willy
Da Crazy Willy - Dag siden
In Australia there are more pubs for captor then Bus stops ... lol
RetroBee - Dag siden
I chose under wear in the game and it was gone when I looked in the mirror...

Worse was that my penis was missing too...
Anna Marie
Anna Marie - Dag siden
A naggin is called that because it's enough to drown out your wife's nagging
JomJom Jamboree
JomJom Jamboree - Dag siden
32:28 it’s because america has no culture lmao
A Human
A Human - Dag siden
im american and i am the exact person that brags about being part irish lol
Katie Stephens
Katie Stephens - Dag siden
As an Irish person, the Irish meme’s really got me.. I also died at the Naggin one, Seán’s reaction was perfect 🤣🤣🤣
James Morton
James Morton - Dag siden
As an Australian I can confirm when we retire we do go to the pub every day
Sunny The Great
Sunny The Great - 2 dager siden
This is what happens to boomers after they watch cyberpunk memes. 7:02
fumber nifteen
fumber nifteen - 2 dager siden
20:55 autotune hahaa
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren - 2 dager siden
cant wait for them to react to the grubhub ad its so weird hahaha
Average Tsunami1
Average Tsunami1 - 2 dager siden
i will admit irish accents are sexy as hell
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha - 2 dager siden
I always think of mark, pewdiepie, and jack as red, green, and blue
The Man
The Man - 2 dager siden
Pewds! Try to say the name ‘Niamh’ without searching it u p
Nicola Fenner
Nicola Fenner - 2 dager siden
Can't speak his home language but can speak Korean lovely
Milos Davidovic
Milos Davidovic - 2 dager siden
Why did you leave Markiplier
i like arts and farts
i like arts and farts - 2 dager siden
my favorite boys together once again
LustFell Crystal
LustFell Crystal - 2 dager siden
Sexiest accent for 2020 goes to CORPSE HUSBAND (He doesn't have an accent but ThAt VoIcE MaN)
Penutbuter Mp
Penutbuter Mp - 2 dager siden
Pewdiepie: history lesson, this is what a Harmonica is
soleman567 khan joyee
soleman567 khan joyee - 3 dager siden
The guiltless lead proportionally back because scallion functionally invent under a paltry egg. imminent, funny sunday
Suhail Al Ameri
Suhail Al Ameri - 3 dager siden
HoppyDonut - 3 dager siden
Yas 40 minutes
Hunter Roth
Hunter Roth - 3 dager siden
Felix : "They dont even know.. Im just checking out memes with my friends at work."
Hunter Roth
Hunter Roth - 3 dager siden
Was playing a random tune on my ukulele, suddenly Seán and Felix hop in with the mouth harp and recorder
Holly Elaine
Holly Elaine - 3 dager siden
My lineage is from a lot of different places but I’m from America 😂 like you are from where you’re born 😂 your lineage may be from there tho.
MJ69MJ - 3 dager siden
Me and my family have game nights we play board games and swicth to ps 3 sing star, guitar hero and buzz😂
And btw Afrikaans got 2nd sexiest according to my google😂
Lennik s
Lennik s - 4 dager siden
You know YouTubers finally became boomers when they age like thid and dont get the new memes like shitpost... 😔
Dulcian 32'
Dulcian 32' - 4 dager siden
Translation: We will ask for thoughts in Irish.
so asked Pewdiepie.
Jacksepticeye misplaced it
Cait Ni Chinneide
Cait Ni Chinneide - 3 dager siden
Milan Kollarčík
Milan Kollarčík - 4 dager siden
When Jack talked about the "pub culture" in Ireland, I felt that as a Czech person. (I'm pretty sure all the others central-eastern Europeans can relate)
Citris _ Mario
Citris _ Mario - 4 dager siden
bro... im 1.7% african, ica say the n word
BrianTheShaggyMoyer - 4 dager siden
I own a lot of stuff from Ikea.. clearly more Swedish than Pewds
see.through.these.frames - 4 dager siden
honestly, we just want to be anything but american
Logan Breau
Logan Breau - 4 dager siden
39:00 imagine the Markiplier version.
Dark, Wilford, Annus, Mark Fishback, Markiplier, King of Squirrels, the King of FNAF, Actor Mark, Damian (I consider him a different character than Darkiplier since their values are completely different), Ben Trimmer, Jim and many more.
Mc Ronald
Mc Ronald - 4 dager siden
I’ve been watching jack for years, that’s the first time I’ve heard him talk about what the Uk did to the Irish
Johnson B
Johnson B - 4 dager siden
so beautiful
changed my name idk y
changed my name idk y - 4 dager siden
Me: Has a great dream I wish was real
Me when I wake up: 16:12
Moon_Wolf K
Moon_Wolf K - 4 dager siden
You feel sorry for Takemura waiting in the diner?

I can’t stop thinking about how long Evelyns body must’ve been in Judys apartment before I arrived.. And was she just sitting there by the bathtub all that time crying? Goddam..
Luvo - 4 dager siden
8 - 4 dager siden
give me subscribers
Lydia Smisson
Lydia Smisson - 4 dager siden
Americans: 👁💧👄 👁
Katerina Mi
Katerina Mi - 4 dager siden
when your drank it becomes funnier than it already is
Axu - 4 dager siden
"I can see you, you know"
Joaquin Espinosa
Joaquin Espinosa - 4 dager siden

ADITYA MISHRA - 4 dager siden
The hell is that new pfp
Jared Matthew Kroo Reichenbach
I'm actually *Irish, Italian, and Polish.*
Alexis Suarez
Alexis Suarez - 5 dager siden
It’s sad how they forgot to put booper dooper in the Spider-Man meme
NerdRage - 5 dager siden
I swear Felix makes his audio shit on purpose.
For Sure
For Sure - 5 dager siden
This game is r e t a r d e d
jonathan casas
jonathan casas - 5 dager siden
jennifer reid
jennifer reid - 5 dager siden
I wish i understood memes. I just don't get it.
Todd Howard
Todd Howard - 5 dager siden
Matilda Starr
Matilda Starr - 5 dager siden
Can we please talk about that face that Sean said Billie Irish like that is amazing
Valcha45 - 6 dager siden
While you were partying, they studied the tube.
While you were studying, they studied the tube.
While you were looking for a job, they studied the tube.
James Leonard
James Leonard - 6 dager siden
Looking at these cyberpunk memes have made me start to suspect something... I think I have a holy copy of Cyberpunk. I’ve never encountered any of these glitches.
Peter Spang
Peter Spang - 6 dager siden
can you finally play skyrim ive been waiting for 9 years
Leslie Rangel
Leslie Rangel - 6 dager siden
Bruh it’s the yt Americans 🤣
bex m
bex m - 6 dager siden
as irish person, yes.
Crypt1k Link
Crypt1k Link - 6 dager siden
skyrim is a masterpeice
change my mind
Juanfer - 6 dager siden
Me go hmmmmmmm
Donovan Carter
Donovan Carter - 6 dager siden
No ones gonna talk about them saying classic at the same time?
flyyyimlinthesky824 - 6 dager siden
I'm a raida
Audun Karlsen
Audun Karlsen - 6 dager siden
Pewie, what happend, you have become so handsome
Eldar Jr. Tagijev
Eldar Jr. Tagijev - 6 dager siden
The Neighbour's Kid
The Neighbour's Kid - 7 dager siden
Yes. I am.
Ryan Bro Memes
Ryan Bro Memes - 7 dager siden
Lol green pewdiepie
Netrox - 7 dager siden
I love these two
MR_G00DGAM3R YT - 7 dager siden
Down in Canada we have lots of them pubs eh it my tims
Mortem The Marshadow
Mortem The Marshadow - 7 dager siden
Next up: Lazerbeam
Bea - 7 dager siden
It’s okay, Americans hate Americans too
InsertNameHere - 7 dager siden
39:20 smh forgot about beastmaster64
grub - 7 dager siden
I_Am_Coexist - 7 dager siden
Evean Green
Evean Green - 7 dager siden
Sad thing is they had 8 years of work in it...
Teddy Winny
Teddy Winny - 7 dager siden
21:15 So basically the plot to Monster
NemzJustin - 7 dager siden
They need a podcast
CaptainHydra 424
CaptainHydra 424 - 7 dager siden
In reality tho Cyberpunk was wayyyy over hyped and assassins creed valhalla was under hyped
Abberdoodles - 8 dager siden
Ok so I put the irish meme in google translate and it translated to basically being about Pewdiepie asking Jacksepticeye to translate 😅
Reynard Lin
Reynard Lin - 8 dager siden
Björn Birgersson
Björn Birgersson - 8 dager siden
Ey Felix we have a Naggin of our own, it's a Halvböj!
Groupe Halawa
Groupe Halawa - 8 dager siden
Peace be upon you. I am from Algeria and I am a content maker with my friends. I hope that Biodebay subscribers subscribe to my channel. Thank you.
Z1NX2 Maple
Z1NX2 Maple - 8 dager siden
this is basically pewds and ksi!
e garage
e garage - 8 dager siden
bandi cam
windaeiz - 8 dager siden
9:33 "Speaking of everywhere I have one from you" is that a reference to Jack's outro song I'm Everywhere? Cause I really don't understand what he meant by that if it's not lmao
Plasmasprite - 8 dager siden
ngl i just finished cyberpunk today and loved it, didnt encounter any crazy glitches at all, is it just the console versions that had so many issues?
AWorldwide Cynic
AWorldwide Cynic - 8 dager siden
Fun fact, jack is being generous
Theres evidence to sugest thar Sean's bar is actually the oldest pub in the world
MDB - 8 dager siden
Americans don’t use the word que.
Sonbru - 8 dager siden
* sees Sives posting a Jerma meme first *
Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.
Sonbru - 8 dager siden
Jacksepticeye knows who Jerma is! Very nice! Pewds with the, "It's some streamer, I don't know who he is." "But you _have_ heard of me."
Ajlez - 8 dager siden
Spoilers: This video is heartwarming 🥰
Geologist - 8 dager siden
23:37 “We are all actually the meme”
You don’t know how much I felt that 😂
shanice O
shanice O - 8 dager siden
Bruh I feel that when americans try to relate to us on race, I'm a native american and these white, blue eyed people be like " I'm native to! By 2 percent!!!" Ya no that's most likely your colonists ancestors touching my people without permission bro💀
Loo Dee
Loo Dee - 4 dager siden
Here in Brazil everybody is very mixed so we don't even know our complete heritage tbh, but most of us either have native or black heritage. My great grandma was indigenous
TalonsofWater - 5 dager siden
But what if you're not white and still have 2 percent native ancestry?
i eat children for a living
i eat children for a living - 5 dager siden
@Caprisun lmao yes it does they were talking about this exact thing in the video