What do I regret with my YouTube career? / QnA

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Ryan Mullins
Ryan Mullins - 7 dager siden
He can't retire! He's the thing I have most in common when I teach 6th graders!
Anthony Marquis
Anthony Marquis - 11 dager siden
Don't regret saying racist shit, uploading it, deleting it, and then fake apologizing for it?
kartika sari
kartika sari - 14 dager siden
108+ subscriber whaaaaaaatttttt???
but the viewer so different hmmmmm maybe theyre got bored on ur content?
Min Lee
Min Lee - 14 dager siden
13:40 I just feel comfortable watching your videos and I enjoyed it although honestly there are some videos I don’t enjoy but I still watch it cause idk I just feel comfortable. Is like coming home to watch your favourite tv shows and I come to watch your videos hhhh
ASALI Online Tv
ASALI Online Tv - 14 dager siden
I never met a lady playing minecrft
k perk
k perk - 15 dager siden
I feel kinda bad. I feel like he hates YouTube and being famous I mean I know he likes creating and stuff and interacting with us but hope he’s ok lol.
AliveForWar - 18 dager siden
4:18 I occasionally have those nights, how do you cope with it?
Devansh Chauhan
Devansh Chauhan - 19 dager siden
Biggest flex is that he legit makes vids as a hobby lmao
Avika Seetlani
Avika Seetlani - 21 dag siden
Pewds literally rapped there 0:46
Three Kings
Three Kings - 21 dag siden
well done great work nice job
Moon cow
Moon cow - 24 dager siden
“tHiS iS tHe PrObLeM oF bEiNg ExTrEmElY rIcH” Bruh I can’t even afford rent
Dianna Leon
Dianna Leon - 25 dager siden
We need another Q&A!!
WigglyJigglyTho - 25 dager siden
Me when poods showed the book: Sniff it. sniff. it.
Gustavos Lopex
Gustavos Lopex - 26 dager siden
I sell afert years,more vídeos and perfcte
Yan Kwong
Yan Kwong - 27 dager siden
advice from Pewds:
7:46 Compliment your workout with literature
10:02 Maintaining Balance in Life: Setting a to-do list (everyday)/ Work first, play later
10:30 The norm does not determine what is right (drinking)
12:30 Money is a motivation
14:12 How to be minimalistic: Throw your shit away
Judith Koch
Judith Koch - 27 dager siden
Nice lights
Ihsan Fachry Arba
Ihsan Fachry Arba - 27 dager siden
can you guys tell me what book he mentioned at 11:20 ?
Bo Beeba
Bo Beeba - 28 dager siden
"I don't have any embarrassing stories" sh!ts in the shower.
Samuel Trimble
Samuel Trimble - 26 dager siden
I’m glad someone else remembers😂
BMO - Måned siden
Every time I hear “hows it going on bros my name is PewDiePie” I get excited
Ruxandra Neaga
Ruxandra Neaga - Måned siden
pewds, people don't necessarily like your videos, they like you and watching your videos for so long feels like spending time with a friend. it's weird to put it like that, but that's genuinely what it feels like :D
MALSHOT - Måned siden
Here is s question pewds
What do i do if i cant be a member bc im broke
Alex T
Alex T - Måned siden
Comilão - Måned siden
That intro hits me hard than the entire vids :(
Agustin Suarez
Agustin Suarez - Måned siden
yo when he said “i have no regrets” i started to laugh like an idiot 😂😂😂😂😂
TheR4zy - Måned siden
14:12 hmmmm what about the time ur teacher had to wipe yo ass.
No hate just funny, I’mma big fan
Evyavan Virdy
Evyavan Virdy - Måned siden
why u with a moustache get a clean shave
Syamil Choo
Syamil Choo - Måned siden
The best qna
Mr. Aspen
Mr. Aspen - Måned siden
How do you even store all your video content? Hard drives everywhere?
ZEKKEN - Måned siden
You seem a little agitated in this video. Everything alright man?
magic time
magic time - Måned siden
I regret wasting 18 mins of my life watching this GARBAGE
y12_gg - Måned siden
Who will watch a garbage if he is not garbage(and yes I'm garbage stfu)
Marią Lisenko
Marią Lisenko - Måned siden
Ооо пьюдипай аААаАААаАААААаААаАА
Goodguy Typhlosion
Goodguy Typhlosion - Måned siden
Anime that is a must watch is Peter grill and philosophers time something like that i don't remember.
السحلب البقار من حليب الحمار - donkey milk
2:08 بيستي فاعل خير
am i gonna be glad that i cant relate to the "rich problems"? guess i'll be
Dan Rovis
Dan Rovis - Måned siden
Will u ever get a child and if yes will you give him your chanell.
Elena E Rozario
Elena E Rozario - Måned siden
I absolutely had no idea pewds was into stoicism mainly bc i started watching him late.
I love philosophy even though i'm not studying it, but i watch youtube vidoes on stoicism and other aspects of philosophy. And it's great to find out that pewds is into philosophy as well
PaigeTheGalaxyGamer - Måned siden
At the end he sounds like PrestonGames so much it’s scary
Jeikarthik Pandi
Jeikarthik Pandi - Måned siden
Pewds reading :What is the best memory that you had in your career?
Me expecting: When I told that I had shit in the shower in one of my video.
Jacob - Måned siden
Read the title and immediately remembered him saying the n word
Michaela Davis
Michaela Davis - Måned siden
pewdie pewdie literature club
Pio Jay Garinga Jr.
Pio Jay Garinga Jr. - Måned siden
this has a lot more advice than what my papa can even try to give me
Kohliflie's Gedanken
Kohliflie's Gedanken - Måned siden
I love some of senecas quotes.. 👍What is your favourite?
Maci Gregory
Maci Gregory - Måned siden
please make a vid about or talk more about what you mean by “lit fit” or incorporating literature and fitness please pleaseeeee
77 HJ
77 HJ - Måned siden
Felix can I have your occulus? I was looking at buying one the other day then realised I was poor
Dzikri Maulana
Dzikri Maulana - Måned siden
youssef ali
youssef ali - Måned siden
شايفك يالي داخل تشوف تعليق بيستي التعليق في الدقيقه 2:06 يلا يعم اي خدمه
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer - Måned siden
Play Baron
Play Baron - Måned siden
Pwediepie What is among us?
Yousef Malak
Yousef Malak - Måned siden
Faisal Gamer888
Faisal Gamer888 - Måned siden
2:05 Pisty 😍😍😘
Rosejane31 Alta
Rosejane31 Alta - Måned siden
I’m glad he’s for the the most part, in a good place. When he’s happy we’re all happy.
SuperXomar - Måned siden
2:05 مين من فيديو بيستي
KOKTELS PRO - Måned siden
2:8 iam pistawy
cumclock - Måned siden
but I’m buying for the games 🥺
ttokki_b - Måned siden
If he deletes his channel he will gain the 100Mil back in a day ☠️ people will find it
Isela Garcia
Isela Garcia - Måned siden
Do giveaways with stuff you don't want!!
حمد سحاري
حمد سحاري - Måned siden
وين العرب
Afdal Aziz
Afdal Aziz - Måned siden
All of about retired ur content is so BadAss 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hope M
Hope M - Måned siden
It's good to see you being able to enjoy life to the fullest, I think you deserve it
Carolyn Tetley
Carolyn Tetley - Måned siden
The Sive LWIAY intro got me harddd looollll
RossNate Berntson
RossNate Berntson - Måned siden
This vid was just a guy chillin and being cool. Very nice
Wendy Jenisek
Wendy Jenisek - Måned siden
How did you change your mindset on death? I’ve been struggling hardcore with that to where I’m almost in tears every night before I go to sleep
sliman nd
sliman nd - Måned siden
You think that u r a philosipher, u r not, sorry, u r a child
sliman nd
sliman nd - Måned siden
Qna from a loser
Okami Shiro
Okami Shiro - Måned siden
"sensational pleasures will never give you long-term happienss."
me a depressed stoner:
小骏 - Måned siden
👈Challenge the most disliked videos…if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀
小骏 - Måned siden
👈Challenge the most disliked videos…if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀
Jihyorno Jihyovanna
Jihyorno Jihyovanna - Måned siden
Make Money Now
Make Money Now - Måned siden
Officially, you're one of my favorite Youtubers out here!
Nogald - Måned siden
Can i have one of the vr headsetsk?
Isaac Fawver
Isaac Fawver - Måned siden
Love you pewds even tho you probably don’t look at old videos comments after a couple days. But do people try and get you to promote their product
Karel Feril
Karel Feril - Måned siden
Pewds: "I don't yell in front of other people"
Also Pewds: *yells at almost every video he posts that millions of people watches*

thegreenishcrab - Måned siden
My name is jeff what is your name
TTVpsychedelictrashpanda - Måned siden
question for anyone. what inspiration or anything can you give for over coming mental illness and learning that being happy is a choice
ghostdrain - Måned siden
I love the jubilee vids
Julieta Sánchez
Julieta Sánchez - Måned siden
and if someone doesn't like it then they can leave, you'll find your platform will still grow just at a different pace and with different people. I think it's good
Julieta Sánchez
Julieta Sánchez - Måned siden
i LOVE the serious videos such as jubilee books anime reviews etc they're sooo interesting
Queso Dilla
Queso Dilla - Måned siden
I came here for the shower poop story...who knows what video I can find it on? Lol
Musician Dudes
Musician Dudes - Måned siden
Hello everyone , we make music with different musical instruments in our channel please come and listen our masterpieces and subscribe to us for good and quality music
Artemis Amory
Artemis Amory - Måned siden
We love your videos because we love you as a person!!! Can't wait for more literature videos YUSSS
Angelica Rodriguez
Angelica Rodriguez - Måned siden
Pewdiepie you are the best you are cool 😎😎
Dakier - Måned siden
8:23 Whatsapp message sound
mackandcheesie - Måned siden
the broken lights in the background are bothering me
Maverick Spearfishing
Maverick Spearfishing - Måned siden
A meme
Prakhar Tiwari
Prakhar Tiwari - Måned siden
T series is winner
You are loser
Prakhar Tiwari
Prakhar Tiwari - Måned siden
Prakhar Tiwari
Prakhar Tiwari - Måned siden
Sandwich Boy
Sandwich Boy - Måned siden
I really like how Pewds just doesn't answer certain questions. "I have no embarrassing moments from my childhood."
zui op
zui op - Måned siden
Teamisto - Måned siden
2:37 that's Estonia, not Sweden, Sive
Cartoon Mar
Cartoon Mar - Måned siden
You are 108 million and I am 105 people😭
42 Keshav R
42 Keshav R - Måned siden
0:49 _was he rapping_ ? _was it a hint for his new music video_ ?
Latif rizki Ramadhan
Latif rizki Ramadhan - Måned siden
Hello pudidi
Farzad Khademi
Farzad Khademi - Måned siden
Kristoffer Ellingsen
Kristoffer Ellingsen - Måned siden
this was nice.
Wolf 144x
Wolf 144x - Måned siden
The thing that keeps me going is knowing that after death, there is life. This isn’t all there is. That is what I believe. One day we’ll all see God.
Marlondaydreams - Måned siden
6:05 I definitely have noticed the difference and I like it. Your content isn’t necessarily better per se, but it has slightly different energy and I like it. Also very badass that you have basically “finished the game” and now you’re just fuckin around and replaying missions lol
Timo Möllerhenn
Timo Möllerhenn - Måned siden
I'ld like to watch a philosophic vid again
elijah lynch
elijah lynch - Måned siden
Once pewds mentions his video editor he plugs himself for the rest of the video 😂
crazyboringschoolfun 101
crazyboringschoolfun 101 - Måned siden
play spiderman miles morales
Spagget - Måned siden